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Finally, kept linking to Medal of Honor.

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Cool cool.
Balls. First time I've gone for that. :p My comment still stands.

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So close!

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GAHHH. Three comments behind.

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So close

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Are the character animations still horrible?..

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Was waiting around for this to show up. 

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saw it. saw no comments. saw "Login to Comment". saw red

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Oh awsome

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I LOVE TUESDAYS!  Aaaah, I don't know if I should watch this or not! I get my game on Friday, and... I don't want anything spoiled.. but... I just can't resist it! 
EDIT: More specifically, I love THIS tuesday, otherwise I, of course, love Mondays. Just wanted to clarify.

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Enjoying it, but maybe too similar to Fallout 3 (which, with the DLC, I played far to much of). Great game nonetheless.

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Same UI. Check. 
Same Pip Boy. Check.
Same Vault Boy. Check.
Same poor lighting. Check.
Same chain link fences. Check.
Same open world jank. Double check.
Bethesda sequel confirmed. Ship it! :D 

Edit: It's comforting, in a masochistic way. Kinda like with Dead Rising 2.
Gotta finish off my Fallout 3 S-ranks....

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Quicklooks are the greatest invention since soap

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 There’s just no quiet in Vegas.

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Aside from the length of the game, how is this different from Fallout 3?  Just surprised to not hear more "this should just be an expansion pack" or "this should be DLC" type commentary. 
In any case, I can't see spending another $60 or so to play more Fallout that looks and seems to play much like 3.   
The technical issues are also a bummer... one would think that these things would have been ironed out using the same engine.

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Fast travel? I'm disappointed.

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why the hell do we have to wait 3 days in the UK? Stupid fucking street date delay that we always get, I have this game on my computer but I'm not allowed to play it!!!!!!

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my god.  this game is infinitely better on PC with regards to the technical issues.  i feel like you should re-review this game on PC, jeff.

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Yep. Definitely Fallout 3. No doubt about it.

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Yep, exactly the same as Fallout 3. Probably still buying it...
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Oh gooooooood, that Alice lady's voice acting is goddamn TERRIBLE.

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Good, I was wondering if I should get this or Vanquish first.

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Played the 360 version of Fallout 3. Think I'll get the PC version of New Vegas, specially if it's GFWL. Won't get it anytime soon though. While I enjoyed Fallout 3, it took 3-4 hours before I liked it. If I wasn't such an achievement whore I would stopped playing after the first town you get to. In hindsight I don't regret playing it.
 I'll wait for a complete pack with all the inevitable DLC or if it's on sale on Steam.

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Wow, what happened to the quality of this video? It's kinda blurry, even on HIGH.

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Something must have gone wrong with the capture in the quicklook. Lots of glitches in the video. Look at the dude at 11:45. His hair is freaking out constantly.

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@StrikerTheLizard said:
" Wow, what happened to the quality of this video? It's kinda blurry, even on HIGH. "
consoles happened
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Excellent! This quick look helped me decide to get the PC version. I was thinking of getting the 360 version, but thank the gods of gaming I watched this first!

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@dillinger said:
" my god.  this game is infinitely better on PC with regards to the technical issues.  i feel like you should re-review this game on PC, jeff. "
Did that fix that god awful microstutter that seems to plague every gamebryo engine game? It's not a big deal or anything since a simple fps cap and .ini change will fix it, but I'm wondering if Obsidian took care of that before having to manually fixing it myself.
Either way yeah, they should go all Borderlands and Dragon Age on this one and do a PC quicklook for good measure.
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Soo quieeeet. O.o

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Is there any reason why Obsidian couldn't be bothered to redesign the HUD or anything in the game? I'll definitely be getting this but man, what a bummer. As soon as the QL started I couldn't tell if they were playing Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Same interior design, same HUD, same terminals..... oh well I guess.

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Gonna wait for a patch or two. Thanks for the heads up in the review, Jeff. After a couple minutes, I totally get what you mean.

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This most DEFINITELY is a fallout game.

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This should've been longer! Super Meat Boy got like 45 minutes!

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Gonna wait for the GotY edition.

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I forgot how slow movement is in this engine.
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Games still not out over here in the UK yet, got it pre-loaded though.
At the moment im not really very hyped about it. going to watch the quick look now, if it gets me excited and therefore annoyed that i have to wait, i will hate you all forever. Yes, even you, the people watching the video.

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Yep. This video is probably the last I'll see of Fallout: New Vegas. Not playing this.

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Fallout: New Vegas? More like Fallout 3: Lazy mod.

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Looks like Jeff missed the laser weapon at the start of this QL, the laser/plasma weapons were great in fallout 3 & really anticipated to play this. Recall in Fallout 3 using Jerico for a gear mule more than anything else, hopefully in New Vegas they fixed it where the companions don't use all your grenades like in Fallout3.  
Agreed from Fallout3, maxing out repair/science/speech made the game a lot easier in places.

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Fucking A!

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wow load times are very long on the console version

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Nice! Something to watch as I wait for my copy to get here. One more hour :(
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hmmm, probably wait for the GOTY version late next year, got so much on the horizon.

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I will wait a year :) until most bugs are crushed...

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Hearing that, if you can put aside the game's technical issues, this would be better than Fallout 3 due to its story  and characters is exactly what I needed to hear. Those were the areas I thought Fallout 3 could most improve, and I am now way more excited for this game.

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I like that Jeff was talking about how great the glow from the strip looked at night, and then when he actually got to an area where you could see it it looked awful.

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OH my god "That gun" is totally the gun from Blade Runner!

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My friend picked this up at midnight and we were talking about it as he played it and his general feeling was "It's more Fallout." I got the feeling he was disappointed by the game, like he was hoping for something more than just a new Fallout game on the old engine. Then again, he didn't get as into Fallout 3 as I did.
Also, seeing this video has me wanting this game, even though I spent a good portion of 2009 playing Fallout 3.