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Car that goes fast.

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Interested to see what this is like.

EDIT Figured I wouldn't get first

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I love MondayS!

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The greatest quick look... In the world! -Jezza

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Jeff is a monster behind the wheel of his cubicle!

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YES! Totally agree with Jeff, I still want one of those boxy BMWs one day. :D

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civics are for girls.

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This isn't supposed to be posted for days. Uh oh.

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Didn't get Forza 3, might get Forza 4.

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Wrong still, wrong deck... This one's not done cooking yet. Hmm.

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@Waffles13: Joystiq just posted their review (4.5/5, by the way). I think the NDA is up.

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I Love Forzas!

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Wow, that looks good. I like racing games, but like sports games, I never buy them. As great as the game could be, there's rarely much replay value in it for me compared to other games. This does look really, really great though.

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Buy a Camaro Jeff!

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Love that the description says "deck" & the picture is the I love Mondays picture.

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Uh, I love Thursdays?

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The greatest quick look... In the world! -Jezza

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@Jeff: You need to buy a Challenger!

..and a racing wheel.

But getting back to the game, I downloaded the demo and absolutely loved it! I've never bought a Forza game, but this might be the first. I also exclusively played from the cockpit, which is something I also never do in racing games. Go figure.

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Best deck of all time

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This made me think of a question that perhaps some ppl here can answer for me.

I'm not interested in car racing, not a bit. Thus, I've never been to a race. Now, I guess I can see going to a race with a big round track with stands all around, like say NASCAR, because you can actually see the whole race. (I can see not going to NASCAR for a dozen other reasons, but I digress).

But races with swervy tracks like the first track Jeff drove on in this QL (idk, F1 racing is like that, maybe?) make much less sense to me. You've got a beginning area with seats for spectators, but the the track heads off in random directions, nowhere near where the people are sitting. It seems like the majority of the track is out of sight from the fans, or at least far away and at weird angles. If you can't even see the race, what's the point?

Am I missing something? I presume there's a screen to look at so you can keep track, but that'd be like going to a baseball game (something else I rarely do) and spending 90% of the game staring at the scoreboard and monitor.

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Best Quick Look yet. I mean, when Dave actually -did- what you were daring him to do, I just cracked up. And then Dave and Jeff getting rear-ended. So much unexpected stuff. Glad they're alright. And we really need to pitch in and get Jeff a Honda Civic.

Cars. With more stroking. - Dave

[2AM. My favorite time to see a Quick Look. And I'm totally kidding about Dave. I'm just surprised this popped up. heh. Best deck in a while. Dave's teasing of Jeff is classic.]

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Hearing Jeff say that Forza 4 doesn't feel any different to 3, and then watching every assist light blink as he barrels down corners bums me out.

Everything is so much more dynamic and so much more just white knuckles racing when you crank up the AI, and shut off all the nanny assists. I mean, you're not feeling anything with all of those assists limiting your power running through corners. It's such a detached way to play this game, and probably why he's getting bored of it so much faster. The game has evolved, he just hasn't bothered to explore it.

That race in the TVR, for example. He is just slamming on the accelerator and slamming on the brakes, and the computer is feathering the throttle down and making sure his brakes don't lock up. At a certain point that just starts to get monotonous, and it sucks. That TVR is supposed to be a scary monster that you're supposed to respect.

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I love Forza. This doesn't look much different but it was nearly perfect already. I'll pick this up sometime.

Personally, I like to turn off the drive line and assists and just learn all the tracks. That's where I find the fun in Forza. Nailing the perfect lap can be so satisfying. It's weird but I tend to go back and forth between cockpit and behind the car view. Depends what I'm in the mood for I guess. I like to see those sexy, sexy cars. Inside and out.

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hell yeah Challenger!

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Jeremy Carkson?! JEREMY CARKSON!?!

It's Jeremy Clarkson.

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You guys have multiple TVs and Xboxes in the office, don't you? You should totally make a video showing off the crazy three screen mode.

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I got rearended on the freeway
Yeah you did, heyoo.
They've done some nice work in the cockpit
You like work in the cock-pit don't you? Badum-tssh.
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Hearing this is almost identical to Forza 3 is somewhat of a turn off for me, just didn't do a whole lot for me. Which is sad cause Gran Turismo 5 was pretty terrible for the most part. The auction house still seems like one of the most interesting ideas.

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something tells me i'm going to be spending too much time listening to Jeremy Clarkson talk about cars, and I'm totally fine with that :)

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@Alex_Carrillo: That kinda turned me off too. I mean it's weird for him to comment on the physics when the game is practically driving for him. Though anyone with enough knowledge about 4za to be able to drive with no assists already knows if they're getting the game or not.

Can't wait till Tuesday.

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I love how both the FM3 and FM4 quick looks feature quotes from the chase scene in "The Rock".

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Watching this quick look, I can't help but wonder why the fuck it took so long for GT5 to come out. This game appears to have more events, lots of cars and tracks, way more polish, and it's coming out in a fraction of the time.

- Scott

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> Play both games with all assists

> "Physics feel the same guys"


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@thebigJ_A: It's about the drinking and atmosphere. After they drive off, you might stick around, or you could go to another part of the track. It's like how there are crowds for golf where the tee-off and then a crowd near the putting green. When no one is there, they can just walk to another part of the area. Sure it isn't constant entertainment, but sometimes it's just nice to hang out with people, drink a bit, and enjoy the sunshine with some occasional action. :)

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@Jace said:

> Play both games with all assists

> "Physics feel the same guys"


My thoughts exactly.

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The Berg made this game. Recognize!

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By the way, the Warthog interior is in fact rendered, and fairly detailed, in the Halo games.

 Some of the bars and stuff on the dash even function
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Yeah, I don't understand why Jeff is even leading this quicklook, he's clearly not interested in cars or motorsport in general, drives with 100% of the assists on, and complains he's getting burned out quick. That's completely missing the point of the game, you might as well be playing GRID or Need For Speed, not a racing simulator.

I don't really think there's anyone in the WM offices who's actually really into cars, but comparing the Forza series to yearly Madden games? Disappointed.

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looking at the reviews this is getting makes me wish i liked racing games (well, sims at least, i kinda dig arcade racers)

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Definitely not for me, almost fell asleep.

@WiqidBritt said:

hell yeah Challenger!

Beautiful car, yeah.

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I don't know if I heard right, but at the beginning of this video the reviewers were looking at a diagram of the race events and they said it looks like colon cancer (!) or something like that. It was a very unfortunate comment to say the least.

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@Scotto: Based off of the intro movie from GT5, it was because Polyphony had to make every single car from scratch starting with the refinement of raw materials. Also, pianos.

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You wouldn't download a car...

Jeff, you really should get that Challenger.

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@Alex_Carrillo: yeah, I was a little disappointed to see that he had the braking assist on... you can't drift like that at all.

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"Not dramatic change from Forza 3."

Ok will be skipping this then. The career gets so tedious

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it still find it weird they kept the forza 3 logo

.... also white challenger's are crazy sexy

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What happens if you drive the DeLoreon 88 MPH?