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I'm overwhelmed by Capcom fighting games.

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street fighter!

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thats a long ass title

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@wafflez said:

thats a long ass title

Typical Capcom.
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I'll wait for the super ultra mega online edition. 
edit: best clarify, i'm not serious. I dont need 15 replies from the capcom white knights.

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Another Street Fighter quick look!

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@wafflez said:

thats a long ass title

That's some Final Fantasy shit right there.
And so I watched a bit, and damn, these guys know how to give a good demo. No canned lines, no awkwardness - you can definitely tell this isn't just a job for them.
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Street Fightah!

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I still can't believe they abandoned this look for Street Fighter IV's pig-ugly 2.5D.

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Rare footage of Daigo actually angry!

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Are the boss charaters gonna be paid dlc?

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You've probably increased the view increase of Evo Moment #37 by 1000.
Just from me.

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@wafflez said:

thats a long ass title

Wait til Super Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike XTreme Arcade Edition.

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Yo, i cant wait for  Super Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online.   
known playfully in the community as "Super Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike: Bend Me Over the Kitchen Counter" Edition.

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Wait aren't we at Street Fighter 4?

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Also S-Kill is the man.

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I'd say this if NMH: HP wasn't coming out.... 
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Wow, this looks awesome. I wanna recreate that Evo moment!

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I'm going to go play some SF4 now. I can't wait for this.

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I agree with Seth (though I despise him for being an annoying character in SFIV) when he says SFIII is the pinnacle of the series. I'm stoked for this game.
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15$ lol fuck you capcom fuck you

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at first i thought Brad was playing, and I was like, 'Wow Brad has some skills.'

Then I realized there was a second capcom dude playing

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As much as I'm down on Capcom Lately that was my Favourite quicklook on the site. Seth and the other dude seem like real cool guys and you can see they put work into this game and not just ROM dumped it.

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How in the fuck is this 15$

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Super Street Fighter EX 2: Extreme Alpha Strike Vs SNK/Tekken/Marvel/Tatsunoko: Super Special Ultimate All-Star Arcade Online Edition version 2012 Turbo.

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I love the art. But I have enough trouble wrapping my head around all the finer points of SSF4, I think playing this would just confuse me.

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Thanks but I'll be waiting for "Super Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Arcade Edition Alpha 3 Turbo: The New Challengers".

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Surprised nobody posted this yet

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haha! Adam tensta?! my cool :)

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@Juicebox said:
Are the boss charaters gonna be paid dlc?
Don't give them any ideas. 
Do a dance instead!
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Came here to see just how painful it will be to see the bombcrew playing 3S.

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Thanks but I'll be waiting for "Super Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Arcade Edition Alpha 3 Turbo: The New Challengers".

That will never happen.
Oh and: Play Third Strike. It's a good game.
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Seth "Atari Shirt" Killian.

Seth "Everytime my butt touches this seat, something explosive happens" Killian.

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As long as it doesn't have that PSN DRM Final Fight had, day uno.  If it does, no thanks.

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I've never played third strike so I'm really looking forward to this one.

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Great quick look, knew it would be awesome when I seen Seth was in it. That man is a legend

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OH SHIT, SETH ON THE COMMENTARY, it's like I'm in Vegas again

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@CptBedlam said:

Thanks but I'll be waiting for "Super Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Arcade Edition Alpha 3 Turbo: The New Challengers".

That will never happen. Oh and: Play Third Strike. It's a good game.

Played it on PS2 and currently I have no desire to play it again. Post-SSF2-games (especially 3rd Strike) are just too technical for me. I don't want to invest that much time into a fighting game. Nowadays MK9 is my SF.

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EX S-Kill? Yes, please!

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@Juicebox said:

15$ lol fuck you capcom fuck you


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Still torn. On one hand, I love the feature set, on the other, I hate, hate, hate SF3.
@Icemael: Four things make your comment really dumb. 1. Polygonal graphics are ultimately much easier to work with, stylize, touch up, etc. 2. You have no idea what the word "ugly" means, and this comment on GB is not the first time you've demonstrated said lack of idea. 3. SF4 is 2D, just like SF3. Yes it is. No, whatever argument you're going to make to the contrary is not correct. 4. While I sympathize with anyone who misses hand drawn sprites, as I like them myself, the unfortunate reality is that many a modern gamer doesn't care for them. Capcom has to go where the money is.
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This is a really excellent Quick Look EX, it doesn't just feel one-way, really enjoyed it.

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For some reason I thought this was an XBLA exclusive, glad to see it's coming to PSN as well.

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Amazing how much work they put in to a game that they could have just as easily ported and slapped on a broken online mode. Everyone complaining about the price, find a more fully featured XBLA game or even console game for that price.

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Awww was kind of disappointed by Seth's commentary at the end. Missing the "He's been put on notice"