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Finally! I don't have to worry about that challenge anymore.
I feel so dirty

Posted by Masonvd


Posted by cap123

second time today i have seen a video with only 2 comments :(

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apart from the combat this game looks cool. Love the space animals - If it was just text based adventure (thanks Dave) be a definite buy

Posted by zaglis

Report-a-bug is an awesome game mode!

Posted by TheCreamFilling

Space deer?! Do want!

Posted by jrpistolero


Posted by Drummerlp2000

I always knew that deer were evil

Posted by eezo

so there i was, flying through spa... WHAT THE HELL!?!? SPACE DEERS?!?

Posted by artofwar420

Oh Blendo Games, that right there gets me interested.

Posted by fox01313

Luchadeer is the grand overlord of the universe in the future, do not antagonize...

Posted by weegieanawrench

What a mind fuck of a game. Luchadeer in SPAAAAACE.

Posted by artofwar420

It's this guy, http://www.blendogames.com/  support his work, he makes AWESOME stuff. Remember that Gravity Bone, he made that masterpiece.

Posted by iAchilles

REAVERS Vinny, Reavers

Posted by DJKommunist

God this first quest is unfair for UK viewers. I would have to go travel through time to get it!
Posted by ThatFrood

This game looks awesome!

Posted by Fubar

Dave is the king

Posted by DonChipotle

Where are the Quarians.

Posted by Authun

This looks fantastic :D

Posted by Olivaw

Colonel Santa Maria is a nice touch.

Posted by triple07

Oh God I want this. Homeworld was one of my favorite games. I so want a new Homeworld too. Anyone else remember the last battle in Homeworld? That fight was ridiculous.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

what the fuck

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This ranks right up there with the Darwinia Quick Look of "Saywha?"

Posted by raiz265

damn this looks boring :E

Posted by Kaigan

I, for one, welcome our new Luchadeer overlord(s)!

Posted by myslead

been seeing this on the front page of steam for a little bit now 
might get it after all, looks very fun

Posted by robobigfoot

This is a really great game, but I don't think the quick look did it justice. You need to see it without the split screen crap. The combat gets very deep when you have more ships and start using the manual orientation controls. Also, the developer is great about supporting the game and has been adding in a ton of stuff and adding features requests and bug fixes from the community. 

Posted by l3illyl3ob

Wow, what an unexpected QL.  I just picked this game up the other day, it's a unique little thing, giving a really weird perspective on the whole space adventure genre.  It's just a fun little indie game for $9 that does something that really hasn't been done much before. 
The game is also on the XBLA indie games section, and maybe even cheaper than the steam version.  Not sure what's different.

Posted by MightyMayorMike

This looks really sweet, actually. As a huge fan of Homeworld, anything that even reminds me of it is worth a look.

Posted by Deathpooky

It's like Homeworld had sex with some roguelike game and produced this strange animal-filled brown universe.

Posted by White

Does this have hot nerdy space engineer technician action?

Posted by TehJedicake

Looks rather odd...

Posted by Brackynews

This is perfect music to install all three Homeworld games I have. Let's see if it takes longer than 21 minutes.

Posted by Ronald

Strange looking game.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Watched this after my exam, my mind has exploded.

Posted by Rockanomics

Man, now I just want a Master PC Theater feature all the time.

Posted by mewarmo990


Posted by kalmis

Looks really good

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Who's Mike? Is he code for Drew?

Posted by gbrading

Cool looking game with some nice ideas, but some of it looks rather old-fashioned, but perhaps that's what they were aiming for. I love the soundtrack though.
Posted by Trilogy

This game is like some strange fever dream. 
Also, I thought to myself how the slow ship movement with the music reminded me of Kubrik's 2001 A Space Odyssey right before Dave mentioned something about being Kubrik on the left side of the screen. Creeped me out a little bit.

Posted by Atlas

Turn-based space combat, Chopin's nocturnes, and luchadeer as a space captain? SOLD.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Watching this... I can't even guess how to play it. 
Saying its like "Homeworld" doesn't help because I've never bloody heard of "Homeworld".

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@MysteriousBob said:

" Watching this... I can't even guess how to play it.  Saying its like "Homeworld" doesn't help because I've never bloody heard of "Homeworld". "

On your bike. Go on. Fuck off.
Posted by Ghostiet
@MysteriousBob said:
" Saying its like "Homeworld" doesn't help because I've never bloody heard of "Homeworld". "
What, seriously?
Posted by Sanj

I made my own flotilla in the bathroom this morning.

Posted by Rockanomics
@Sanj: BOOM!
Posted by Krikkit

Great quick look I love this game I got it from the Xbox live indie games store a couple weeks ago.

Posted by AzureDemon

Game breaking bug FOUND!

Posted by august
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