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Often I dont enjoy the EX quick looks, it seems like the guys hold back and bit, rightly so, and they can be a bit boring when compared to the normal QL.

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Never really been a fan of QL EX.

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Meh, at least the developers are actually funny in in this EX...

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@I_am_Lono said:

Never really been a fan of QL EX.

Did you even watch it? The developers came off as good dudes and the game looks great...

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rts+fps seems real interesting

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Loved NS1, and it looks like I will love NS2, as well.

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@kycinematic said:

@I_am_Lono said:

Never really been a fan of QL EX.

Did you even watch it? The developers came off as good dudes and the game looks great...

good to hear they werent robots, will take a look at this then

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I loved NS since it started. Been playing NS2, lots of fun.

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ns1 was awesome

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The devs were great in this QL, you guys should give it a chance. This game looks crazy, and I love the idea of mixing RTS and FPS. It seems like the pace is a bit fast though, like Unreal Tournament craziness. Also, it seems like when your an alien you're just rushing guys while spamming attack to hopefully kill something.

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new ideas sounds like a good idea!

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@rcath said:

WTF is this game?

If you have to ask..

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@mrsmiley: and also lots and lots of jumping. ALWAYS BE JUMPING!

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I've been playing this since the alpha and it's come such a long long way, awesome game, and a great story behind it as well.

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Loved the original NS. Just wish I pre-ordered this game ages ago so I could have gotten into the alpha/beta. Oh well, a few more days then I finally get to pick up the Lerk once more!

Just wish the Onos still had the ability to eat marines. I loved that ability.

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This game looks pretty awesome. It Looks way cooler than aliens vs marines.

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It's sad, that this was a EX Quicklook only because this is one of the few I've seen that has gameplay mechanics complex enough I can't figure out from just watching the gameplay. I could only understand a fraction of what was being shown and it would of been nice if what was happening on screen was actually explained, not the company's history (although that was interesting).

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Those dudes seem pretty cool, and that seemed like a good demo. I'd seen a little bit of it before, but never really understood what it was about - I didn't even realize there was an RTS component. I might check it out if I find myself flush with cash!

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I actually pre-ordered this game about 2 years ago from a recommendation from the then Listen Up! podcast. It's actually really deep if you spend the time to get into it.

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Man this is fast. I doubt whether I'd be able to process the speed of movement.

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Eyes inside the mouth...and you thought biting the inside of your cheek was a bitch...

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It isn't as tough as you think. You get a pretty good feel for the movement speed of the aliens pretty quickly. It might be hard to tell since all of the voices were muted, but there is an incredible amount of strategy that can be put behind this game to push it one way or the other. I've played this game for about 40 hours, and I can honestly say that the majority of the matches have never been the same.

This game is utterly fantastic and I hope that you guys give it a chance. It's only $25, and you're guaranteed to get at minimum 25 hours of playtime from it, more likely to be a hundred hours or more. It's a deep, fulfilling RTS/FPS hybrid. This game does something new, and it does it very well. These guys are awesome, this game is awesome, support indie devs!

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Never played NS1, but this looks seven kinds of rad.

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It's cool that Joey is there, but why was Joey there? Edit: Nevermind, they explain it about 10 minutes in.

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this looks great

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I remember playing the first one a few times, seemed rad. This is looking great so far and these guy seem like pretty cool dudes. If there's a mac version I'm gonna pick this up.

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something about mixing multiplayer FPS and RTS kind of irks me. i'm guessing it's that there's nothing to keep you from just ignoring the leader/commander's orders and just doing your own thing, rendering that position useless. or, probably worse, having a poor commander who leads everyone to their deaths. either way seems like there's quite a bit of disconnect (at work right now so not able to watch the QL, so ignore this if it sounds completely ignorant...).

also: bradbeard is a beast unto himself

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This game looks rad. An fps that actually requires strategy and not just headshots? Sign me up.

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everything needs more joey

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EX generally I don't like as much as normal quick looks but this one I really liked. I think they are good to have the ex ones though don't get me wrong ^_^

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This looks really cool

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@Treemoss: Tremulous "ripped off" NS1.

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The thing they did was TotalBiscuit was good, too. I like these dudes, though I'll not be buying the game. I'm just not into pure multiplayer.

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This looks really cool.

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So, how long until someone makes a Space Hulk mod for this?

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This game seems awesome, though I doubt I'll ever have the time to get into it.

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To be fair, when their jobs can be made or broken by those previews, can you really blame a developer for not being reserved and, dare I say it...professional?

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This game looks really awesome, I hope this really takes off.

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Love this guy's Aussie accent. I mean, I'm Australian, but hearing an Aussie amid the American tones of the Giant Bomb crew is somewhat refreshing. Like it's bringing Giant Bomb closer to home.

Or maybe I'm just a goddamn racist.

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Has Joey always brought the gun show with him?

I don't frequent Tested, so I miss him. Very easy on the eyes.

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@Andy_117: I had the opposite reaction: he's got a really nasal (almost, but not quite, bogan) accent that I find horribly irritating even amongst other Australians. The contrast with American accents just makes it even more grating.

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Holy crap. I didn't know a sequel existed. I'm intrigued. I just figured out what I'm doing with the next 40 minutes of my life.

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That was a great feature! Game looks great too

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Seems rad, actually.

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I was deep into NS1 6 years ago, and my only response to this is: wtf?

Aliens have a commander now? Marine Commander isn't the glue holding the team together? They just distilled the uniqueness of the teams. I'll pay $2.50.