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For a moment I thought that guy on the bottom left was a shaved Will Smith.

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I'm gonna wreck it!

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Enter the Lang Zone

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I'm gonna Wreckateer-it Ralph!

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BIG fucking cross-BO

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Bring on the LANG!

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Would have been so awesome if Jeff just purposely played poorly just to fuck with Dave.

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Dave Lang, your game is so awesome...how awesome is your game?

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First of many terrible games that will come out.

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Dave Lang always makes me chuckle. :)

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If Dave Lang didn't work on this, the GB team would not give a fuck

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This looks alright.

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I've never been so ready to enter the Lang Zone

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I'm into dave lang.

That said if this controlled with a controller and was hard like rock of ages I'd buy it.

Kinect? I have one but no thanks!

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War... War never changes.

edit: game looks cool. One of few games that make me wish I had a Kinnect.

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We're all in the Lang Zone now.

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drop a bomb on it!

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As Kinect games go, this one seems to work, which is a nice change of pace.

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the game looks great but the best part of this QL: was fucking dave lang.

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That was one of the most enjoyable Quick Look EXs that I've seen. Also, I am forced to admit that game looks pretty decent.

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@hedfone said:

If Dave Lang didn't work on this, the GB team would not give a fuck

Actually I think they would just give less fuck, but it looks like a pretty good Kinect game so they wouldn't ignore it.

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This looks pretty good but might get boring fairly quick unfortunately.

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I love Dave Lang. Also, this game looks way better than it has any business being.

DROP A BOMB ON IT! exxxcluuuussivveee...

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but... but... BIG BO!

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Anyone else like their new quick look room?

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For a Kinect game, this actually seems more than okay.

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Nice model pose Jeff

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Looks like this could be another fun Kinect game

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@Moncole said:

Anyone else like their new quick look room?

It's quickly growing on me!
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The controls look responsive and the game seems fun. For only $10, I would pick this up if I had a Kinect.

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...Those flying shots remind me of 9/11.

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Aww, too bad they won't review it, like World Gone Sour; this looks pretty alright.



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@Mr_Skeleton said:

@hedfone said:

If Dave Lang didn't work on this, the GB team would not give a fuck

Actually I think they would just give less fuck, but it looks like a pretty good Kinect game so they wouldn't ignore it.

I'm actually not sure if they would especially after Brads awful experience with Steel Battalion.

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Xe8d74e2e8DBOTA is my favorite X-Box Live player. But all he does is play Wreckateer. I love watching the avatar at the end as it freaks out when Dave Lang is shaking Jef's hand.

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Get in the Lang Zone!!!

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so this game got multiplayer, would give the game a good edge, like a turn based to destroy each other castle.

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He looks a cool guy and the game looks ok i guess.

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If only the destruction was more awesome.

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@hedfone said:

If Dave Lang didn't work on this, the GB team would not give a fuck

Yup and I'm cool with that provided they don't review it, and I don't think Dave Lang is just using them for exposure, seems like a legitimately awesome dude. So basically, who cares?

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Put English on it?.....Bwuh? What's it got to do with England. I am confused good sirs.

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If I had a Kinect I'd probably get this. I've never seen a Kinect game that actually seems 100% responsive before now.

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Great payoff to the goofy buildup during several shows. Nice to see a seemingly well done and entertaining game in one the the more enthralling QLEXs. Definitely pretty damn funny to see you two intewract and having fun with the game.

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Giant Bomb! Drop a bomb on it! Argh har har

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This game would be at least somewhat interesting if you saw the buildings crumble with real physics instead of just seeing these lame smoke puffs and "destruction" animations. Even the Wii could do it.

Nah who am I kidding... it's controlled with Kinect so it's a mess, of course. This is the kind of Kinect game that kinda "works" but only because there's zero difficulty involved and half of the time the game plays itself. It's just the other side of the turd.

I don't really know who Dave Lang is but he seems cool. Hopefully he gets to work on something better after this (non-Kinect stuff).