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Posted by poperamone

loved flashback

Posted by BeachThunder

Ubisoft really need to go on a quest to search for this game's identity...

Posted by poperamone

loved flashback

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Oh man, I'm so glad I watched this. I was gunna buy this today just to have a convenient copy of the original, but that fucking rainy arcade frame. What the fuck, indeed, Jeff. What the fuck, indeed.

Posted by Thiefsie

Original was fantastic... this.... unsure

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So they made Shadow Complex?

Uh... cool?

Posted by GeekDown

This just reminded me how amazing Shadow Complex was. I really hope they are working on the sequel.

Posted by BlackLagoon

The different ports of Flashback didn't all have the same cut-scenes or the same amount of music. Not sure which version this is, I think the colored shirt may make it the SNES one.

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Well this is wholly depressing.

Posted by pinner458

Remember when Brad played Another World on UF? Yeah...

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@bagsquad said:


edit: damn

Your tears make me happy.

Anyway, why the fuck would you give it this dumb arcade cabinet? It was never an arcade game. What?!

Also, everyone makes the same stupid mistakes with those little robots. JUST KEEP SHOOTING, hold the button until the little antenna breaks.

Posted by alwaysbebombing

This game is poo poo

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I wouldn't mind a Fade to Black remake. The original did NOT age well. Even at the time, it was horribly clunky.

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I haven't played this remake and this game still manages to offend every ounce of my childhood. All this Quick Look has accomplished is instilling in me a powerful desire to seek out a Sega Genesis and a cartridge of the original Flasback (how I came to play the game as a child). F#@k this game.

Posted by lightsoda

So they made Shadow Complex?

Uh... cool?

You're kidding right? It's the other way around.

Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

Why does everything need EXP and a ranking system in it these days? It's Flashback for crying out loud.

Posted by BrianP

"This is Titan, not Arizona!" hmmmm, getting political flashback remake

Posted by Hailinel

So they made Shadow Complex?

Uh... cool?

I hope you're joking.

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Man, where the heck is Shadow Complex 2?

Effing loved that game.

Posted by Yummylee

Well, erm... Looks like Frank West is still getting work at least.

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Yep, this looks pretty, but seems like garbage compared to the original.

Posted by OurSin_360

Played the game till the main guy said "Awesome Sauce"...

I know i've played the original, and i remember really loving it. But this does not invoke any of those memories in any way.

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I can't believe @brad forgot about Brothers when mentioning the Summer of Arcade titles... :(

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Gimme a BLACKTHRONE remake!

Posted by Foggen

"It plays better than the original"

Sorry, Brad. You're fired.

Posted by Jabbawocky

So they made a sub-par remake remake of a decent game from the early 90s and its possible saving grace (which is the emulation of the original) has no music and can only be played in one of those shitty virtual arcade cabinets...

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@joeyravn said:

I can't believe @brad forgot about Brothers when mentioning the Summer of Arcade titles... :(

Brothers was the first thing he mentioned.

This game doesn't look so hot.

Posted by patrick
Posted by JasonR86


Yeah, my old man nerve twinged at that comment too.

Posted by patrick
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What a colossal fuck-up!

The original game was why I originally wanted to buy this remake (which I really don't give a shit about).

And now it turns out they butchered the original game with missing music tracks and this forced completely stupid arcade-machine view... what a disappointment.

@beachthunder said:

Ubisoft really need to go on a quest to search for this game's identity...


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Graphics are okay. Writing and voice work is terrible. Gameplay looks bad. Pass.

Posted by jimmyfenix

God dammit.

Posted by Korolev

Hm. The voice acting is really, really flat for the most part. The graphics and the artstyle look decent. The action looks like it needs some work (not a fan of enemies which take a while to explode after you kill them).

Edited by ArtisanBreads

It's weird what they chose to change and what they chose to keep. Like the dumb job part where you're gathering money is in there pretty much as is, which if I was going to remake Flashback with changes, would be the main part I would go out of my way to change.

Posted by Di5k

It wasn´t that hard. I finished it on my super nintendo when I was 12 and I was pretty bad at games. Just alot of time I guess.

Posted by cbarnes86

Was thinking about grabbing this. Loved Shadow Complex. Really glad I didn't make the jump. This looks........yea

Posted by Tesla

"It's me, Ian. Your best friend."

That right there is some of the laziest dialogue ever written. I know dude has lost his memory, but damn. I expected the next line from Ian to be "I'm here to advance the plot for you!"

Posted by mrsmiley

Seeing this game in action just makes me long for a new Shadow Complex.

Posted by fisk0

Wait. Kuidatz Hadderach? Was that weird Dune reference (Kwisatz Haderach is the word for Messiah or something in Dune, apparently based on the hebrew term Kefitzat Haderech, but what they said in the end of the quick look seemed more like a Dune reference)?

Posted by deerokus
Posted by cassus

What the fuck is this...

Posted by IAmNotBatman

This isn't Flashback HD this is Flashback colon crappy game title.

Posted by Vuud

Oh man, what a bummer. I wanted this to be good so bad.

They should have included an ironic "classic mode" that disables all the voice acting.

Posted by geirr

Oh it's even worse than the trailer way back when.

I'll stick to the CDi version!

Posted by namesonkel

I remember watching Jeff play Flashback on a stream he did out of his home. Anyone know what stream that was and where I can find it?

Posted by bslussier

WTF? You can hump the air? I fail to see the story of this game...perhaps its sheer existence.

Posted by MjHealy

I wanted to go back and play the original for the first time so I got excited when they announced this. But after watching this video I DON'T KNOW DUDE, THIS LOOKS PRETTY BORING. I can still pick up a cheap SNES copy of the original on eBay anyway.

Edited by sir_tonk

Why couldn't they have just remade the original with a new graphical skin? It worked for Monkey Island and Halo.

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