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Posted by Anupsis

Game looks boring to me

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Does anybody know about a PC version?

Posted by CaptainJudaism

I don't care about the game but the interactions were funny and interesting.

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edit: fuck, chris waters :/

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I wonder if it was Johnny 5's idea to roll out the red carpet and have his game quick look'd on camera.

Posted by KarlPilkington

Has the toybox area gotten smaller? Or is this just a smaller map size?

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I love Giant Bomb so much...

Posted by Dessan
Posted by alwaysbebombing

This makes me want to see John Drake's beautiful face.

Posted by FLStyle

The download of the video ends at 28:54 for some reason, just a heads up.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Penises. Penises everywhere.

Posted by AlKusanagi

You know, I kind of have this feeling in the back of my mind that this game may not do as well as they think. Especially when parents have gone all in on Skylanders.

Posted by Duffyside

Did Johnny V call it "my team" over at Disney? Is he... is he a big deal now?

Posted by WizardlySquid

I wonder if it's turing complete.

Posted by Kazzenn

Mike was literally the best.

Posted by BadNews

@solidocelot: I am super hyped about Tangled making the cut. Can't wait to play as Rapunzel. Though that announcement made it sound like it was coming next year.

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Heyyyyy, it's Johnny!!

Posted by PimblyCharles

Can you make a shark pit in the toy box?

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@hassun: Sorry, should be fixed now (I think). Let me know if the problem persists.

Posted by TehPickle

Johnny V is such a likeable guy. He puts any other QL:EX to shame.

Game looks really cool as well. As a 31 year old with no kids, I can't buy it - I just can't - but I do hope this is a success for them.

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That looks really cool.

Posted by BrandonPckrfn

Johnny V!!!

Posted by hi_im_rob

The Cross platform sync is pretty amazing. Must have been a pain to implement but it adds so much to the game.

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This is great but uhh... this game looked like it would be awesome, buuut the playsets thing makes me think that this will just be another 1000 dollar parental nightmare like skylanders....

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You know what, I think I am going to go to Disneyland Friday to pick this up, just because I can. I'm an adult!

Posted by UpsideDownAce

Sad to here about the limitations of the 3DS version due to the hardware. I would assume the Vita could at least run the full toybox creator since it runs on an iPad, but I guess there isn't enough interest for Vita..

Posted by yeliwofthecorn

I get the distinct impression that half the people featured shared a line of cocaine before this started.

Posted by kollay

Johnny, a big teddy bear as always.

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I don't give a shit about DI but I do enjoy me some Johnny V now and then.

Posted by Rayeth


This is EXACTLY Skylanders, except with the Disney license.

Posted by bushlemon

Man Jeff gets so excited whenever Johnny V is around :3

Posted by Milkman

Not to bring down the mood but this really made me miss Ryan. :(

Posted by xbob42
@milkman said:

Not to bring down the mood but this really made me miss Ryan. :(

Hey man, don't be afraid to bring it up. We all miss Ryan.

I actually think a quote from Lost of all things is appropriate here, from Walt:

Walt Lloyd: [asks Shannon to take care of his dog] Vincent took care of me when my mom died, and nobody would talk to me. They'd pretend like nothing happened. So I'd talk to Vincent. He's a good listener. you could talk to him about Boone if you want.

Pretending nothing happened won't help anyone.

Posted by Draxyle

That went delightfully off the rails. I guess they showed a game off in-between all the nonsense.

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I love it every time Johnny V is in the house. His interactions with the bombcrew are always the best. game looks cool too.

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Haha, I fucking love Jeff!

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@axlefgk: While the Starter pack actually seems like a fair price (£50 at ToysRUs) which includes the game and 3 characters, the additional stuff is crazy expensive. Individual characters are nearly £12, packs of 3 are £30 and playsets are also £30 but includes 2 characters and a new level.

Posted by bigevil1987

Xbox One and PS4 versions? Maybe?

Posted by darkest4

Second coolest Johnny out there, right behind Johnny Gat. JV and JG have so much chemistry together, it's always a pleasure to watch.

Posted by Toxin066

Penises. Penises everywhere.

Okay, so I wasn't alone in thinking that.

Posted by elpurplemonkey

Johnny V is just a delightful human being.

Posted by ajroo

I could swear that dude said " ....announcing the BLUMPKIN King himself , Jack Skellington....." (5:10)

Seems like a weird title for a Disney character, but hey, i dig it.

Posted by Luxus

Johnny V up in hurrrr!

Posted by Stimpack

Are you guys ready to ride the rollercoaster into Jeff's toy box?

Posted by sgtskzell

Why was Chris Waters even on the set..? UH..

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So many cameras.

I guess if anyone could make this type of cross-platform interaction work it would be Disney.

Also, how long until Gamespot becomes Giant Bomb's auxiliary?

Finally, Sparcot Bomb.

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Handheld Disney Mario Party sounds cool.

Posted by befo72

So many cameras.

Also, how long until Gamespot becomes Giant Bomb's auxiliary?

I already have come to look at Gamespot as kind of Giant Bomb's minor league, at least as far as personality-driven content goes. Gamespot is such a mixed bag these days; there are people there I really like (Danny, Seb and Chris mainly), people I absolutely can't stand (McGee, McShea) and the rest I'm pretty much neutral on, though I think Kevin Van Ord is the best reviewer on the site even if I don't like his on-screen personality very much. I could totally see Danny O'Dwyer as a regular on the Bomb, though they'd have to pry him out of the British isles first.

Posted by ghostNPC

The game seems fairly... boring. The art direction is pretty bland too.

Johnny V is still awesome though.

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