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Posted by Baggykins

PC version?......Please?

Posted by superpow

Man this looks good. The art is cool, the customization is cool, the originality is cool. I will get this.

Posted by bybeach

Don't understand some of the criticism of this QLex, though I myself do not like QLex's as much as straight QL's. It was meant to introduce the purpose and mechanics of the game. I didn't care about all of that, but building and customizing, yes. I'm really starting to look forward to this game, more inclined to a SP shooter bent within the Tower defense, and it looks like I can do that, so...
Posted by KailenWolfe

I lost interest reeeeally quickly. 

Posted by RTSlord

looks cool, gonna have to wait for reviews to come in though

Posted by Animasta

brad is awesome :D

Posted by Warmachine

So...is there voice chat in this game? Seems kinda necessary.

Posted by OrgunUK

Man this looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait.

Posted by Twinblade34

Best quicklook ever! Brad is awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

The tons of customization options makes me really like this game.

Posted by SgtGrumbles
@creiij said:
Dear lord 25 min before they actually start doing something fun. Come on GB get it togeather, we don't wach QLs for menus (or mech designs even).
You don't speak for all of us! *I* fucking love customising mechs.
Posted by AldoTheApache

Man, Brad needs to get on the bombcast!

Posted by GozerTC

Dude. day one buy for me!  

Posted by eccentrix

I don't like tower defense games, which is a shame because this looks like a good one and Double Fine seem like really cool guys.

Posted by tourgen

looks pretty good

Posted by taylor109
@heatDrive88 said:
@taylor109 said:
Holy Shit over 15 mins of them sitting in menus, so fucking boring.
<rorie> Ur so fucking boring.  </rorie>  Seriously though, give them a break, mech games are typically all about customization and gameplay mechanics, it's good to know how deep the customization is all about.

Sure I'd agree with you if this really was a mech game like mechwarrior, armored core, or steel battalion. But this game is just a glorified version of tower defense with no need to sit in the menus for over 15 mins just to see their boring/unoriginal take on the genre. I know people love double fine but they shouldn't get a free pass on everything.
Posted by jorbear

This is a great quick look.

Posted by Wuddel

Fuck, I really want this game. But I am about to sell my 360.... ahhh. PS3!

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These guys are having way too much fun. Great QL. Also, I want this game. 
EDIT: what's with all the bitching and whining? Everybody is so impatient all of a sudden. Lighten people.

Posted by Crushed

An aircraft carrier with legs?
So Dai-Gunzan?

Posted by craigbo180

Great quick look! I really think that the hats and salutes and stuff look cool, but at the end of the day the gameplay looked a little bland and boring to me...

Posted by cowdrunk

ok now im sold on this one  
looks like a ton of fun and... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
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@NeverDave said:

@creiij said:

Dear lord 25 min before they actually start doing something fun. Come on GB get it togeather, we don't wach QLs for menus (or mech designs even).
You don't speak for all of us! *I* fucking love customising mechs.
So do I, but this seemed pretty basic and completely undeserving of 15 mins. of babbling....a full five of which were spent talking about how the mechs were based of developers.
Posted by Thoseposers

Is there local multiplayer?

Posted by MonkfishEsq

If you visit Giant Bomb and don't like the personalities of the people showing off the games..why the fuck do you come here? I loved hearing the GB/DF guys just talking about the game and having fun showing it off. 
 They're friends and it shows and the video is better for it. 

Posted by Sharpshooter

SOLD!!! This game looks awesome. The second its out I'm downloading it.

Posted by swimmi34

Nice to have a QL on Memorial Day. 
On the other hand, this game looks like it needs a lot of work.

Posted by Protonguy

Great QL.  Think i'll get this now, the customization and saluting options are pretty sweet.

Posted by Zaccheus

That was hilarious. Brad is so awesome. Brads have to have a bradoff, make it happen.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Trenched= Mechwarrior+Adv

Posted by YoungFrey

I didn't see it on a search so I'll mention it.  The paint job they weren't supposed to show was the:

I'm guessing it's wasn't a truly big deal because it didn't get edited out.
Posted by Toxin066

This quick look was hilarious and it also managed to sell me on a game. AMAZING!

Posted by MadLaughter

This quick look was amazing.  Customization looks great, Brad was awesome, the strategy looks like it could get pretty deep, game looks fun as hell.  Hats and Salutes!!

Posted by Jeffk38uk

I was skeptical when they said it was a mech tower defence game, but the amount of customisation and gameplay is quite compelling. So want it on PC tho. :(

Posted by BigChief

Double Fine always makes for the best Quick Look EXs. I really, really wish this game was coming out on the PSN.

Posted by Lepton

Great video and demo, but dumb game.  The entire idea of a mech is of a mobile gun platform that can and must, MUST move and traverse distances.  However, the game as shown here seems to be mere tower defense with the mech entirely confined to one smallish map.  What's the point of a mobile gun platform in a game that does not actually travel over terrain in any meaningful way? 
The concepts and creativity displayed here demands a full MechWarrior treatment.

Posted by EveretteScott
@shinigami420 said:
Dont give a shit double fine has made some mediocre xbla games and this looks just as mediocre as the rest 
What kind of.. oh, you have 420 in your name. I guess your well voiced opinion fits then.
Posted by dbz1995

Looks awesome.

Posted by karatetron

After watching this quick look, I absolutely need this game.

Posted by heatDrive88
@taylor109: Oh I know, I don't disagree about 'free passes' just because it's Double Fine. Every game deserves the equal subjective look to any criticisms free of bias.
However, where it seems we disagree is simply if this game looks boring, which is perfectly fine and subjective. Where the separation is however, is that while I know this isn't a "hardcore mech game" by any means, I still think that a deep customization is pretty much half of what makes a "hardcore mech game" on top of the actual playing of the game with the mech using your customized loadouts. 
While yes, the objective of the gameplay is not to travel large spanning distances to carry out mission like in a game such as Mechwarrior, it's still building a mech that balances firepower, maneuverability, abilities, and armor - which in the grand scheme of things, I think is the crux of any good mech game.  
While I agree that Trenched is not your typical classic mech game, and your level of interest can vary by any means, I don't think it's right to call this 'unoriginal'. Unless you know of any other hybrid games which blend the mech genre with tower defense. Whether you find it interesting is subjectively up to you obviously, and your mileage on it may vary, but I find it hard to believe that anyone can call this game 'unoriginal' without much reason.
Posted by Vorbis

Great Quicklook and the game looks fun, just wish it wasn't an exclusive, not willing to pick up XBL Gold for one game. Just have to hope it comes to PC or PS3 eventually like Monday Night Combat did.

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Great QL, really looking forward to this game now.

Posted by Commisar123

best quick look ex ever

Posted by _Phara0h_

WOW that was one of the most informed Quick looks and I loved every min. of it....

Posted by Underachiever007

This is the best a Quick Look EX has ever been.

Posted by waypoetic

A quick look with info and not guessing and bullshit? Touché. 

Posted by andrewf87462

Ok, that Quick Look was awesome, and this game looks fun as hell!
Posted by Zeik

Awesome Quick Look. I really really hope this gets a PSN release, I want to play this game. 
@lepton: Yes, lets just copy/paste the same game onto this one merely because it has mechs in it. No one must be allowed to do anything unique with an idea, ever.

Posted by Osaladin
@taylor109 said:
Holy Shit over 15 mins of them sitting in menus, so fucking boring.
He's just describing the game man, there was alot of shit in those menus.
Posted by Grilledcheez