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This looks so cool, possible purchase :)

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Thanks for helping me avoid going to sleep by posting this at midnight.

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Alright, sold.

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that's horrible.
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That poor lady.

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lol at the Doctor.

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Good to see that Fallout 3 is as glitchy as ever.

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Oh god, I didn't know you could trick the doctor into doing that. I love it.

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lol dont think im gonna get it

Posted by John1912

Lol at Ryans random "I did not know that".  Also the Dr was pretty funny as well.

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I guess I have the wrong expectations, but I didn't know that they were going to boil the game down to mostly linear first person shooting. This is just disappointing to me.

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Looks awesome, too bad games for windows live is required to buy, else i'd definatly be all over it.

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Good stuff.

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haha nice im gonna buy this to just beat up the doctor. funny stuff!

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I was playing the game the other day when i found the base of the Outcasts (i haven´t bought the DLC yet). When you talk to them you can either gather tech for them or leave them alone... playing as a bad character i decided to pick the lock to get into the base which turned them hostile, so i killed them... Does this mean i can´t play the DLC with my most recent save?

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Looks fun!

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The sniper rifle is near the second health canister.

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This would have been awesome if there were not infine health dispensers that keep popping up every 5 minutes.

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Wow. Looks like a great pack. The video was obviously fun to watch because of Jeff's comments ("I like my chances!") and Ryan's little quip at that one point.  I loved the doctor thing at the end. I lol'd at that. 

I have said it before, but I really love these quick looks. Keep 'em up!
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Jeff to Doctor: "What do you mean my insurance won't cover cosmetic surgery?!"

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What's up, Doc?

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I will watch this after I finish the DLC.

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Looks like a good pack, Fallout 3-style scripting madness aside. Another good first look, too.

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I think what they're saying is that the doctor is secretly the evil villain, considering she's the only character you can hurt.

And because you found that out, the simulation divided by zero and locked up... yeah... that explains it.

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That Sniper Rifle is awesome! can't wait to pick this up.

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OMG! It's the freaking Gauss Rifle!! God I love that gun in Fallout 2. This is now a must have. Kudos to Bethesda for this one heh...

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Sweet, i'll have to download this as soon as i get my xbox back....for the fourth time.

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Really awesome video, totally digging all the DLC walkthroughs.

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"I've crippled him in the head, 3 bullets tend to do that....."
lol Jeff

That's still pretty stupid though, 3 headshots with ANY gun in ANY game should result in death.

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DLC walkthrough are great it really helps me decide if I wanna get this or not since I'm still playing Fallout.... yet haven't entirely explored what's already there...Thanks.

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Dispensers... how disappointing...

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Haha, the end part. Genious.

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hahah Ryan "I didn't know that!"

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The point of it is to find out if you will like it or not.

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I've had 2 notable problems post-DLC so far. The first was sort of like what happened in this video, where it looked like everything locked up, but really, the only thing that happened is that the console opened of it's own accord (PC version) and paused the game. The second was an all-out crash that cost me an entire first encounter with dozens of Super Mutants; although to be fair, the game was fairly unstable before the DLC, as well.

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Oh man, the MI: 2 reference cracked me up. Good work.

EDIT: And the doctor thing may have just sold me on the pack.

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combat looks terrible

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I am disappointed that it's combat-janky and this is centered around that very combat.

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I lol'd at "Whoa mouth not moving.......whoa game locking up"

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These narrated gameplay videos are extremely fun to watch, and long may they continue. I could sit and watch these for hours.

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looks pretty mediocre to me but people will give it a good score cus its fallout

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Wow, it looks JUST LIKE downtown Anchorage!

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Dude, life in VR is messed up!

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I finished the first quest last night,  I am really liking it so far.  Down with communism!

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I stopped watching the second you said "no" to the power fist.  For shame, Jeff

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Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, dude you are terrible man. LOL I really enjoyed the DLC pack and am looking forward to the Pitt next month.

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I may buy this just for the opportunity to punch the doctor and have her shot for reacting.

That was totally win dude.

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