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Yes! Seems like an awesome game!

Posted by slint

Been waiting all week for this QL!  Can't wait for this game.

Posted by Armor42

i wouldnt mind if this came to xbla

Posted by theMockingNoob

ooh, Awesome!

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WOOO fat Princess. I love this game. It's ridiculas.

Posted by Babble

Yes! I was waiting for this!

Posted by The_Patriarch

Woot, Brad survived almost 5 minutes.


Posted by alsnuts2

I thought this game was going to be hella stupid, but after seeing this, Im really interested to see how it turns out.

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Play with yourself... the best option in anything.

Posted by ptrek85

Fat Princess just keeps looking better and better to me. Can't wait for it to come out!

Posted by Mustard

you're mistaken, gentleman... the princess you are feeding is actually the ENEMY team's princess. And you want to make her fat so she is more difficult to RECOVER... not more difficult to kidnap.

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whoever wrote the "your princess so fat," i love you

Brad: *GROAN*
 *thumbs up
Posted by MasturbatingBear

This game looks awesome. And that "Jobs done" "More Work?" were dead on. Sounded perfectly like the peasents in Warcraft3.

Posted by GeekDown

Sucks that it's a PSN exclusive because I kinda want to play this now...

Posted by Crixaliz

Any idea how much it will cost?

Posted by zityz

 Wish this came to steam as I have not a ps3

Posted by NukeGoBoom

There was 1 more level shown in QORE.Its a island and the path changes depending on the strenght of the waves.

Posted by Delta_Ass

The only thing I found a bit odd was how the blood was the same color as the Red Team. That got a little hard to watch.

Posted by gingertastic_10

damn, another reason why buying a wii other then a ps3 was a bad idea

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They key to this game's success will be incentivizing teamwork, much like TF2 and ET:QW did.  Having a team-based leaderboard works, but who's going to want to be the lumberjack class?  At least when you play a Medic you're out on the front lines.  Granted, people do like sitting back as the Engineer, quietly building turrets... alone...

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Yup, this is still awesome.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

we're gonna need a GB clan in this game.

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god i whiss i had a beta key :(

Posted by Inertia

Brad: "I'm sorta like a peasant class right now"

Died laughing. Thanks.
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Brad just coined the term "heal noodle".

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This game looks super fun. Looking forward to seeing more of the game.

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PS3 only i spose?

Posted by Pie

Downloadable games like these are what tempt me to get a PS3

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Been playing in the beta since last week. Very, very addictive stuff. 32 player matches are a bit chaotic at times but other than that, it's first day buy for me.

Posted by Meltbrain

Looks neat, although I wish the AI was a bit better. =( Not everyone will be playing it online and the AI looks busted as it stands, if they sort that out then I think I'm sold.

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I am totally getting htis.

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I wish it came on XBLA... I would get it. :(

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Brad has wood.

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I don't have 360 and always wanted to play Castle Crashers, and I'm realizing this is gunna be sorta the PS3 equivenlent. Obviously very different but yeah.
Great Vid BTW!

Posted by McSmunions

super fun and very fast. i love playing the engineer class. you can build those little jumps over the wall and in and out you go.

Posted by dQuarters

It has that Behemoth vibe to it, for sho.

Looks like a lot of goofy fun.
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If the game looks and plays awesomely, it's because Titan Studios (formerly known as Darkstar Industries) is composed of senior developers that come from Ubisoft, Epic Games, Scion Studios, Blizzard, and Lionhead. They're developing Fat Princess but the game is being funded by Sony.

Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, so that's where the Merchant went. He got a new job I guess.

Winning in that game looked impossible until you did the whirlpool method. I can't believe you won, I thought it was just going to be computer dudes and you crashing together until it ended.

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I'm so excited for this game!  :D

Posted by BoG

That game looks amazing. Day one purchase here. Brad should have played more wizard, however.

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This game is officially cool beans.

Posted by logson

Ahhhhh! Yet another PSN game that is tempting me to finally buy a PS3. I don't know how much longer I can fight the urge.

Posted by KommanderCevin

I'd really like to see more of this game, I feel unsatisfied not having gotten to see a competitive round.

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I think the only way to get through the water without losing health is to jump nonstop.

Posted by ch3burashka

I love the artstyle: reminds me of TF2.

Posted by REDRUN

I would love to have this game on my HDD

Posted by AURON570

that looks awesome.