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Chicken chaaaaser!

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Anniversary already?? It's only been four months since the first episode...

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Well, this came out of nowhere. Then again, I haven't been following the gaming news all that closely.

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I havent even slept yet. What is wrong with me.

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The real Fable is the quality of this game.

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Is it me or has the video player been changed a bit?

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I never liked Fable. Everything (voice acting, animations, combat, etc....) just feels kind of off. This does appear to be a better HD remake than all of the others though. If I was into Fable 1 I would buy this now.

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@tennmuerti: Yeah Alexis said it has been updated recently.

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@demonsoul: I think enough time has passed now that the community should reject Fable all together, we need to recognize that it was sold as an overhyped underdelivered mess, and time is only going to make the issues we sugarcoated during its original release that much more garish and apparent. Fable is an rpg that will continue to age and only look worse, this whole franchise has gotten free passes to deliver truly mediocre games.

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Getting this for sure, Albion is my favorite game world.

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Why would they make an HD version of this game, this game is terrible and always will be.

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That screen looks like it's taken right out of Team America.

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Fable is a great game. Don't try to speak for the people and suppress OUR FEELINGS.


Anyways, I wish Brad was more focus while doing quick looks. It seems like the ones run by him can be cut in half recently. Them quick looking more cool looking indie games would be cooler than playing 45 min. of a HD upgrade of a pretty cool Xbox original.

(also, don't hit that moderate button on your comment...)

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To this day me and my sister will occasionally call each other Chicken Chasers, we both loved this game.

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Does the video not work for anyone else ? I press play and all i get is a blackscreen.

Oh it works now when i put it on HTML5

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As someone who missed out on the Molyneux hype train for the original Fable, I had only heard mostly mediocre-to-disappointed rumblings after the game finally came out.

I didn't have an XBox, so when Fable finally came out on PC, I bought it on a whim, despite the underwhelming reception I had heard hints of, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was a charming world with some interesting mechanics, and regardless of how Molyneux built the game up in people's minds beforehand, the final game was pretty competent and I had a lot of fun with it.

That said, an HD remake is nice, but given that Molyneux is gone, I feel like I would much rather the talented people left at Lionhead move on from the weird legacy that Fable has left behind and move on to something new. With what they did on Fable (and Fable 2, which I put dozens of hours into) I think there's a truly great game in that studio somewhere, but they should probably just ditch the Fable franchise and delve into new territory.

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So like all Fable games this looks extra mediocre.

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Haters gonna hate! I bought and started playing last night.. I love it. Though the frame rate is a bit choppy. And the saves seem messed up. I saved during the training parts in the beginning after completing a few, and reloaded my save, it acted like i hadn't finished the training parts, yet the dummies to beat up were gone, etc (no way to re-complete mission). Not sure if its a bug or just me.

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This remake looks bad all jittery and clippy (alot like a 2007 era unreal game....)

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@jbuchan76: No, people with good taste gonna hate.

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@jbuchan76: same exact thing happened to me. I had to stop playing so I saved at last checkpoint. I had fought the dummy w the stick then killed the beetles in woods before I quit. I load back in and it's acting like I hadn't done those two things but I had the stick and the dummy was gone. Luckily was able to load the previous checkpoint from first arriving at the guild.

On another note: why the fuck does invert camera invert X and Y?! It is not a ton of code to make those separate. I'm having a hard time controlling the game. I need Y inverted but with x inverted too I'm constantly turning the wrong way. I know a lot of games from this era were like this but over the last decade it seems like X normal has become a standard. And of course Y invert / normal is an option and hotly debated topic for some reason. At least give option to invert each separately.

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This game is a fart of a video game and not the funny kind of fart like someone farting during a conference in a big fancy office, no this game is like a fart on a crowded subway with no sound and just an awful smell.

(put that on the back of the box)

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Vinny: "This Looks Like Crap" lol

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Vinny "Can't remember a damn thing" Caravella

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Fable 2 is the only good Fable game. Anyone who thinks differently is delusional and this version looks sloppy for a remaster.

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@msavo: I liked the original Fable game when I played it a couple of years ago.

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Shiny everything! Its how you know it has good graphics

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I'm liking the new browser for one reason: Volume point is saved, no more max sound blasting out of my headphones.

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@msavo: Come on dude don't be so rude and abrasive. Its no good for anyone to be that way

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I love Fable 1 immensely. I love Peter Molyneux. Done.

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I turned it off after 30 seconds. Got all I need from this video lol.

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I skipped the Fable games until Fable 3 was free earlier in 2013 with XBL Games with Gold. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that game (except for the ending), particularly Albion and it's colorful characters. Was thinking about picking this up, but I was hoping the QL focused more on the gameplay and how it holds up to the 360 era games and Vinny and Brad weren't too prepared for this one it seems. Maybe I'll see about the cheaper and higher rated Fable 2 or just replay the first half of Fable 3.

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I played Fable all the way up to the last quest and just stopped playing. This doesn't look familiar to me at all.

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This looks way worse than the original. Amazing.

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This game (the original) was the first time in gaming that I truly felt lied to and mislead, I was so exited for this game and when I finally got it, it was like a piece of me had died or something.

I love games and this will always be a dark spot in my memory of them (and now it's in HD)

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Fable II is just such a better version of what they were trying to do with 1, even if it is more focused. Great game.

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It literally takes 15 minutes until Brad stops just mucking about doing nothing interesting or informative. And even then he just roams through the land, unfocused and without a real clue what he is or could be doing...

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@sarx said:

It literally takes 15 minutes until Brad stops just mucking about doing nothing interesting or informative. And even then he just roams through the land, unfocused and without a real clue what he is or could be doing...

The most annoying thing is how he keeps talking about Fable I's look at a franchise and how it works within the basic ideas and all, how it is the epitome of the series... when 2 was just way better and he has no knowledge of it.

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Maaaaaaaan those are some last gen ass loading screens.

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My favourite Fable game!

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I think my beef with this game when I played it was how short it was, not how bad it looked. Did they make the game longer?

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I always thought Fable was lame even playing as a bad guy didn't felt all that fun.

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I loved Fable when it was released. I bought this yesterday and I'm thoroughly enjoying my nostalgia trip back through Albion. Fable 2 is probably the mechanically better game, but for some reason the world of Fable 1 and its characters are more my speed. I'm having a ball so far just exploring and doing random side quests.

I'm glad Fable Anniversary exists. I don't think it'll win any GOTY awards but for people curious about why Fable is so fondly remembered it's an opportunity to see it first hand. It's giving me the same tingly feelings I get whenever I see another Ocarina of Time remake/update/nostalgia attack/whatever those things are called. I didn't expect that.

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The Fable games sure were charming despite their massive overhype.