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Man I am tired

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Yay, content! :D

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I'm a fan of this games space trucker stylings.

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I misread this as rorschach therefore, so far, this has been somewhat disappointing.

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Do better at games, Brad!

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Lulz @ "Telebørken". I used to own a Telefunken TV.

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Rock Hard? 
Roar Shack? 
This game needs  

  • Ledge grabs, maybe? I played Trine fine without it, but I'll always support ledge grabs
  • Come to Steam (or be cheap on PSN)
  • Melee that doesn't look like a lame shove.
  • Less awkward voice acting. Main character is fine, just the rest of the cast that bugs me.
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quicklook with a guest

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Trine in space? From another Finnish dev

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Was liking most of this QL until they said that it was a PSN exclusive, hopefully it branches to other platforms later as it looks pretty good.

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More Truckers in space you say? Sure, why not.

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Just what is it with Brad and Crates?

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That music on the main menu sounds really familiar.

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"Remember stacking boxes in Trine? This is a lot like that." 
"Successfully, or...?" 
"...Somewhat. We're gonna move on."  

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[ ]

[ ][ ]

Pyramids Brad.

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@gosukiller said:

This game needs
  • Come to Steam.

Being published by Sony means this probably won't be happening anytime soon.

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I want this game SOOO bad.

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Doctor Who reference! (L)

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Nice Abyss vibe on this

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Haha - I get it. His name is Rochard, a play on Rock Hard, because you know, he's a miner, get it? Oh those clever Finns. I'm so proud to call myself one of them.

btw - this game doesn't look half bad. The voice acting is quite cringe worthy, however.

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Voice acting at the start is...interesting.

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A simple 2D sidescroller and Brad still can't handle the mechanics...

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Everyone knows crates and shoemakers are mortal enemies.

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@Nomin: He's an idiot, enough said.
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@ComradeLarko: Explain to me why people do that, why!? I don't get it, nor have I ever done it. Seems like something people do to further prove they are morons. 
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36:18 - the PR guy gently suggests Brad sux at gamez

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Ugh the beginning was slow as hell and then the QL ends when the game gets a little interesting. That guy should maybe have picked the 2nd level instead. Feh.

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Seems like indie devs love their sidescrolling physics puzzlers. Don't they know physics puzzles are old hat now?

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I laughed at the crate bit. It looks like it moves a little quickly as opposed to Trine, in Brad's defense.

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I understand Brad's issue with shooting boxes because with every other game on PS3 R1 is shoot something, not R2.

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The developers seems... awfully patronising during a lot of the QL, but non the less, this game looks pretty neat. Didn't look like much to begin with, but then the timely ambient electronica soundtrack kicked in and the puzzles started. Kinda irksome that it then proceeds to just start giving you guns... I liked the idea of solely using the environment and physics for the combat.

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It looks good, shame its PSN exclusive tho.

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Needs more "Roc Hard" jokes.

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@JeffGoldblum said:

@gosukiller said:

This game needs
  • Come to Steam.

Being published by Sony means this probably won't be happening anytime soon.


Nah, there's totally a chance this could make it on Steam with all the Steam/PS3 synergy going on lately. I could see Steam picking this up a few months after release or whenever it runs its course.

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At first I was like eh, then later I was like oh

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That looks kind of neat.

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This looks like it could be great! I hope this gets released on Steam at some point ^^

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I was hoping for a space sim...
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The woman voice actress is fucking horrible.

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Took me about 20 minutes into the quick look before I started liking this but now definitely think I'll pick this up when it comes out, looks good.

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Brad sucking as usual :)

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Nice. Very nice

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Looks alright overall, though it's sometimes awkward when they do these as Brad could not play the game as easily as expected. 

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whats the too soon reference?

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Fuckin' boxes, how do they work?

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I like it when Brad plays because I have the same sort of style. Look in every nook and cranny, explore menu options/upgrades, enjoy the atmosphere. Sometimes I feel like Jeff or Ryan blow through the game without fully "taking it in". This game looks pretty rad though, I might have to pick it up if the price is right. $9.99 and I'm there.

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I like Patrick.

I don't like Matt though.