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The first 30 seconds of this video proves that they understand what makes Red Faction fun.

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I forgot this was coming out this year
this year is shaping up awesome for volition :)

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"The magnet gun, uh, actually has unlimited ammo."

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2 minutes in and I'm sold

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Oh shit that's cool.

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lol brad sucks

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Thats some epic destruction I tell ya hwhat 
Edit: The whole sandbox mode sold me on this immediately lol.

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This looks like it is exactly what it needs to be.

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Brad failing at video games when its his moment, that's unusual.

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Magnet gun and repair ability? I don't even need to know anything else about this.

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I recognise the voice. Did this guy once work at GameSpot?

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Destructible environments are the best environments.

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This game looks like alot of fun!

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@CuoreAzzurro said:
" Cool "
@Hourai said:
" Cool "
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If I wasn't already excited as hell for this game, this definitely would've gotten me. This game looks fucking AWESOME. Gotta love those "sci-fi balls".

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That Magnet gun looks like its going to be so much fun

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Wow, for some reason I thought this was a first person shooter. I would swear that they said it was?

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Really don't like the direction they took this series in. I love blowing stuff up but underground, with more linear gameplay and necromorphs? :\

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I had no idea this even existed. Pleasant surprise. 

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shit son, good thing for this I forgot to play guerilla

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I've never been interested in this game...until now. I'm down for blowing stuff up :)

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Breakin Stuff!

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Really don't like that camera angle

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I recently tried to play Red Faction Guerrilla on the PC (Steam). Very frustrating experience. After the controls finally worked at all (bug), it really was a pain to play. After a couple of hours of GTA3 on Mars I uninstalled it. Gladly only 10-15 bucks or so wasted.
Your experience may vary.

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"Well, the Magnet Gun has unlimited ammo, and the repair function too." 
...Shut up and take my money!

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It looks fun in the same way the last one was. However, I got bored with the last one. The missions drove me nuts. The first 2/3 was driving across barren landscape and then getting to an objective where you'd get swarmed and lose your cover. If you failed you often had to do all that driving over. There wasn't enough variety in the missions either. I had the most fun pulling down buildings. The shooting parts were much less interesting.
I generally like to play games at one step above normal difficulty. It's the sweet spot between challenge and fun for me. However, with RFG I switched to easy because otherwise I wasn't enjoying the game.
That said, I really want to mess around with this as a sandbox.

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I need me some Red Faction destruction. I'm kinda glad it's not a huge open world game like the previous one. This one seems to focus more on the destruction and not so much on traversal which is a good thing.

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Please remake red faction 1.

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they said the destruction looks better...mmm I remember it looking better in Guerilla. Some of the pieces look like they just disappear in thin air here...like that one tower fell and pretty much completely disappeared when it touched the ground.  Maybe it's just the lack of BOOM. Not enough explosions.
Whatever, tho, Guerilla was one of my favorite games...MP mostly. So I'm looking forward to this.

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good decision taking the series away from open-world. Last one got boring real fast.

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Neat quick look.

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Space Asshooole

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@handlas: The game isn't finished yet.
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"Temple of the Doom"? I feel sorry for the guy.

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I came in thinking it was a QL of the arcade title, and was pleasantly surprised!
Looks like great fun, going to pre order right now. Before I saw this I just thought it was a cheap Dead Space/Resident Evil kinda game...

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Can't fucking wait to play this on pc.

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Stupid question what does the EX stand for? Extra?

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Holy shit that's some tasty destruction.

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>Magnet Gun 

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I had some reservations about Armageddon even tho I liked Guerilla, but seeing they are expanding the arsenal for destruction makes me more excitied for this game.

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You can't take my Coreys away Red Faction Armageddon!!! I won't allow it!!!
@Riddell: Well it's based on games with EX in the title, so Extra or Extended is probably the correct answer. For QL purposes I always think of them having an External guest running the playthrough.
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Sexy video game.

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I loved Guerrilla, one of my top 3 games of that year, so I'm pretty much all-in on this one. 
I am worried that they haven't yet shown multiplayer yet though, as it was my favorite part. The backpacks were an incredible gameplay addition. Not since Call of Duty 4 had a new multiplayer component added so much to the experience.