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Cockpit or die.

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Beautiful game, but I'm just not enough of a car guy to really get into it.

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1973 Dodge Challenger. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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@masterpaperlink said:

these games make me feel lonely

Hah! This comment got a real laugh out of me. Hilarious.

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Jeff seems pretty burned-out at this game. I won't be surprised if this game gets 4 stars.

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@Wes899 said:

Cockpit or die.

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iRacing >>> this nonsense

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The greatest quick look... In the world! -Jezza



Is it just me, or,

do the tracks kinda look like ass?

maybe it's just a bit busy? so much shit going on,

The customization tho, jesus,

I think it is unfortunate so many of the Forza 3 tracks made it into Forza 4. Sure the more tracks the better but i would´ve rather had some new tracks instead of Iberian International Track, Camino Viejo and the Ladera Test track. Those tracks are not the strongest in the F3 tracklist (at least they dropped New York). As for the new tracks, the Bernise Alps track (from the demo) looks great! With the real life tracks there is only so much you can do, like Jeff said.

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Let's set Jeff's car on fire! I would throw in another $50 bucks this year just to see that happen! Anybody else?

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Now, given the choice. Should one get Forza 3 or this game?

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@Alex_Carrillo said:

Hearing Jeff say that Forza 4 doesn't feel any different to 3, and then watching every assist light blink as he barrels down corners bums me out.

My insides died a little every time he'd crappily fly into a corner in the honda, pass 2 guys, and the auto braking that had to keep him from flying towards the sun slows him down so much the ai just leaves him down the straight. Also talking about the ai is the same dumb ai while racing it like the gran turismo games and just slamming into the ai.

I hate when people denigrate sims and "don't get it" then you give them a controller and they play the game like mario kart instead of with the mindset of a real car - full gas - full brake - full wheel lock all the time FTW! Not to mention driving from the bumper cam because obscuring your screen with polygons "is dumb!" ... Enjoy the blind spots in that challenger in downtown San Francisco.

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@TekZero: Are you cheap? If so, buy Forza 3. Do you want the newest best thing? If so, buy Forza 4.

I think that the quality of the two games are both 4-5 star. I would suggest buying Forza 3 to see if you are going to like it, if you are on a budget.

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@Jace said:

> Play both games with all assists

> "Physics feel the same guys"


Glad I'm not the only one thinking this.

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I want to see full beard Dave in that Ford Falcon with a leather jacket.

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@sungahymn said:

Jeff seems pretty burned-out at this game.

sure, cause he doesnt drive himself, he is even playing with steering assists ffs, thats a challenge!... srsly, they should handle these type of games like they handle it with madden... when they are not into that stuff, they simply shouldnt review it...

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@Afroman269 said:

Damn, Jeff must be pretty well off if he's talking about buying $60,000 cars!
Or just crazy.

Probably the latter.

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"Jeff thinks about buying a Challenger."

You and me both, brother.

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HEY! Civics are not for girls, jerk!

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Gotta play with the Assists off....I thought you were a little more Hardcore Jeff!

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I didn't think would enjoy watching this. I was wrong. To jeff. throw away your dreams and buy something economical and dependable for commutes. I have my dad's 1990 accura, plenty room driver side, and I'm average size.Well designed and zippy for a small 4 banger...

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Jeff should buy one of those Ryan Gosling scorpion jackets that they started selling from Drive to go with his future Challenger. I'm not sure if that would be better or worse than a white tracksuit ;)

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Cockpit is the only way to play.

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@xdaknightx69: I don't know what you're expecting out of a quick look for a DRIVING SIM. Dude, it's a driving sim... not fucking Trackmania. Jeff showed all the modes and features of the game and there was some interesting car talk banter. It seemed like a quick look. Honestly, tell me what you wanted to see that they didn't show.

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@mrcraggle said:

As much a I like the Forza series, this looks pretty incremental. I want to see how realistic some of the photos can be made to look because some I've seen in GT5 on forums look crazy realistic.

