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Posted by Zaapp1


Edited by Keegs

Awww so close...Boxing!

Edited by Milkman

You forgot the "Quick Look" part. 
Also, the video is broken. 

Posted by listerfeend

"Now you're a champion, and I go to prison."

Posted by SpacePenguin
@Milkman said:
" You forgot the "Quick Look" part.  Also, the video is broken.  "
Its working fine for me :s
Posted by Milkman

Video's fine now.

Posted by buft


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I feel like they could've integrated something with The Fighter movie or that Lights Out t.v. show somehow. Missed opportunity.

Posted by cooljammer00

Oh that corner man is dead. 
Calling it.

Posted by TurboMan

The way Jeff refuses to play defense is scary.

Posted by Yummylee

It's true. Somehow always has to take the fall.

Edited by eloj

It's like deja vu all over again.
Body punches Jeff, body.

Posted by christ0phe

is it supposed to be "someone" has to take a fall

Posted by Gabriel

Winner takes it all...

Posted by Skooky

I was looking forward to this game until I played the demo.

Posted by achoyq

Oh yeah Manny Pacquiao on the menu screen! That's my countryman right there. This game looks interesting.

Posted by drew327

Still looks pretty goofy

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Posted by Rattle618

That punching animation is really bad.

Edited by EveretteScott

Didn't they do this in the happy hour?

Posted by StriderNo9

Is the subtitle a mistake? SomeHOW has to fall?

Posted by Kill
@TurboMan said:
" The way Jeff refuses to play defense is scary. "
Posted by FritzDude

Jeff is a freakin' giant!

Posted by skelington_

Did Jeff keep getting knocked down in the first fight because his stamina was at rock-bottom the moment he got hit? Sorry if i'm wrong - i'm not familiar with the dynamics of the game. 

Posted by cooljammer00

That's totally Eliza Dushku.

Posted by jorbear

Jeff hates all the chumps in the world.

Posted by Jeffsekai

That looks amazing.

Posted by Afroman269

I hope the QL image for champions won't stay too long on the homepage, damn virtual Jeff is creeping me the fuck out.

Posted by RE_Player1
@Kill said:
" @TurboMan said:
" The way Jeff refuses to play defense is scary. "
Yup my thoughts exactly. 
Posted by thefreed

Jeff, ur not supposed to mash puches in this game... If your stamina gets too low, your punches gets slow and it's easier to knock you out. Counter punches MATTER ALOTTTTTT.
Weaving ur head, blocking are all good skills to know. Also I would rather use the analog stick to punch cause it feels way more realistic tat way.
Body punches are good too.
Keep in mind the arms lengths, and sttributes of fighters and ur enemies cause it matters alot and it's a bit strategical. Like if your against a outside boxer who jabs a lot, then counter punch with Joe Frasier or something. Also go for the body if he's really fast cause it could tire him out and make his punches slower...
This game is really realistic, and there's a level of finesse to it... It's not so arcady like this video showed >_>.

Posted by raiz265

McQueen, really?

Posted by General_D23

Really interested in seeing how the story mode turned out. Might pick it up once it's at $40 or $30.

Posted by Saltank

FNR3 is the only game where I managed to get all 10 XBL achievements and it was really fun, but to me, after having played the demo, felt like there was a lot less control of your fighter. However it looks quite a bit better.

Posted by Slaker117

Man, Jeff fights like a jerk.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I think it looks great for a sports game

Posted by Undeadpool
@RE_Player92 said:
" @Kill said:
" @TurboMan said:
" The way Jeff refuses to play defense is scary. "
Yup my thoughts exactly.  "
I'd give him shit about it, but that's basically how I play fighting games. Which explains why I'm not so great at them. Except with characters like Guy and Feng (from Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken respectively) who focus on relentless offense.
Posted by gla55jAw

I assume "Black Mamba" Zarate will be available for sharing.

Posted by Stew

Does anyone else find it backwards that a sports game starts off in prison?

Posted by Vinny_Says

this is like the best story ever, Rocky ain't got shit on this!

Posted by big_jon

Jeff got buff.

Posted by PLWolf

I'll have my copy tonight. So excited! I loves me some Fight Night.
Oh and the ESPN Radio Sports Minute is across all EA Sports titles.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Not a big boxing fan (though I watch it occasionally) and have never given the Fight Night games much consideration, but this looks pretty sleek and interesting. 

Posted by carlthenimrod

Thoroughly impressed with what I saw in this video. Always loved the Fight Night games but I love what they are doing with the single-player.

Posted by Crushed

Virtual Jeff is so goddamned scary.

Posted by Norusdog

why am I brown now Mick??

Posted by Nomin

So the legend of Zeff Zarate continues...

Posted by Driadon


Posted by teh_pwnzorer
Posted by GunnBjorn

I'm really curious now about how Bishop's career (fate rather) plays out. Story-wise this one is interesting.
Posted by MadMagyar92

I think if I had more familiarity with boxing as a whole, I could enjoy the Fight Night series, but so far this hasn't been the case. The story-driven aspect is certainly an innovative twist for an EA sports game, but I'm just not feelin' it. I guess its just not for me. Graphics are good, though.
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