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Posted by VilhelmNielsen

"I didn't know that!"
"Well, know you know."

Comedic gold, dude...

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

That was awesome jeff

Posted by Breadfan

Between this and the Grand Theft Auto 4 expansion I am going to be spending a lot of Microsoft Points

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

Bloody Mess. Best. Perk. Ever.

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome video guys, keep it up!


Posted by RawShark

Bought it, finished it yesterday as soon as I got home. Well worth a buy. If only to repair your T51-b to full strength.

Posted by Blitz82

I wish the only way I can Fallout isn't just my friends PS3! this looks awesome!

Posted by Jared

I'll probably DL this, look's pretty awesome.

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This video peaked my interest enough to drop the 800 points on it.  I recently started playing Fallout 3 again after getting my copy back from my brother-in-law who has had it for the last few months, but had no real plans to buy this until I saw it in action.

Posted by Brackynews

My PC friends are boiling a bit over having to drop $10 on this.

Posted by Pibo47

Loving these video's!

Posted by Blackoutt21

Haha gonna have to try that doctor part. hopefully bethesda doesnt patch it anytime soon.

Posted by shaun3900

they could at least get new voice actors, every one sounds like the tunnel snakes guy

Posted by NickNorman

Awesome! I love all these videos you guys are doing. Great way to get a quick look at games and DLC.

Posted by FlipperDesert

I'm a good bit into the mission where you stop the artillery now, it's good to know there are more missions after that. And that doctor glitch is amazing, I'm glad I saw this video before I got that far!

Posted by Noremakk

Jeff, if only you were to aim using the other trigger, you would not only have better aim, but you may be able to turn the difficulty up past "very easy".

Oh, and why would you not take the Power Fist?
Posted by Chewii101

lmaoo...the doctor probably deserved it :P

Posted by Death_Burnout

Haha best ending ever.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

lol.  nice ending.  right up there with kasavin's oblivion journey.

thx for putting up that video

Posted by lilburtonboy7489

No thanks. Too linear. Thanks for the awesome vid though!

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Posted by BawlZINmotion

Keep these wicked videos coming guys.

Posted by PATJASA

I love all the walk-throughs, just so damn funny you guys!!

Posted by ChrisInCali

This actually doesn't look that good to me.  Considering my characters level is already maxed, I'm really not that motivated to purchase this at all.

Posted by MxPeke

I'm having some problems with this DLC on 360. After install the game crashed every time I tried to leave my suite in tenpenny towers. Game always froze while loading the lobby. Somehow I got past this point and played for an hour or two but then it crashed again while loading a location on Operation: Anchorage.

Posted by xZombiexkilla

Keep up the walk throughs, love umm.

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20 minutes of awesome. the doctor thing was hilarious.

Posted by raikoh05

yeah I still dont like this game

Posted by MadExponent

Hello friend.

Posted by Shane394

A bit too short, and the reward isn't really worth it. The Chinese stealth suit is kinda cool though :)

Posted by Gregomasta

hahahahaaa, you sure showed that doctor.

Posted by prencher

Quick looks are awesome, need more quick looks!

Posted by thomasonfa

Thanks for the vid. I guess the Dr. is a real person instead of a sim, as you can tell, she is not as clean as the rest. She belongs in the waste.

Posted by SunKing

Again, just highlights how dull the combat is in Fallout 3. Why they decided to make DLC out of it I will never know. That said, enjoyed the commentry Jeff, very informative and entertaining :).

Posted by Darkstorn

The dlc isn't anything to write home about. I beat it today, and it just seems shallow and boring. Even the action isn't anything special. It's also really short for the $10 cost.

Posted by lamegame621

Awesome, Jeff! Best Video walkthrough since the Dreamcast launch!!! :D. jk it was awesome!

Posted by AlucardaLaCarte

Man, I still haven't beaten Fallout 3, why ya gotta make me spend even more money on a game that refused to work until they patched it?

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Looks weird when the enemy survives 3 shots to the head over and over again... :D

Posted by Afroman269

I'm with you on that Jeff, all I did was sell my stealth boys.

Posted by ProfessorPester

I might have to buy Fallout 3. This DLC pack looks pretty fun, and the future packs will probably be great too.

Posted by strangeling

I had a hard time falling asleep last night.

I kept thinking about all the guys freaking out after punching the doctor in the face, and I'd start laughing again.
Posted by Media_Master

The ai movement looks pretty stiff, just like the facial animations..

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

i have to say the dlc was worth it for me. i was level 12 when i got the expansion, so the xp from the quests were worth it and the winter t51-b powerarmor and the gausse rifle are awsome. i also enjoyed the dlc content itself. the look of the levels are refreshing compared to the wasteland.

Posted by eXists

Bethesda needs to make some changes to the same repetitive and boring gameplay, too dry, needs much better story and controls.

Posted by IceColdGamer

Lovin' the quick looks. Love the epicness of the Soldiers pwning the Doc. Good job Jeff. You show those Reds.

Posted by Venatio

lol that thing with doctor Adami was hilarious, I didnt know that was possible

Posted by AlucardaLaCarte

Not sure 20 minutes qualifies as a "quick" look. Still love me some commentaries though.

Posted by SinGulaR

Weren't there any Achievement Points for uncovering that the doctor is a double agent? :D

Posted by Alphazero

It goes far more smoothly with more sneak skills, I gotta say.

I'm liking Operation Anchorage quite a bit. This first section where you take out the guns almost feels like the start of a James Bond movie.

Posted by piropeople13

Won't purchase.  I own Fallout 3 for PC but the fact that the pack is exclusive worries me about quality and value so I will just avoid it.