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Best spoiler warning EVER.

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Augh, wtf you ruined the game for me.

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Jeff, thank you for putting my thoughts into words about the original ending and the new narrative ending. Right on the money! Also I've got NERVES OF STEEL!

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A nice long Quick-Look. Thanks :).

I totally agree with Jeff in that they shouldn't say you're a selfish and bad dude because you sent in someone who's completaly immune to the rads. It's the smartest thing to do. It would of been more selfish to actualy go in yourself (the character doesn't know he'll survive) because then the wasteland wouldn't be able to get any more help from you.

They should of tackled the ending better in this DLC.

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Good warning!

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I love Fallout 3, I'm getting this now!

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Weekend QL's!

Im watching this without finishing Fallout 3, im happy about it! im so fed up about "hearing" about the shitty ending, plus i dont like Fallout 3 enough to care.

Always gotta have my skills in 5's man, no 73's for me.

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When they were talking to Fawkes through the glass made me actually lol

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Awessome as usual

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With pain in my heart I have to skip this QL until I finished the game.

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Hah, having never finished Fallout 3 I always wondered what Jeff hated about the ending. Finally closure!

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I liked the part where they said 'Warning'.

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OF COURSE! UGH! Nice going Fawkes... ya blew it.

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At the part where he said "War Never Changes," there was this huge clap of thunder outside my window. Freaking awesome.

By the way,  I agree entirely with Jeff. It isn't a matter of killing yourself in a radioactive chamber being your destiny. That's bullshit. When you're touting your game for offering the player a choice into how events unfold based on their decisions, you can't turn around and chastise them for making the one choice that makes sense, basically making you feel like you've done wrong just because you didn't want to commit suicide. Bethesda is straight up telling you how they want you to finish the game. It seems like they're pissed off that people called them out on the Fawkes option.

Besides that, there are a bunch of ridiculous plot holes they never bother to fill in. I'm nearing the end of the DLC myself, but can't seem to remember them ever explaining how I survived the nuclear chamber. I don't think being "knocked unconscious" makes you immune to radiation.

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How annoying that they punish you for their stupid mistake in the story, Jeff is on the ball as usual.

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hmm is there spoilers in this quick look, i wonder

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Damn it.  Fallout 3 has been ruined.  You could've atleast put some sort of warning in there.

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Pretty sure there is a huge thing that says SPOILERS will ruin the game for you :P

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Might get the DLC now its all been released... Fallout 3 rocks my socks!

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@2:05 seconds in the video.

Yeah it took them that long to erase those mistakes......on the PC/360 version of Fallout 3. I knew that I'd be missing out on some DLC when I bought my PS3 version of Fallout 3 (at the time I only had a PS3), but I didn't think I'd be missing out on not only something that let's you carry on after the dumb ending - but also KEY parts of storyline in the Fallout universe. I paid the same amount as a 360 copy of the game and I'm ultra annoyed that such a good game is ruined by this.

EDIT: By the way I know they got paid to do this DLC by Microsoft, but the way the game ended combined with the lack of DLC and vital storyline makes me wish that this game didn't even get released on the PS3. If you aren't going to do the job properly don't do it at all.
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Warning! Warning?

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damn i hate that game... so shoddy

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ahh you spoiled it all for me and you diddent even say anything

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Good quick look. I need to get back into Fallout 3. I need to finish up with my evil character though and get all the achievements and then it's on to the DLC.

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just a note on that perk mentioned by Ryan that transforms the ten nuka colas into quantums. It seems to not work for ice cold nuka colas, so the ones that you put in the vending machine wont work towards that

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Cranky Jeff is funny.

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*Tips hat*
And a good warning to you too Ryan.
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Oh man, I wish you could have warned me there was spoiler content...

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Yeah, I skipped through the beginning. Those perks look badass.

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I hope Todd heard the first couple minutes of Jeff's rant...

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I hated the way they talked shit about me so much when I sent Fawkes in I actually reloaded my save and replayed the last section of the game just so I didn't get that ending, not that it mattered at all because whatever you choose the Broken Steel stuff appears to be exactly the same.  I still like the game, but I feel like they were very honest with how that'd work.

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Jeff Gerstmann: weapon cache, NRA member, PETA affiliate.

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Ryan, don't ever question one's desire to carry all weapons.

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Ah you spoiled it for mehhhh


jay kays.
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And Good Warning to you too ryan.

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I never had Fawkes, that's dumb. I just made that bitch get in there and do it for me, damn right.

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The new perks are ridiculous!!!  Takes all the exploration out of getting all the schematics for the achievement...and moreover, all SPECIAL stats to 9?!?!?!  INSANITY!!!

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This DLC seems to be awesome.

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I so want to press play right now...ARGH!  must open my copy of Fallout 3... after Dead Space is done.

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Oh weird, I live in real life Warrington (uk). It's pronounced War-ring-tonne, but whatever - at least they got the likeness of the locals 100% right in the game.

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Here's where Jeff is wrong: heroes never think before they act. Intellectual resourcefulness, innovation and rationality are unmanly qualities which must be expunged before you become a True Hero.

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I see you guys were chillin' with Mysterious Fawkes.

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Love the spoiler warning, best ever. I want to get all three DLC's as one; I'm not sure if GFWL will ever offer a reduction though. Jeff's righteous annoyance at the game ending was interesting. Overall, it seems to look quite good though.

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thx for putting up that video.  nice opinions jeff

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Just reminds me of how stupid the ending was...

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WTF?! You just totally spoiled fallout 3 for me! !!  WHY wasn't there some sort of warning?!?! WTF?!? Fallout is ruined for me now. Thanks.

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so....warning right? CRAP THEY RUINED FALLOUT 3!! haha