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Posted by Kiori_Hayabusa

Mmm, cars.

Posted by jayc

Excited for this game!

Posted by DystopiaX

@Kiori_Hayabusa said:

Mmm, cars.

Damn when I first saw this there were no comments and I thought I was finally gonna get that quest

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

Whoa, where the hell did this game come from?

Posted by Kiori_Hayabusa

@DystopiaX: As the avatar indicates, I am, in fact, a ninja.

Posted by Qblivion

Open world was awesome when it was new, but now I just kinda miss good old fashioned tracks.

Posted by leejunfan83

fuck video games

Posted by sungahymn

Man, isn't it midnight over at the West Coast?

Posted by DJ_EuroGhost

Five seconds in and yeah, I'm buyng this.

Posted by bkbroiler

Owwwwwwww! Spinnin' brodies!

Posted by zombie2011

This looks soooooo good!

Posted by bigsmoke77

@DudeOlav: SHIT, i might be in the same boat!

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This looks like everything I wanted Test Drive to be.

Posted by Apollo87

Around the 6:30 mark there's a song playing on the radio that is also in Dirt 3's soundtrack. Odd.

Anyway, game looks cool, and honestly Forza has been the only franchise I'm jealous about the 360.

Posted by Terjay

The Nissan GT-R is sweeeet.

Posted by CatsAkimbo

Oh, if only Colorado actually had a dubstep radio station. I would be so happy.

Posted by AngeTheDude

Whoa, a video game!

Posted by turboman

"Gran Turismo looks like a hospital with cars in it" - Jeff Gerstmann, GiantBomb.com

Posted by Darth_Sibbs

@CatsAkimbo: You might be, no one else would be ;)

Posted by SuicidalManiac

Oh man, Yuck is on the soundtrack? That's pretty sweet.

Posted by Robo

THAT is how you start a goddamned Quick Look.

Posted by Lucien21

Oh now it's a hard decision.

Forza or Most Wanted ??

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the quake wars car is a great laugh haha wow why

Posted by Duffyside

Surprised at the glowing comments about this. I really hate the atmosphere of the world, and an open-world driving game coming out after Paradise and before Most Wanted seems like a crazy decision.

Posted by cosmic

Hate to make this look like a YouTube comment page but, what's the name of the song at around 15 minute mark?

Posted by Phished0ne

@Robo said:

THAT is how you start a goddamned Quick Look.


Posted by SuicidalManiac

@cosmic: "Get Away" by Yuck. Great band. Highly recommend them.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Well now I need an infinite donuts screen saver...

Posted by ucankurbaga

Test Drive Forza or Forza Test Drive?

Posted by SuperJoe

All the NPCs in this game smell like Axe bodyspray.

Posted by san_salvador

Racing games at 30 fps are unbarable for me. :(

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Criterion eventually patched in the ability to restart the last race in Burnout Paradise, by the way.

Also, the demo has been out for a few days. Anyone used to Forza's feel and physics should try it out. The driving model is definitely more forgiving and on the arcadey side and damage is purely cosmetic, but the most unfortunate change is the drop from the touted Forza standard 60 to 30 fps in Horizon. Apparently it was necessary for the open world and day / night cycle such but I'm not sure if it was worth it. The side effect is that it really kills the sense of speed when driving fast, which they try to make up for with an artificial camera shake when getting up there (optional and can be disabled), but it just doesn't cut it. Pushing a high end car to the limit isn't as exciting as it could / should be, which is a pretty big deal for a game that's all about racing and going fast.

Not a lot of people seem to notice it or even care though because the majority of games they play are locked to 30 on the console, I guess you really have to be used to PC games or console racers pushing 60 fps like Burnout Paradise, Wipeout HD, and the last few Forza games for it to register. Games like Horizon while fun and pretty and competent, just lack that white knuckled, edge of the seat driving experience because of the chugging framerate. You'll be going +170mph and it feels like you haven't even reached 100. It's like going from MW to BF on the 360, just doesn't feel as fast, fluid, and responsive even though the game's systems and everything else under the hood is doing its job. The game is still totally playable and fun enough but the basic act of driving is missing something.

Surprised the review and quick look failed to mention how the entire presentation and package feels like it was ripped right out of the Dirt series, too.

Posted by CynageN

@CatsAkimbo: The Fox is all you need homie.

Posted by YummyTreeSap

@SuicidalManiac said:

Oh man, Yuck is on the soundtrack? That's pretty sweet.

Oh yeah, that's what it is. I didn't have it loud enough to hear the vocals much was thinking "Oh great, Dinosaur Jr.!" Close, at least.

Posted by Waffley


Also I noticed one of the songs (not one of the dubshit tracks, of course) was from Nitronic Rush. That's pretty cool because that game's rad as hell. It's also interesting to see a triple A racing title have music from an indie game.

Posted by Contusio

I love quick looks with jeff & brad!!

Posted by MyNiceIceLife

I can't, but I can afford this game. i shouldn't get it, but i want to. ugh, why'd this have to be good.

Posted by TomA

I forgot this game existed. Can you say no marketing budget?

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@TomA: The large Forza Horizon / demo advertisement is the first thing you'd see if you loaded up the dash in the last few days. Way more space devoted to it than any XBLA game released within the last few years and the retail release is still weeks away.

Posted by Gantrathor

Is Forza really pronounced 'fort-suh'? If so, I've been pronouncing the name of these games wrong for a very long time. Also, I forgot that this game existed.

Posted by Igottadeuce

Looks like the donuts in this quick look came full circle.

Posted by DukesT3

Dude, I came in here drunk and I fucking went "yeeeoowwww!!!" with Jeff as this video started... wait.. this is actually good? Fuck.

Posted by DukesT3


Indeed... Indeed... BUY BOTH!

Posted by sharkeh

Why have they basically just copied the look and feel from DiRT? This is not what I want from a Forza game and DiRT has already been made and was pretty good. This game can suck my balls.

Posted by cavemantom

More like Forza Brotorsport, right guys?

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In game ads, microtransactions, and $60 season pass makes this seem a bit iffy

But I will probably get it anyway

Posted by simkas

@sharkeh said:

Why have they basically just copied the look and feel from DiRT? This is not what I want from a Forza game and DiRT has already been made and was pretty good. This game can suck my balls.

There's a reason this game is considered a spin-off and not part of the main series.

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There's something a bit Top Gear about that Ferrari vs. Bi-plane race.

Which is something I can appreciate.

Posted by thomasonfa

Where are the camera views? This is why we need Vinny on the couch at all times.

Posted by Tr0n

Hmm, why does the page scroll automatically when the mouse is over my windows task bar?