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Posted by glyn

fallout 3 - hmm interesting- i wonder when 4 is going to come out

Posted by PkStArStOrM

 Great ql

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this dlc is awsmmmm and nice vid guys but u rely need 2 learn tha controls lol

Posted by Scratch

That was great!

Posted by Griddler

i hope they bring the dlc to the ps3 at some point

Posted by Keithcrash

Pretty great.  Looking forward to picking this up.

Posted by Milpool

Looking good

Posted by pwr905

"You should've seen my mustache" ... that was funny as hell for some reason.

Posted by GalacticPunt

Nice quicklook.  Fallout- now with 85% more tripping balls.

Posted by Khemitude

Wow that bit towards the end is really trippy.

Posted by Naughton
@girdz: They are bringing all the DLC to PS3 in the next couple of months.
Posted by RelentlessKnight

that trippy part makes me want this dlc even moar!

Posted by cc23574

Hairy back FTW!

Posted by Rhaknar

Brad: "i got my harmonica right here!" lol

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Vinny, you're like the devil on Ryan's shoulder :)

Posted by gingertastic_10

i think if your playing on the 360, just hit the LB and you can do a 360 view of your character

Posted by BadazzSC

you hold down LB you dumb shits!

Posted by Rhaknar

and vinny, stop telling ryan to kill everybody!

Posted by CoverlessTech

Vinny was right when he said click the right stick in. Ryan clicked the left stick but didn't click the right one, if he had clicked it he could have done the 360 camera.  Anyways it looks great, this has made me want to play Fallout 3 again.

Posted by Cook66

Just hold down the camera change button to pan it around.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Ryan is a pretty lady.

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Tobar the Ferryman?  Any relation to Tingle the Fairyman?

I like how Fallout 3 becomes a button masher in VATS; like pressing fire six times to make sure you get those three or four AP shots.

Posted by btk88

Looks cool

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Way to die, Brad Davis. Ryan Davismaker. Bryan Shakmavis.

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

for future reference Ryan, you can actually move the camera around the character by just holding the left bumper

Posted by JJWeatherman

That looks awesome. Awwww, I wish I owned Fallout 3.

Posted by Hitchenson

I love this DLC, best one yet.

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Man i dunno what it is but my ears tend to only pick up Ryan's clacky controller hands. On second note, they do get pretty loud, they have a sense of affirmation.

All these Fallout 3 Expansions seem really good but, i just dont like Fallout 3's world, plus i think i've seen to much of each pack, that...i kinda dont want to buy them for a game that i havent even completed vanilla yet.

The camera rotation thing was frustrating to watch.

Posted by PureRok

Aw man... now I have to get the DLC. I wasn't going to... but now I have to. I must know how it ends!

Posted by ververdan0226

Anybody else have trouble loading videos from the site lately? Everything else about my connection is fine...

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Posted by Death_Unicorn

I recommend this DLC to everyone.

Posted by samcotts

I've just been reminded why I adored Fallout 3. Brilliant game. I'll need to buy it again at some point. Maybe when the expansion packs are released for the PS3.

Posted by Shadow

Bloody mess also gives you +5% damage to EVERYTHING so it would be well worth it even without the splattering fun

Posted by ElCapitan

The Mason-Dixon line is between Maryland and Pennsylvania. It's NORTH of MD.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I absolutely loved it when Oblivion had its trippy moments too. This pack is way...Rad...uuugh.

Posted by TheSmie

wow that actually got me excited for this DLC

Posted by Keeng

A Giant Bomb! roflcopter

Posted by okuzy

this makes me want to play fallout 3. reminds me of when oblivion had that shivering isles pack..even though I didnt play that either haha

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Combat is garbage. Combat in Persona 4 is so much better.

Posted by DBZ_Fanatic

god ryan your health was so low all time lol

Posted by cikame

The whole way through i was shouting health, hold in the camera button to spin it around, change vats targets with right stick

Posted by Reuben

Awesome quick look!

Posted by Besetment

Hotkey a button to stimpacks, for crying out loud.

Posted by DrawnPaladin
are u on crack or LSD pick one retard
Posted by lacke
@cikame: I was thinking the same thing. However, the fact that Ryan didn't change target didn't bother me since he had the perk that replenish AP. I also never bothered changing targets after I got that perk.
Posted by RiddleBrother
@Besetment said:
" Hotkey a button to stimpacks, for crying out loud. "
LOL. I'm 60 hours into this game, totally forgot you could hotkey items...
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Mason-Dixon is the northern and eastern border of Maryland, Brad.

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I will reiterate my point that the combat in Fallout 3 is garbage just like the combat was garbage in Oblivion. Game developers should concentrate on what makes a video game a video game, namely the combat, and not some 'open world, where you can do whatever you want however you want' rehashed garbage . Combat in Shin Megami Tensei series is just much too refined than this overhyped clunker Fallout 3.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Okay, Fallout 3 looks interesting again.