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Posted by HawkSE

The content is 560points, not 800.

Posted by TheGremp

I just bought it, only played through the first mission though cause my parentals wanted the TV.  So far it seems pretty fun...  It was cool to see good old Oakvale again.  And the ability to turn your dog into a Husky is reason enough to drop 560 MS bones...  Which is a weird price, seeing that I now have 240 points left on my account...  Perhaps a Community game?

Posted by JoelTGM

nice farts at the end

Posted by Kyle

I've got my friend's copy of Fable 2 in my desk. I played two hours of it and never touched it again. This video did nothing at all to make me want to change that.

I don't get why people like it so much.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Attacking walls and watching my dude's hand fail around is one of my favorite things about this game.

Posted by Double0hFor

i just relized that the city is the ghost town thats flooded in the main game

Posted by HT101

This got me interested in Fable 2 and I was not interested in it whatsoever before I saw this video.

Posted by PandaBearParamedics

I don't think I care about Fable 2 anymore. That Peter guy has tricked me into getting excited about two games that were short.

Posted by FrumpyBiscuts

Maybe it's just me, but I din't see too much FUTURE in the See the Future DLC. Since when is a cursed snowglobe (which is a balls out crazy Idea already) the bloody future.

Might be fun, but I will check out Fallout 3 DLC first.

Posted by MeatSim

The blue man group sure has gotten into some evil business.

Posted by dQuarters

I haven't played Fable 2 since I blasted through Knothole Island, so why is it that I care to change my dog into a husky? Tell me WHY?!

Posted by AllanIceman

Best outro 'music' ever!

Posted by TheHT

so much running. D:

i am curious about the whole "see the future thing" but that looked pretty boring.

Posted by Johanz

Oakvale?! Awesome! In a non ruined form! That bridge was like "Hey... WAIT A MINUTE!" Awesome!

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

Nice arrested development name drop Jeff

Posted by FlappyHands

Hehe, that was a sweet Quick Look. You should have charged your Shock at least to level 3 though instead of mashing the B button, Jeff!

Posted by Ally264

It's 560 points in the UK, dunno if thats the same in the states.

Posted by zudthespud

It's chlamydia!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

So, does the dog tell you where everything is?  What fun is that?

Posted by Ma7moud

Its 560 points.

Posted by Vorbis

I enjoyed knothole island, but this DLC doesnt look too good, the crazy colours is fable 2s strongpoint. Yet I get the feeling that the DLC will pretty much end when colour returns.

Posted by Reverseface

I get the sense that this is ment to be played after you complete fable, thoses blue man group dudes took ages to die. By the end of the game they;d be SMOOOOOOOKED in seconds.

Posted by Death_Burnout

He shoulda used flourishes and chain attacks too! aaaagh!
Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Dear god, I love you guys, but PLASE for the love of everything good, PRACTICE before you do the quicklook. I don't want to watch you spam level one spells and refuse to either block or flourish.

Posted by Aeterna

Didn't have to know about Jeff's shocker tbh. :|

Posted by Hairydutchman

The graphics (and lack of color) look really unappealing.

Posted by MasterChief360

not bad

Posted by mattysen


Posted by DrRandle

There's more after the snowglobe. Returning the color to that place is only about a quarter of the content. Seeing the future is more along the lines of the end. This is all here for a reason, don't worry about that.

Posted by AspiringAndy

Just a clarification its only 560 Microsoft Points, it's worldwide pricing I believe.

Edited by FinFan

This is kind of a poor representation of the DLC.  This is just part of the first quest.

At first the black and white annoyed me but once you bring the color back to the village it really makes you appreciate the world Lionhead built.

Too bad Jeff didnt hold down the A button to run.  He may have actually saved all the kids :P

Posted by Socks

Wait, Jeff said he just finished the Crucible. How is he so jacked for EXP? Also, how'd he get those mad crazy armours?

Posted by Warchief

i love quicklooks so very much. Thanks this has shown me that i in no way shape of form need this DLC.

Posted by RHCPfan24


Posted by Blueblur1

This is a terrible Quick Look. If you're going to do a Fable 2 video make sure the person playing is actually quite familiar with the game. Spamming crappy spells and being hassled by the UI because you're not familiar with the game ruins the video. These guys spend more time goofing off than actually playing and demonstrating the DLC content.

Posted by Media_Master

soooooo repeatitive

Posted by trophyhunter

this was one of my favorite quick looks

Edited by Blair

AMAZING AD reference there Jeff....damn I miss that show.

"I'm afraid I just, blue myself"

Posted by Coleslaw893

Great quick look. Kinda makes me want Fable II.

Posted by LordAndrew

So is there any actual seeing of the future is this DLC pack?

Edited by Asurastrike

Jeff is terrible at Fable 2.You need to hold down the B button to use a higher rank of your spell. Also, hold down the A button to run.

Don't let this Quicklook turn you off to the DLC, it's only 560 MS Points, and it has 3 different quests.

Oh and, love the site. :)

Posted by Mjolnir

Not only does Jeff do the Arrested Development joke, but Ryan follows it up with Rolling Kansas. You guys are too awesome.

Posted by ohmagnus

"i can swim?" LOL
best QL ever

Posted by ohmagnus
@Socks: the master chief armours you get with the collectors edition and the trousers are from the knothole island DLC if im not mistaken.
Posted by TheLawnWrangler

"Alright David Cross, Take it!"

was that an Arrested Development reference?! lol
Posted by Satune

Woot Arrested Development reference! Not every day you hear one of those.

Posted by AdamBomb
@Blueblur1: chill bro
Posted by DirtyEagles

these beats are so fresh, SNAP!

Posted by drew327

I never got into Fable 2, and then 3 was not very well received.  Molyneux just does not make games for me, and thats ok.

Posted by BluPotato

Anyone remember how cool Fable 1 was..... yeah that was a pretty okay cool game for its time.

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