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Finally got that...but anyways, actually liking all the looks at kinect, hope some games really start utilizing it well.

Posted by TheWyotee93

Posted by crit1cal
@TheWyotee93 said:
" damn "
Posted by Animasta

he blocked my roundhouse kick.

Posted by yruluis

liking kinect so far

Posted by Hero_Swe

I COULD have blocked that strike.
Posted by fl4tlined

only good thing i have seen for this piece of junk so far is that exercise thing ironically and i guess that central dance game though from what i saw 5 dollars for 2 songs kinda sucks plus the fact that they didnt add those songs into the game from the get go seems like a dick move

Posted by gbrading

Watch watch watch watch out for my feet!
Posted by mushyhands

dodge that.

Posted by MaddProdigy
All of these quick looks have convinced me I will never buy a Kinect.
Posted by Frigogidaire

Jeff trying the headbutt is priceless.

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Great this has had the worst reviews of all the launch titles. Ellie for EG nailed it: 
At least one classic, a few shovelware, some you know for kids, and the rest fine if you like that type of thing - not a bad bunch for a new piece of tech. At least there is some variety and not just retrofitted recent games.  
Roll on Steel Battalion, Child of Eden and Panzer Dragoon.
Posted by MeierTheRed


Posted by Crono

So is this indicative of what Kinect games will be?  Or is this just because they are launch titles?  :X

Posted by guilherme

The kinect technology is cool, hope some games know how to use it.
As launch lineups go, I don't think the kinect launch is that bad...

Posted by KalAl

Every Kinect game except for Dance Central looks absolutely terrible, and all of the menus look excruciatingly tedious to navigate. I feel sorry for whoever spent money on that hardware.

Posted by RazielCuts

Can someone please make an animated gif of Jeff failing headbutting, had me lol'ing hard :D 

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You can call him Angel.

Posted by Tordah

What the hell is up with the constantly repeating audio loops in all these Kinect games? This is 2010. Embarassing. Not that the game looks much fun anyway, but still. Did the developers actually play their own game?

Posted by AndrewB

A lot of these tech demo-y releases are super hokey, but I guess it's been the same for every motion controller. It's just that I would never pay full price for games like that. I can wait until someone comes along and perfects it.

Posted by rms32

I like the people who say "I wouldn't pay full price for kinect games."  um... then don't.  Most of these games aren't "full price" - they're $10 whole bucks less.  The tech is fun and innovative but I understand lots of folks are broke....

Posted by zleilndka

All but 3 of these Kinect games look like a mound of frustration. Kinect just doesn't seem accurate enough to be fun. The most frustrating thing in a video game is when you don't feel like you are in control of your character/avatar. Kinect just seems to work best when you don't actually have a character to control on the screen i.e. Dance Central, Your Shape, and Dance Masters. Other than that, when you are trying to directly control something on screen, it just doesn't seem that the technology is there yet.  Maybe things will get better once its out longer, but as it is now, things are looking grim.

~Horseback Riding

Posted by DukesT3

I'm amazed how neither sony nor Microsoft could neither get the fucking basics of a fighting game in a motion playing  game. 

Posted by vhold

Eh, this is looking maybe decent, I'd be willing to try it, but not buy it outright.

Posted by TheJoker138

Watch my fee....watch my fee...watch my feet! *wiki wiki wiki dub siren*

Posted by Zereta
@LooseChange said:
" I'm amazed how neither sony nor Microsoft could neither get the fucking basics of a fighting game in a motion playing  game.  "
Its not a first party game for Microsoft. Ubisoft fucked up.
Posted by dark_maggot

Love Ryan's Outfit.

Posted by Romination

Definitely gonna see this at Evo next year.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

I'm curious if getting into it as much as your character is will work. I might consider this sort of stuff if that kind of thing works.

Posted by SomeJerk

You want Art of Fighting for the glass(bottle) punch/chopping, Ryan.

Posted by skunk
@Romination said:
" Definitely gonna see this at Evo next year. "
 also: can't wait for next EVO!!
Posted by lunalicrichard

jeff , dont ever get into fights !!!

Posted by jagenheim

Jeff, listen to Ryan when he tells you to skip lessons that are just mirrored versions of the previous...

Posted by Xymox

character self-narration in a fighting game. nuff said.

Posted by Daftasabat

Jeff fights like a girl...just saying :)

Posted by TzarStefan

No they don't! hahaha

Posted by KuribosShoe

Oh please, let me reintroduce you two.  Rider, meet Piston Joe, Piston Joe, meet Rider.

Posted by ryanwho

Jeff headbutting. Oh man.

Posted by Vinchenzo

Yup, Kinect blows.

Posted by enemymouse

I'm having Agent York flashbacks from that narration

Posted by DBoy

Eh, no.

Posted by jorbear

No hadoukens? Not buying. 

Posted by Krenor

I think you need to be in a little better shape for this game

Posted by DarkFury

"He blocked my roundhouse strike, isn't that right Zach?"

Posted by CookieMonster

Captain's Log: His guard blocked my straight punch.

Posted by FritzDude

When can we expect a porno-based motion game?

Posted by Yummylee

Fist meet face.

Posted by xXwindoverXx

the headbutting part!!!!! 

Posted by oblique_

SPARR sounds like he belongs on Monkey Island.

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Haha jeff doing those head butts.. poor guy :( I would love to see a more athletic person play this game, no offense jeff :D

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