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This is certainly a far cry from the original game.

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Queue the Synths!

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yeah fired up for this one!

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cannot wait to get this

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Far car 3:...Double dragon?

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This is certainly a far cry from the original game.


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least i'am a bit early..maybe not first *sadface even though there is no reason to be first anymore*

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Timed my lunch break perfectly for this.

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The bloodiest of dragons! I look forward to playing this.

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<insert 80's reference>!!!!

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This game looks like it takes place in space-'space-80s'

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This is certainly a far cry from the original game.

This made me laugh much more than it should have haha, thank you.

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This game looks like it takes place in space-'space-80s'

colloquially known as "The future of the future."

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Meh. I like this in theory but the game itself just looks dumb, not the good kind.

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I absolutely loved this game but I do agree with Jeff that it could have done without a lot of the 4th wall breaking moments, a lot of those weren't that well done.

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@sooty said:

Meh. I like this in theory but the game itself just looks dumb, not the good kind.

Totally the same here. I love the throwback '80s feel of it all, but it's still a shooter.

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There goes the neon budget.

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Jeff is ready for Blood Dragons

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As soon as this was confirmed I feared they would not go far enough with this idea.

It's disappointing to see my fears were justified.

Just like the best B-movies, you need to play it straight for it to work.

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His issue with the loading text seems more like a personal taste thing, cause they looked fine for me. Def will have to get this at some point.

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this makes me want to play Far Cry 3

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In my opinion, Blood Dragon is gonna take Hotline Miami's place this year as having the best soundtrack of the year. Which, by the way, you'll receive along with the game if you pre-order on steam so it might be worth getting the whole game even if you don't like the game itself that much for the soundtrack alone.

Also, this game has a song from Miami Connection in its soundtrack.

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Yeah, this seems like the kind of game where you just sigh at the unfunny jokes throughout the 7 hours of play time. The Far Cry 3 writer thinks he's a lot more clever than he actually is, as evidenced by his insistence that Far Cry 3 was a commentary on video game stories when it really wasn't. There wasn't any noticeable element of parody in the campaign, but that turned into his answer whenever someone went "Yeah, this story is awful."

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Good..but the world seems awfully dark.

I enjoy shooters so this game looks like it will work. And ditto on well produced games in the 15.00 to 30.00 range, especially as an alternative to bolt on dlc. Hope you guys do a QL of Zeno Clash 2

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@simkas: Hotline Miami was last year

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I feel like they might've gave a little too much flak for those loading screens. I mean they aren't that bad. And c'mon, they're just a bunch of words on the screen. As harmless as the posters in Guacamelee.

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Ahh, it's finally out.

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@beachthunder said:

This is certainly a far cry from the original game.

I can't even clap slower even if I tried.

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Looks great, can't wait to play it.

I still don't know why Giant Bomb is so down on the Far Cry 3 story, I thought it was one of the best of last year with some fantastic characters outside of just Vaas. No one gave Sam enough credit, a very underrated character I thought.

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Game looks great & aside from getting this, I'd definitely would buy something like this if they did a few of them or a full length game. Aside from the tutorial stuff, the look & style of the game is incredible like someone took Far Cry 3 & injected both Saints Row 3 and Hotline Miami into it.

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jeff.. jesus you have gotten jaded and cynical.. The tutorial part is hilarious. The tooltips aren't laugh out loud funny but they aren't bad.

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@gla55jaw said:

Timed my lunch break perfectly for this.

So did I!

But... now that I've seen this I think they have overdone it too much. It still looks fun, but it should have been played a little more straight - you can be self-aware without announcing that you're being self-aware.

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I laughed at cyber-nerd. I'm not proud of it, but there it is.

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Looks like RoboCop's gun.

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@dwigtk said:

@beachthunder: How long have you been saving that one?

Since I saw the Quick Look notification on the front page; so a day or so...

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I found the tutorial to be the funniest part of the whole thing.

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Maybe a little too self aware, but the look and style is amazing and I could go for more Far Cry 3 gameplay. Can't get enough of that soundtrack either.

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That song was from Predator as far as I recall and actually fit in pretty nicely. Still, with all the "meta" bullshit Jeff mentioned and a focus on references instead of going for an actual 80's feel, this seems a lot more like a crappy 90's movie than a fun 80's movie.

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Wow the snarky dialog and text is painfully unfunny. Other than that it's a really cool concept. The music sounds amazing too.

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What a shitty quick look. Spoil the best weapon of the game. Can't discern the blood dragon alarm system. Miss obvious references and call it out of place. Was looking forward to this but goddamn was this video disappointing.

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Yeah that 20 sided die joke doesn't fit what Rex Power Colt is all about.

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All of this 80's throw back stuff just.... I dunno. Its cute but the entire hype for the game has been based around solely the visual aesthetic. They did absolutely nothing to the game play. I dunno it just seems pandering in a way that rubs me the wrong way. Don't mind me though. Carry on having fun with the game.

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this game feels like the dev team had an 80s movie night and then allowed a great coversation/idea/inside joke turn into a product. a lot of interesting ideas lessened by trying-too-hard humor.

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I recommend skipping to the 8min mark. less grenades misses and more Blood Dragons!

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I like how the city that gets nuked in the intro video is Toronto.

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I like how the city that gets nuked is Toronto.

ha yeah i saw dat cn tower. i imagine it was made by ubisoft's studio there. or maybe it's a joke/rivalry between their montreal and toronto studios.

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@mellotronrules: Or maybe it's one of those 'every other city in Canada hates Toronto' thing.