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Posted by SithToast

They need to bring Who Shot Johnny Rock to PSN.

Posted by Mathematics

"You DESTROYED Stinky Steve!"

Posted by YoungBuck

There is a much better fast draw game on xbox live indie games.

Posted by leebmx

That Saloon looks very similar to the one in RDR (and probably every other one in westerns)

Posted by Servercat

I loved this game in the arcade when i was a kid......sigh now i feel old.

Posted by DEFE

This Quick Look just sold a copy of Mad Dog McCree for the Wii. Imagine my joy when I read that it also includes a sequel and something called The Last Bounty Hunter (or something like that). Thank you, Giantbomb, for showing me this beauty.

Posted by Magicallystoopid

I know that Quick Draw Showdown is on the Wii too, my cousin has it.  It's 5 bucks on there and totally worth it.  Stupid cheesy fun for the whole gun totting family!

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I remember the price to play Mad Dog was usually quadruple that of a regular arcade game.  Street Fighter 2?  25 cents.  Mad Dog light gun garbage? 1 full dollar.  T_T 

Posted by Snijglau

I got to a point in Mad Dog McCree where I was flawlessly good like that. So, needless to say, hearing all the sound cues and lines again is freaking me out.

Posted by thebigJ_A

Ryan finally found a use for his laserdisk collection. *shakes head slowly

Posted by NeoUltima

"I got not reservations"


Posted by LegendaryChopChop

More FMV!

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The woman who dies in front of an open door, falls into a matress. LMAO! Great QL, loved watching this.

Posted by President_Barackbar

Where is my Move release of Space Pirates?! COME ON SONY!

Posted by Sharpshooter

Mad Dog McCree now there's a memory from my childhood. I spent so much money on that game in the arcade in Bray

Posted by BatmanBatman

I remember playing something like this on the 3DO don't remember the name was too young....    Pretty awesome!!!  O/

Posted by SWD

i like how at 33:29 you can see the cameraman's shadow on the ground

Posted by Spiritof

This could be my favorite Quick Look on the site.

Let's rock 'n roll!

Posted by creiij

Dear lord that 26 min mark just reminds me of any bad porno... Pornos might have bigger budgets tough...

Posted by dropabombonit

This worth getting a PS move for lol

Posted by Crono

Mad Dog McCree needs a proper TANG

Posted by pickassoreborn

Saw a shadow of the cameraman at 33:30. Illusion broken :(

Posted by NegativeCero

30 seconds in, already amazing.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Oh man... the Native American one was amazing.

Posted by AsKo25

The Quick Look must commence!

Posted by jewball
@Xenctuary: i see what you did there 
Posted by Chadster

Crazy Curly ain't got time for hoes.

Posted by deerokus

Canyon Carl and Leadfoot Larry are the same guy :<

Posted by CitizenKane

Best Quick Look of the year?

Posted by Crazyhorse23

Did any one else see the camera man's shadow at 33:30? HIlarious.

Posted by Xymox

30 helens agree... I thought that the second the name came up, and then Ryan made the reference.  

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

A lot of these cowboys seem to be really out of shape.

Posted by TepidShark

As bad a Digital Leisure's products are, if Giant Bomb one day got an interview with them, I think that would be insightful and probably funny.

Posted by ges75022

@Crono: I agree

Posted by Deusoma

Nice cameo by a young Luchadeer at 33:40

Posted by nyv

I just love how you can see the shadow of the cameraman on the ground at 33:30.

Posted by BluThundur

Truly, these games embody the indomitable spirit of the west.

Posted by sissylion

Bad Hair Betty appears to be played by Zooey Deschanel. 

Posted by sushisteve

Wonder if Ryan had been tipped off to the Gunstringer DLC back when this was made...

Posted by MormonWarrior

Is it bad that I bought the Wii compilation for my brother as a gag gift just because of this?

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I can't wait until 20 years or so from now when we'll be having some laughs at the expense of today's silly video game gimmicks and fads like motion controls just like we do now for  dumb FMV games.

Posted by Vuud

Oh noes! The video appears to be busted!