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Forza 4 = Forza 3.1

Posted by JohnPaulVann

Jeff in a white track suit driving a white challenger = SEXXXY

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So that's where our Premium membership money goes - Challengers and white track suits. And you guys told me you were using it for drugs! Shame! Shame on you!

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Skipped out on Forza 3 so I'll be picking this up. I'll probably buy a wheel too, and some leather gloves.

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@JohnPaulVann said:

Forza 4 = Forza 3.1

But since Forza 3 was like Forza 2.5 is it just Forza 2.6!?

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Jeff was using brake and steering assist? Those make you drive much slower.

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How much money does Jeff make that he would even consider buying a $60,000 car?

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Like Jeff I got tired of this sort of racing game after Forza 3. I don't really feel like driving the same car around the same track with some slightly different graphics and handling. They would have to do something radical for me to get into these games again. Also I agree with Dave that when I get to the high end cars I loose interest. I like the progression of racing in my shitty car. When I have 50 Ferraris each car has no special meaning to me anymore.

I honestly don't know what I would want out of this sort of driving game anymore. But I'm sure more Ferraris isn't tne Answer. They will have to make the cars feel meaningful somehow. Like IRL where you can be super proud of your 1998 MX-5 even if it isn't a Ferrari, but it's special because it's your car. If they can somehow make me get that feeling in a video game that would be awesome. It would be the "make you cry" moment of racing games when you feel actually attached to your virtual car.

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Thanks for the QL guys. Based on this I will probably wait til the game drops below $40.

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Jeff should absolutely buy a Challenger and put his car up for a prize!!!!!

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Fuck you Jeff I drive a civic and it's really a nice car.

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Don't buy a new car Jeff! Lots of money down the drain when you go to a dealership...just get a 1-2 year old model with low miles and pay what the car is actually worth. Save yourself ten grand easily.

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The "explode" and "implode" buttons are incredibly disappointing.

Posted by John

Jeff drives a mustang? SO MUCH RESPECT! I always assumed he had a Ram or Dakota.

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Jeff, I respect your choice of the Challenger. That car is sick. But check out the new Chargers. I'm a big guy like you and I love mine.

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Hey, fuck you guys, I drive a civic.

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@TurboMan: Sucks to be you

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Awesome quick look Jeff and Dave, look forward to getting this next week

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@TurboMan said:

Hey, fuck you guys, I drive a civic.

I'm sorry to hear that.

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So... social links with the car manufacturers?

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I was gonna say hey man I drive a civic, but I am a girl, so...

It's a good car though. Handled a 4 hour commute nicely for me.

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@TekZero said:

Now, given the choice. Should one get Forza 3 or this game?

Depends, Forza 3 is still a great game and if you haven't played it, it is well worth your time. If you are planning on playing online now would be a good time to get Forza 4, because that will more people playing it. Forza 4 will also have more cars and features and better graphics and physics. So pick up Forza 3 if you don't have the money and don't care about online play, or just buy Forza 4 when it releases...

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holy shit. the game does a legit not-realtime render in photo mode. that's fucking awesome!!

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Lately in some quick looks I've been vaguely hearing like footsteps or a hammer in the background, am I just crazy?

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the POV in the cockpit is really good.

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Jeff wanting a white Challenger... He's just wanting to recreate Vanishing Point.

Game looks great. Liking all the Top Gear branding/events/references. Jeremy Clarkson doing his thing in the game is amazing.

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So are Challengers pretty cheap or is Jeff getting paid but in like getting PAID?

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Wait wait wait. Jeremy Clarkson does voice dub for every car? SOLD. 

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@Chewii101 said:

Wait wait wait. Jeremy Clarkson does voice dub for every car? SOLD.
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Jeff! Get an Infiniti! Amazing! G37!

Posted by zombie2011

I drive an Audi S4 amazing car.

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Cockpit is good because it gives me a sense of where my car is on the road and how close objects are to my vicinity (just like real driving), but for cornering and dodging cars here. People say the track is obscured, but I don't understand why they need to see so much of the track for. If you can spot the corners, you should know what to do.

Also, I drive a mustang too Jeff! Why not look at some of the newer models? The downside to them is its rear bottom bumper wrapped with that plastic and it makes them look like ass from behind.

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I must say that white track suit wearing, drifting Jeff  driving a white Heihachi challenger sounds great, but it is nowhere near as badass as green leather jacket wearing, crime fighting, Brazilian Dave driving a sick custom ford falcon.

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@thebigJ_A: I find circuit racing is most enjoyable to go see for endurance races. Time to walk around, mingle and little races pop up between cars during the 3 hours or so. A standard circuit race, under 2 hours can be ok if you're in one of the good corners and you have a big screen near by.

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I loved Forza 2 but never got 3. I have to get this one, I need my console sim racing fix!

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No Dave, white cars are awesome! White cars hardly show the dirt.

Always pictured Jeff as more of an SUV guy.

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Racing line is cheating.

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I want to buy a honda civic.. and I'm a duder..

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the autovista thing with jeremy clarkson looks awesome i was already gonna buy the game but that just adds to the awesomeness

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Ironic that I'm watching a QL of Forza 4 while running a b-spec extreme race in GT5.

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It's funny, I'm a guy but I hate cars.... weird....

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I drive a white challenger and will wholly recommend you get one, Jeff. However, the suspension is very stiff and you will feel every bump in the road. Just keep that in mind.

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Ugh, so he has a mustang and now wants a challenger? I love jeff but I don't know what anybody sees in those gas guzzling, ugly, poorly made american boats. Terrible.

Posted by matt_wickstrom

The next four days is going to seem like an eternity!

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@brokenpilot: They're fun to drive, mine came with a lifetime powertrain warranty, so that helped my decision.

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In the last month or so the GB server has gotten so slow! i can't watch a video even on low quality without the connection stalling out every 6 seconds or so. :(

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@Demoskinos said:


YES, its a simulation, the stuff you miss when driving in cockpit is how its in real life.

jeff is just mad