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Posted by StickShifter05


Posted by CaptainObvious

Arghghhhghhg...I want Deadly Premonition already!

Posted by Ishatawk

Wow, a lot of EXs lately.

Posted by PilotXIan

Interesting sounding soundtrack from what i can hear!

Posted by Venatio
@CaptainObvious said:
" Arghghhhghhg...I want Deadly Premonition already! "
Posted by Adziboy
@Ishatawk said:
"Wow, a lot of EXs lately. "

It's that time of year.
Posted by Addfwyn

Looks cute, I like it

Posted by Scarabus

Not sold.

Posted by Byblos

Wow this guy is boring. 

Posted by clubsammich

How adorable........

Posted by locovoco

No matter how many times you say it, 100,000 does not equal 1,000,000.

Posted by DrewHughes

5 zeroes. Hundred thousand. 6 zeroes? THAT'S a million. 

Posted by Milkman

Why is it just Brad with no one else to help him out? He lose a bet or something?

Posted by RVonE

This game looks alright.
Posted by Muttinus_Rump

Yeah Derby! These guys are literally around the corner from my house.

Posted by RobotHamster

Poor Brad...

Posted by TheClap

Dubiously similar name to Arkanoid.

Posted by arch4non

The entire multiplayer game is pointless because of the end warp million point bonus.

Posted by BraveToaster
@Byblos:  Yeah I couldn't finish watching because of that guy
Posted by jonnyboy

I swear Gromit built that rocket.

Posted by ZmillA


Posted by Myomoto

The polar bear victory screen animation will fucking haunt me to my grave.

Posted by animateria

Those characters have that glassy eyed, "Dude, I'm totally high right now", look to them.
Not judging, just sayin. 

Posted by Metiphis

While I appreciate this... Where is Deadly Premonitions Quicklook ARRGGHHH!??!

Posted by JJWeatherman
@locovoco said:
" No matter how many times you say it, 100,000 does not equal 1,000,000. "
I know, what was that about?  :P
Posted by Jedted

Is it just me or are those bears farting rainbows as they bounce around? 
Posted by Trejik


Posted by Scooper

One of the first quick-looks I couldn't finish. Too boring.

Edited by JamesKond

Not to be an ass, but this looks like a shitty flash game or something, I'm out.

Posted by MisterBoss

 Definitely  looks boring as hell..

Posted by D_W

Creepy animals are creepy.
Posted by crusader8463
@Scooper said:
" One of the first quick-looks I couldn't finish. Too boring. "
Indeed. I hate it when they do these quicklooks with the developers. They always feel the need to go into such minute detail on the most pointless things that it just drags it on and on and on. Of course it doesn't help any when they are trying to justify a glorified flash game being released on a modern day system as a full boxed game.
Posted by Mordi

This is like an old Amiga game. Also, 100 000 != 1 000 000.

Posted by CaptainFish

I'm not completely against Quick Look EXs like some people on this site are, but I will say that the BombSquad knows how to pace a Quick Look. Also they have funny back and forth, which is nonexistent in these. These contacts should show by doing, not explaining to death.

Posted by JackSukeru

Well...that went on for about 9-10 minutes too long.

Posted by JoelTGM

Looking good.  Good quick look EX.

Posted by raiz265

damn that looks boring

Posted by Soliddragon24

I was hoping for a space animal breeding game on a boat, this is dull and pointlessly cute. He actually explained what "time attacks, survival, and multipliers" are.  sigh

Posted by samcotts

Looks alright. Though that was probably the worst QL evar.

Posted by NathHaw
 1,000,000 Points?
Posted by Lokno

Looks like somebody wants that Peggle money.

Posted by AllanIceman
@JJWeatherman said:
" @locovoco said:
" No matter how many times you say it, 100,000 does not equal 1,000,000. "
I know, what was that about?  :P "
Yeah, that was weird.

yeah well not every game can be good. Looks cute for kids but all the combo and multiplier might put kids off. Its not my style of game anyway.

Posted by Spoonman671

Is it just me or does this new video player take forever to load?  I used to play all of GB's videos on high, but I dropped it down to medium now.

Posted by Pulseless

 Black holes don't damage planets, anything caught in its event horizon cant leave.  If light cant leave then a god damn planet cant ether!

Edited by RoadCrewWorker

Wow, who played a prank on Brad by locking him into the recording booth with the most boring guy and the worst flash game ever?

Not cool man! Have some mercy on him! Hes got family!

(This video felt longer than the entire Persona 4 endurance run. I fell asleep 3 times and i'm not even at the 15 minute mark. )

Posted by Shadow

It just sort of stops halfway through

Posted by Terrents

those bears were not cute they were extremely creepy. and that game looks boring as fuck and the pacing of the quck look doesnt help. i could tell brad was even bored playing this game.
Posted by Kamikaze_Tutor

If your game is supposed to be fun, you should sound like you're having fun. The first boring QL has arrived, what a sad day...

Posted by DeadDorf

That's not a million point bonus, it's one hundred thousand!

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