Posted by a5ehren

Jeff, truecar.com is your friend (if you know what you want). Gets you a good price and sends you to the internet department so you don't have to deal with salesmen.

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Jeff use Truecar.com. Look up the car you want a get a price from a local dealer. They must honor that price, no haggling or fighting with the dealer.

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@a5ehren said:

Jeff, truecar.com is your friend (if you know what you want). Gets you a good price and sends you to the internet department so you don't have to deal with salesmen.

lol would have been awesome if I had read your comment before posting =P

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Surprised they didn't call it 4za

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Personally, I don't like how the Challenger drives. All dodge cars have really funky acceleration, giving you way too much power when you don't want it, and not enough when you do. I remember just being incredibly annoyed by how little power I was getting in between gear changes.
You look pretty pimp driving it though...

Posted by DharmaBum

This seems like the ultimate package for car enthusiasts.

Also, Jeff and Dave are the best.

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"Honda Civic is for girls..." Shut up, you clearly don't know what you are talking about...

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@datarez said:

I want to see full beard Dave in that Ford Falcon with a leather jacket.


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@deerokus said:

Also, adding Jeremy Clarkson is very offputting. Americans probably don't realise what an absolute arse that man is. It is the equivalent of putting Bill O'Reilly in the next Call of Duty.

It's off-putting for you. The man makes a living talking about cars, it's a natural fit.


I was thinking about buying Forza 4 but now I realize that I'd rather watch re-runs of Top Gear. Between Dirt and Trackmania I think my racing game needs are covered, I think that the original Gran Turismo turned me off the entire sim side of the genre.

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I own a Challenger. Complete with a Super Meat Boy sticker on my back windshield.

Posted by BlueMizzen

I'd buy a challenger if I didn't have 3 kids.

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Gosh dang it. I wish my wheel worked with the Xbox. I'm not buying a second wheel for you, Forza!

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Don't buy another racing wheel Dave.

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Honda Civics are not only for girls, but asians as well.

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My friend told me to buy a challenger ilol'd at him, German engineering ftw i bought a c63 instead.

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So, is there any real reason to pick this up if I already own Forza 3? Is it worth the $60? I loved the shit out of Forza 3 and played a ton of it, I just don't know with all of the games coming out in the coming weeks that Forza 4 is worth the $60.

Posted by Revan_NL

I've cancelled my pre-order. I was hoping for a bigger step forward, judging from the demo and this QL it seems that Forza 4 is just Forza 3 all over again but with a few new cars and black menuscreens. I'm also dissapointed that neither Polyphony nor Turn 10 seems to be able to really nail the 'racing' part of the game (not the 'driving" part).

Crank up the difficulty in F1 2011 and the AI is going to give you a really hard time, defending their position (tough but fair) and really putting pressure on the player. It's an experience where it's okay to be happy when you finish in 17th position, having fought really hard to get and maintain that position. I really don't get that excitement from Forza (or GT for that matter). Granted, I'm more of a racing fan rather then a car fanatic.

Still, I played Forza 2 for months on end, but I got tired of Forza 3 very quickly and since Forza 4 appears to be no different I think I'll pass. It's not like there aren't any other games to play the coming months (and I'm still hooked on Gears 3).

Posted by MikkaQ

Oh god don't buy a challenger, you are no longer 10 years old. Plus it's not even a real challenger... why bother?

Posted by nail1080

Please take off the assists that are there for people who have never played a racing game before! C'mon dude you played Forza 2 and 3, it's not fucking rocket science!

Posted by DirtyEagles

I will subscribe if you buy a LFA and just make quick looks about that.

Posted by Allison

Everytime I hear a commercial start with "Power" I always get excited I'm about to see a purple-suited bro kicking butts and beating people up with a giant dildo.

Then I realize that dildo is Forza 4 and I'm really disappointed.

Posted by mrhollender

I'm a level 6 in Toyota Corolla. And I hate myself for it.

Posted by AssInAss

This is now the only jacket you'll need while playing this game:

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Wow, that already looks like the best racing game I've ever seen!

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Guys, you need to see the movie DRIVE.