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GOT first like 4 times sorry guys lol

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There's no feud like a Family Feud.

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This can only be fantastic.

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I contemplated trying to steal the quest, even though I already had it. But then I wrote this long thing out so there was no way I could get it.

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Master Chief all up in the Feud!

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GOOD ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joey Fatone was from *NSYNC guys. Jeez, get your 90s pop group members right.

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Show me...Makin' Whoopee!

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Show me potato salad!

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Feudin' time!

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Game's so fucking racist.

Also, they seem to be forgetting that the other team is a computer. There are no obscure answers.

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For some reason, I own a copy of the snes Family Feud game. it's terrible.

edit: holy fuck, this is like 50 minutes long.

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Everyone loves Family Feud.

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@iAmJohn said:

GOOD ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that your final answer?

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Horseback is bike as pizza is to vegetable. Simples. XD

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bike meet horse, horse meet biker.

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"She's cross-eyed so she might be challenged."

Ouch. Apparently being cross-eyed makes you stupid?

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Developers should make more bad game show games just so I can watch the GB/WM folks play them.

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Yay for quicklooks today!

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Funniest QL ever?

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Sparky there freaks me out.

By the way, check out my bike, guys. It's pretty sweet.

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This has to be one of the most hilariously bad yet torturous games invented by mankind!

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@anbumakura said:

Joey Fatone was from *NSYNC guys. Jeez, get your 90s pop group members right.

I was going to watch this video but then I saw they don't know the members of NSYNC, good job guys.

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Mr Brad is confusing Franklin with Jefferson :(

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Game of the year of all years CONFIRMED. This fucking game is amazingly bad.

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I know as soon as I got my bike in Skyrim riding around the world was so much fun. I also always keep my dagger on me when going to bed in that game.

And really, Brad messed up and didn't click the word, so it thought his answer was "dec". I'll at least give the game that one. Still not as bad as the Facebook game, where you can answer "poo" for everything and wind up getting half of the answers given to you.

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Game show quick looks are the best.

I was disappointed they didn't do Jeopardy or anything when they came out earlier this year I think it was for Wii.

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I almost vomited in rage when I saw Secretary on the board. They got screwed!

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Must've bugged out. The speech bubble just said "dec" even though brad selected "declaration..."

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Ryan Brad didn't select Declaration of Independence. He just entered his answer as "Dec."

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the declaration of independence thing cracked me up. oh god. and the bike thing too.

the married women thing is so sexist. :/

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I used to get around on my horsebike like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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The worst games make the best quick looks

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bike meet rider, rider meet bike

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@Elod: In what sense?

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The Declaration part was absolutely hilarious

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Ryan: "I'm pro slaves."

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So many hilarious moments! Worth every minute.

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"Fuck this Game" - Jeff Gerstmann