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Kinect !

Posted by BlueHermitDog

I am seriously considering getting a Kinect for this game.

Posted by AnotherSomebody

Ths is the game that might convince me to finally buy Kinect, especially now that Child of Eden will be packed in as well.

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Finally getting to see how this will hold up!

Posted by rjayb89

Seemed like Comic Jumper for the Kinect as far as the trial game is concerned. Mind you, I watched someone else play it. Also, I hated playing Comic Jumper.

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Hates Phish? Kill those miners!

Posted by Grimmy616

Played the demo and I thought that was pretty fun. Gonna get this game.

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WOW this game looks freaking awesome! To bad I don't have my 360 anymore or else I would totally get out and buy a Kinect and this game.

Posted by zoeofthemonth

The Sonic 2006 LP crew are involved whaaa!?

Posted by DeanoXD

the game looks great and i have nothing against it but i am still not buying in to the motion control systems.

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Hot Dog, this game looks really good.

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They told the Gunstringer origin story before. Did Ryan forget that they talked about it at a EA podcast?

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Best fake laugh EVER.

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@AnotherSomebody said:

Ths is the game that might convince me to finally buy Kinect, especially now that Child of Eden will be packed in as well.

You mean Fruit Ninja Kinect right? Or did they just announce something else?
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While I am really digging the art style, I don´t think this would be for me...

Posted by Superfriend

Hardcore Kinect game? Sounds good, but this looks really easy. I mean compared to some of twisted pixels stuff in the past..
Well, I´m happy you can at least see the gunstringer character at all times (unlike Ms. Splosion Man, where EVERYTHING is purple)

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Nice Navarro quote.

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@Wokisan: There's a Child of Eden Kinect bundle.

Posted by DeeGee

Well that was disappointing, after all the talk the crew had about this being the only good Kinect game. Looks like it's pretty much a clunky on rails shooters, with some mediocre graphics. At least there's some occasionally fun looking parts, such as the bank shoot out.

So it's a Twisted Pixel game for sure. Average game notable for great FMV.

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Looks really fun, but I would be spending $200 (or w/e the kinect costs) in order to play it, because every other kinect game looks like utter shit. 

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This game looks kind of fun! Probably still won't buy a Kinect though...

Posted by Joru

Looks really good, hopefully there will be more games to justify buying a kinect.

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@jonnatar said:
The Sonic 2006 LP crew are involved whaaa!?
Blew my mind when I heard that. Good for ol' Pokecapn and Medibot though :)
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Oh shit Medibot and other Let's Play dudes are in this? That's super cool. If anyone wants a literal Endurancxe Run check their Sonic 2006 Let's Play. It's an amazing 24 hour experience filled with laughs, fun and frustration. Really good stuff.

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so its a rail shooter for kinect, we dont have any of those yet right? Kinect still failing to be interesting.

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Kinnect is an interesting piece of hardware but it completely falls down as a gaming peripheral. When your games shinny new controller can't handle something as basic as moving a character around on screen you know you have issues.

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medibot just finished his Lets Play of Kirbys Epic Yarn which I liked too.

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Looks great!

Posted by OtterBohr

Soooo....Rango meets Bastion meets Kinect.  
Sorry twisted pixel, but I think I shall pass.

Posted by Ventilaator

This totally illusrates why Kinect's sucks
First of all, it's a rail shooter and second, the dude is playing with an invisible controller. Both hands represent both sticks. How is it better than an actual fucking controller?

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The problem with motion controls is it's like playing with a busted controller. "How come he didn't jump?" "You moved your hand slightly too slow." It's basically like trying to press a button and missing.

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35:30 - Klepek??

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I'm in the market for a new 360 and I'm totally gonna buy that Star Wars bundle and this game.

Posted by jakob187

Twisted Pixel makes me proud to be from Texas.

The game looks like a must-own for Kinect owners. Seems they worked just enough story into a visually exciting packages with some simple but varied gameplay elements.

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It's nice to hear a developer actually reference other games.

Posted by Clubvodka

Awesome stuff. Will check out the demo but it looks really promising.

Posted by Link43130

More like Pokecrapn am I am right?

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@OtterBohr said:
Soooo....Rango meets Bastion meets Kinect.   Sorry twisted pixel, but I think I shall pass.
Soooo....Internet Comment meets Over Simplification meets dick.    Sorry OtterBohr, but I think I shall pass.
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I love how when Dan's navigating the menus he still does finger guns.

Posted by City17

Graphics looks terrible and it still looks like it has quite a bit of slowdown. Lighting in it is boring in it too. :/

Posted by Flow72

This doesn't look like a bad Game but it's probably the ugliest one I have ever seen.

Posted by DeliciousBees

Ugh, that guy from Twisted Pixel looks terrible too, definitely not retail quality hair there.

Posted by Juicebox

He can gunstring me anytiem

Posted by DASH

This looks really cool, but god damn, I'm not going to buy a Kinect.
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Accidental Police Squad homage at 26:50 - 26:59 is the best part.

It's like someone said "Dan, Ryan themes".

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@DASH said:

This looks really cool, but god damn, I'm not going to buy a Kinect.

I'm with ya there. Looks pretty fun, but I'm never going to end up playing it.

Also, that Lloyd Kaufman video was priceless! Apparently a green screen will make anyone act super ridiculous. I think Whiskey Media is pretty much proof of this :)

Posted by Deathpooky

This and Child of Eden are definitely the only Kinect games that appear interesting, and I love the Twisted Pixel style in here. Unfortunately that isn't enough to get me to buy a Kinect (much less rearrange my room to play it).