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Its really annoying when people try to rush through text and end up being completely clueless as a result.

I would rather wait 15 seconds for you to read directions than wait 10 minutes while you wander around aimlessly.

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I think some people are over-analyzing this quicklook.

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"You don't have enough place for this"

Please tell me someone else noticed it?

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Re: debate about quick look quality

The Let's Play community went through similar issues with some people arguing for more quality control, preplaying to gain experience, and post production, which results in a smoother watching experience. There may be less videos, but you don't have to hunt through hundreds of trainwrecks to find something worth watching.

But other people argued that they prefer things to be spontaneous. It's partly about exposing the viewer to a more real or introductory level experience, and also somethimes the schadenfreude value of watching people fail at a hard game.

For my part I like having the variety of both. Some people are more entertaining unscripted, and some do well with a plan.

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In future quick looks please look at character sheets less.

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"Oh no, Brad, don't do that. That's a bad way to find out if that barrel explodes." Haha

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@Karkarov said:
This was not the smartest game to quick look despite what it's insanely tiny niche hard core fan might say, but ok.  Horrible writing and paper thin story with guns GO!  Also you use the maintenance command to heal bleed and such.  It is in the command menu.  If you play the game you will know what I mean.  EDIT: Oooh they found it.
Modern Warfare 2 (Oh snap)
It's a cyberpunk game dude, which for me, automatically makes it awesome. 
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Remember: crouching gets your energy back. hacking is important, don't change gun cartridge until it's empty, as if you change it, you lose the bullets in the old clip. Remember, spending 10 mins watching the tutorial video's is no more than spending 10 mins reading a manual on a deep, feature rich game like this. And sorry, but anyone who says a game doesn't need a tutorial or manual read is aksing for dumbed down games, and should be taken out at dawn! I give it 9/10 easy!

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The reason Brad kept getting hacked is because the terminal would just buff it's attack and debuff Brad's. So it was attacking for over 200 and Brad was attacking for 0. Brad needed to debuff it more and buff himself.

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Great QL

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Looks like a decent concept with terrible execution.

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So happy I got this game during the holiday sale. I just need a new computer now to play it.

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Playing through this game was definitely an experience to remember.