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@JDillinger: My man, keep believing and trying and one day, like me, you will achieve the greatness that is being first. just be JDilligent and it will always work out, hahahahahaha.

I absolutely love his emphasis on things that are Canadian. the best part is when i played street hockey, i was totally lefty (note i am Canadian).

Fun fact about Canada, street hockey games are played everywhere and everyone plays, its the law. Play near the parliament in Ottawa and u could foul the prime minister cause he has to play (ITS THE LAW). Its a great way to solve arguements. Instead of duels with revolvers, we just throw down in a street hockey game, it is an ancient tradition dating back to 1750. The 7 year war was many hockey games between England and France. It was a brutal war. But England won and that is why we all speak english.

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Damn you super2j.

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Motion game and no Vindog! Damn

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Well said.

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Well said.


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This just in. Kinect still dumb.

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This looks awesome so far, actually really excited to get this game.

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Well said.


Ah. Gocheler rhag gwneud ymrwymiadau y bydd yn rhaid inni eu newid o bosibl yn y dyfodol.

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1 to 1 golf swings~

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Well said.


Oh man, do u kiss ur mother with that mouth?

I tried the elegant route of actually typing something and it did not work. In fact i made fun just like u did. But if u wanna be first.....

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I think I will be playing with a controller....Kinect not looking great.

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Tigers Woods '10 for Wii plays better than this.

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Whiskey Media golf tournament?

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But will it track Patrick in a hotdog suit?

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I feel really bad whenever the voice commands don't work. It seems like the Kinect integration is pretty well-thought out but the voice stuff on hardware side still seem kind of shitty.

For the record, I would never ever want to play the game like this.

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Golf must be the most boring sport to watch

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Tiger woods,Now with high fives.

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Ryan "The Birdman" Davis

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I think EA has made a huge mistake by thinking that most folks play Tiger because they want to be accurately judged on their swing mechanics.

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I have to imagine there is a split second where devs are like OH SHIT I HOPE THIS WORKS in their heads when they demo any voice controls

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Ryan looks like he's balancing at the knee on 2 little sticks! :D Those shorts are monstrous.

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I liked the idea of the golf game in Kinect Sports Season 2, I will probably pick this one up if it works well with Kinect.

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Tiger Woods really looks like Shrek in this game.

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Also, why are there no crowd sounds when a putt goes in?

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One more thing, Daniel is absolutely killing it on the video descriptions.

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Nothing like a nice, relaxing golf game quicklook. Ahhh....

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Tiger vs. Super Tiger: who will be the champion of GOLF THE VIDEOGAME TWOTHOUSAND&TWELVE

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There should be a day called "international let's stop trying to utter 'uuh' between sentences day".
(I'm about two seconds into the video)

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This looks really cool for what it is, I have no interest in Kinect but the fact that they try is still awesome.

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Love me some kinect QL

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I like how dirty the selection gesture is. Smack dat ass

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Bless you, Brent, for making this look pretty alright in spite of the Kinect's strongest efforts to make you look bad. Some of the menus were moving around pretty janky, but the actual in-game performance looks good.

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No interest in this, but really looking good. Sports game developers actually DO innovate.

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Watching him fumble around in the menus.. I wish he'd just pick up the controller. It took him 3 minutes to set up his game, and he seemed like he was worn out afterwards.

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"We have the ability to capture the entire golf swing, we capture close to a 1000 data points, it's a level of detail you can't get with a controller in your hand."

"So, how do you apply spin to the ball?"

"Err... yeah... about that..."

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Funny that Brent mentions "no more synchronized crowd clapping" and right behind him, 75% of the gallery is clapping in unison.

Aside from that, the game looks good. I can't say that I would be likely to use the Kinect features, despite having the hardware, but it looks like a competent entry in the series.

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Funny that Brent mentions "no more synchronized crowd clapping" and right behind him, 75% of the gallery is clapping in unison.

Aside from that, the game looks good. I can't say that I would be likely to use the Kinect features, despite having the hardware, but it looks like a competent entry in the series.

lol, i noticed that too. I chuckled at the irony.

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This didn't answer my question of "can I power-drive the ball into the parking lot?" Worst movie ever.

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It really bugs me that this TW 13.

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Tiger Woods 12 was probably the game I invested most hours into in 2011, but unless I see EA doing more than wasting their time implementing this rubbish they will not be getting my money for this (or the $$$ for rip off DLC courses).

I know this QL was specifically to show off Kinect features - but I really wish they hadn't bothered at all.

And the menus look like a massive step backwards. Thanks Kinect.

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watching anyone fumbling through Kinect menus is infuriating.

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Hit it like you mean it!

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I guess Tiger Woods is okay to use again. The last game had that huge MASTERS on it with the Tiger Woods name looking like a subtitle and no Tiger was on the cover.

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Not even the nicest man can make Kinect seem useful in the slightest.

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The Kinect looked like it worked alright if you got bored and felt like messing around or if you had friends over.