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@Xenctuary: Nicely done.

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*falls over*

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These are my favorite kinds of Quick Looks.
 Older games that is, not just Western types.

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Mad Dog McCree, really?

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Awesome. Oh man this is amazing. 
There was also a Three Amigos reference, so even more movie references. 

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These are fantastic!  "I've got no reservations... about shooting you!"

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You gotta love FMV

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This is embarrassing...

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I remember playing this back in the day.

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You guys are obviously doing something wrong because that Move error icon was up almost the whole time.

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Having a cursor on screen for a light gun game is kind of deplorable.

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Awesome Friday gift!

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You can see the shadow of the guy holding the camera at 33:26

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Best Quick Look in months.

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God dammit. This is your fault, Giantbomb. Why'd you to ask for an FMV game! What have you done?!

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I love how you can see the camera guys shadow in Mad Dog McCree.

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There's a lot of these on Amazon too if you do a search for Digital Leisure (or Mad Dog McCree then see the other games listed) for the PC. Saw that they also had out there Space Pirates & Time Traveler then got slightly depressed when it was the pc version & not a cheap arcade version.

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Love these doubleshot quicklooks.  Keep em coming.

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I thought the guy on the right was John Martson for a second ah fond memories.

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At 23:20 note the mattress meant to soften the fall

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@Colonel_Fury said:

I love how you can see the camera guys shadow in Mad Dog McCree.

Yeah it's right around 33:30, pretty hilarious...
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More FMV games Quicklooks!

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Patrick has a thing for the FMV lady :O

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I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.

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Gooooooooooooooood Morning                                   is stuck in my head.

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Hey Ryan maybe two players means you control the right hand and Patrick the left?Not two seperate people?

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I would have loved to have seen Ryan and Patrick sitting in front of a green screen playing this.

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What a load of shit it would have been to get shot by the invisible guy in the dark window at 35:43.

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I liked the cameraman's shadow at the sheriff's office

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Did anyone else notice the camera man's shadow at about 33:27 - 33:31 at the bottom left?

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As mentioned briefly by Ryan, Fast Draw Showdown is also out on WiiWare (has been for a loooong time now), but the menus and everything haven't been cleaned up like the PSN release. It looks the same as it did in arcades. Which kind of makes it even more awesome. XD

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I'm a Sheriff, and that looks fucked up!

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I played this game at disneyland when I was 7... I sucked

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More Quick Looks like this please.

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ah no! I wanted to see the rest of Mad Dog!

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GoTY right here !

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The dark spot on the underwear is the junk flap.
The lady is Dangerous Deb. Otherwise known as Double D!

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"I've got no reservation...about shooting you."

Oh dear.

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33:30 you can see a shadow of the cameraman. 

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Why? But also, why not?

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Thank you for this. This was great.

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Want a real 6-gun lightgun to play this with.
Loved Mad Dog in the arcades as a kid.