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As a person who considers one of Giant Bomb's greatest strengths to be the quality banter that comes packaged with almost everything the site produces, this is one of the best Quick Looks I've seen in a while.  Informative and hilarious!

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What song were they singing at the start. Sounded really familiar.

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God Ryan is so fucking annoying in these things. 
"Oops, wasn't supposed to show that." 

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Here's hoping Doublefine stops hateing on PC some day and relases this.

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Doesn't Microsoft own the IP for this?

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Really not sure about this one. Really not sure. 

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THis is Amazing, I really want to get this. Good thing I can look forward to this beginning of Summer Arcade ;)

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Man that was a lot of fun! GREAT QUICK LOOK EX!

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@Little_Socrates said:
I just wanted to comment about how it seems like they can get someone from DoubleFine to show up for a QLEX pretty easily now, which I actually think is pretty cool.

Double Fine is based out of San Francisco, which isn't terribly far away from the GB offices. It also doesn't hurt that the main four GB guys have some of the craziest connections to other industry people. 
Super stoked for this game, but then again there's a reason Double Fine's website is my homepage. Love the look and concept.
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@Zeik: it wont, its a MS published game. im bummed too, really love DF and would like to get it. hoping their 4th game makes it to PSN as well, unless their 4th game is the sesame street game, i dont know if they ever said if that was it or not
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take my space bucks!

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needs to come out on PSN

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i hate to break it to you, guys, but you keep saying "trench" when you mean to say "mech"

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Goddamn I love double fine every game is soo different and original

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Analog Stick Salutes

Best New Mechanic of 2011!   
But seriously, funniest quick look of the year. Hard to top with all that goofing around.
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Looks like porno for Front Mission fans.

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Im crying I'm laughing so hard.. and they havent started themission

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Terrible, terrible lag. This site makes me sad.

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Awesome quicklook

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very funny quicklook and the game doesn't look bad either

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I want this game badly.

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I like everything about this game.

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Awesome quick look. Game looks really neat. I hope it does well!

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Great QL, and a fantastic looking game. Can't wait to get it!

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I find most EX quick looks kinda lame...This one was pretty epic. It might have the longest menu screen to game play time of any QL, but it's all awesome and amazing. The customization of mechs, the tower defending, the saluting (Dear lord! The Saluting!!!) all have me sold.

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Please release a pc version on steam. I would buy this.

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Hilarious quick look. I don't care that they spent thirty minutes in menus, I'm generally interested in this game so seeing all that only helped peak it more.

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I skipped part of the menu stuff, but the game looks great.

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Easily the best Quicklook Ex.

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That was amazing.

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Online interactions are not rated by the ESRB.

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You guys bitching about the menus are crazy. This is what makes a mech game! So much customization!  
I am so buying this fucker

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It looks good and all but a bit too much circle jerking.

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I must have this game for my ps3 o wait I still dont have a store in which to give away my money

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Some weird ass shit be happening with the video bar thing, can't click the buttons

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Holy shit guys. 
PLAY THE GAME.     25 minutes in before I get to see what the hell this game even is?!   

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Best Quick Look EX ever.  I love that in todays market it is no longer weird for games like this (downloadable games) to be on a most anticipated list.  This looks amazing. : )

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Loved the quick look, but Patricks laugh, god damn...

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Encourage cursing fromthe PR guy nice double fine and Microsoft. also mech-assault called and said give them back their lobby.
Another cool thing to hear some-one who makes the games talk passionately about the game they made and love.

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@Odinez said:

                Terrible, terrible lag. This site makes me sad.

What lag?
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salute tech? done.
Buying 3 copies.

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I don't know.  I'd rather see some big budget doublefine games like Psychonauts 2 or something a bit fuller.  Brutal Legend was a nice concept but the RTS elements were kind of half baked.

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Looks like a really fun Co-op games.

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I want Trenched so much... it's Double Fine, it's Mechs, it's hats, it's customisation, it's Brad Muir - but I can't even play it on PSN. I am disappoint, I hope it makes it's way to PSN eventually.

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Fantastic quick look. Really looking forward to this game.

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Sold. Good job DF crew.

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That MP lobby is a great idea.  It would be really novel to see other playings waiting to join over...Searching text....You could run into ppl you've played before, avoid others....All games should have that.  Maybe you could have areas you hang out in to break groups up based on skill.  This maybe the future of game lobbies! 

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Does 'Knob' in America mean the same thing it does in England, that being Penis? 
'Use rapid fire to take out these swarming Knobs' 

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Looks cool! 
Wonder if any could help me out. I remember seeing a trailer somewhere - probably a year ago - of a mech simulator game. A game where you're controlling a HUGE robot in first person view from the character controlling the robot, where you can see all the HUD and whatnot. It's supposed to be very strategic and "realistic". The trailer showed two robots fighting each other in a city with a lot of skyscrapers. 
I have NO IDEA what the name of this game is, and I can't find it through searching. I've looked endlessly! O____O Anyone know which game this is?

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I don't want this quicklook to end!