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Who is this for?

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The QL we've all been waiting for is finally here.

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Can this be better than the Tony Hawk: SHRED QL this week?

I sure hope so.

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Omg 40 minutes! I'm so happy!
Yeah, those people were all from DeutschKand, absolutely.

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YES! Finally!

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This ain't no Amish farming, this is XTreme Farming, 2011 style.

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"Go check out one of those upside down exclaimation marks"
"what? an 'i'?"

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YES! Finally they have recognised the agri-simulation market.

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Fuck. Yes. 
EDIT: Pig Sticker.

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Wow, I'm surprised Dave is not in this QL.

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" Who is this for? "

People who want farming simulators.
Who wants a murder simulator?
And Ryan, you've played 11 minutes of this? When's the review coming?
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I mean. I guess you can make a nice tycoon game out of  this topic.

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Oh yes.

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terrible games make a funny ql fyi duders

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HELL MOTHERFUCKING YES. Finally a Quick Look of a real game. Go back to your pussy shit like Demon's Souls and Ikaruga, casuals, while us hardcores rock the Hell out with FS2011! You don't get to do rad shit like jumping on top of a Bentley when you play shovelware garbage like Shadow Of The Colossus. GAMES AS ART. 
I remember in 8th grade, in one of my classes, Sim Farm was installed on the computers, and everyone would just play that instead of doing our assignments. It seemed really fun then, but that was because there was a certain thrill to playing a videogame in class, regardless of what it was.

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Way more excited to watch this quick look than any other for a while. No interest in actually playing the game either.

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@Eaxis said:
" Who is this for? "
people who enjoy things ironically
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This beats FarmVille by a country mile.
 /inevitable joke

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best quick look ever.

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Epic ending !!! :D

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The ending was great.

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Will Huell Howser feature in every Quick Look from now on? If so, consider next years subscription paid for!

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Hype got!

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DK is Denmark, and "hej" simply means "hey". :)

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You know what? if I get bored enough I might check this thing out someday, I kinda find farming relaxing.

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Just for the record; the "DK" tag stands for Denmark and "Hej" is Hello or Hi in Danish (and also Swedish, possibly Norwegian too, hell I don't know for sure, I'm from Finland).

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Hej is pronounced "Hey".

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This would be great for TNT
Also, DK stands for Denmark, D is for Germany.

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That was a Dane they played with.  
"Hej" is the danish word for hello or hi, plus DK stands for Denmark :)  
This QL was very funny :D 

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So when Germans are done with farming... This is what they come home and play?? Man... Different way of life over there...

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DK is Denmark NOT Germany, that's D. Also, 'hej' just means 'hi', in fact the two are pronounced exactly the same.

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The most exciting 40 minutes of my entire life.

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ROFL! I love how they think the danish are germans XD. also, Hej is totally GLHF in Farming Sim
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inbreeding included?

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Pig Sticker 4tw

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Ah, look at those beautiful Illinois mountains in the background!
Truly, farmlands are full of grandeur!

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Haha, bunch of trolls at the end.

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hahahaha.... I can't believe they played that... ryan was doing it wrong... :D

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the end made me tear up in laughter. which means... yes, i did watch the entire 40 minutes. 

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Oh my fucking god I nearly lost my shit at the end there. It put me in tears.

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This is officially the greatest Quick Look ever!

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@Eaxis said:
" Who is this for? "
German people.
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Stealth quicklook!
EDIT: Jake Rodkin Steam cameo!

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Honestly I could see this being kind of relaxing in an Animal Crossing kind of way.
Edit: Ok, not really. Wow, sowing.