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Oh no...
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Ah, delicious quick look.

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Sac Magique!

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Does this video seem to have no bass or is it just me?

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I'm waiting for Fret Mice

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 Wonder how this'll go...

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Nice nice nice nice nice

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The tilt-to-jump problem will be fixed in the sequel, Fret Twice.

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The controls will be a killer for me.

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Looks pretty lame. Tilting to jump sucks, fighting dudes seems unintuitive, music is not impressive.
Except for that AirWolf-esque tune.

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I can see people getting unjustifiably pro at this game. Especially the expert+ guitar hero players.

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I love the concept behind this, but the moment they said that you had to tilt the guitar to jump, I knew this was not something I'd enjoy.

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I like it. But why  use the guitar controller? Its just a gimic. 

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Seems interesting, but the fact you have to jump each time to kill an enemy seems a little awkward.

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They should've done this to Brutal Legend.

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The RB2-guitar has improved tilt-detection, though. They used an ancient quicksilver-contraption in the RB1-guitars.

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Cool idea.

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Seems like too much work.

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Helicopters are NOT nice!

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wait, why is heavy metal the bad guys?

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" I don't know how to deal with mouths"

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jeff & Ryan: 
You say you havnt tried the regular controller, but still end the QL with "if you want to play this, the guitar is the way to go". 
Ive played the whole game with a Wireless controller and it was alot of fun. Its a great platformer. Fret Nice can stand on its own without the guitar gimmick. 
The learning curve is steep, and the awkwardness of using a guitar (it seems) is not helping. 
This was a weird QL.

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Looks way gimmicky. 

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Yeah starting to see why this won Swedish Game Awards.

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This game looks rather frustrating to play... but cool nonetheless.

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lol at ryan jumping over all the defeated enemies that give him points

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Fret Nice will be my gameshow host name.

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That game is just....awful...there is no good is this game
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@Shifty_Mcfly: Fret Cashman already taken, huh? 
So... sequel possibly Drum Nice.. then.... Ride.. Nice? Maybe? I dunno. 
I can only wonder what would happen if LBP got Guitar support.
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Sequel Idea: Fret Twice

Posted by Ghostiet

@Vrock: It was considered, as far as I know.

@EdTwo: Because this is Fret Nice. They'll get their revenge in Fret Badass.

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Man, watching Ryan struggle with the game made it look bad.  Would be great if the guitar controlled really well. Wonder what playing with a controller would be like.

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I really like the look of the game, but I don't own any guitar controllers, so I guess it's not for me.

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Best part about this quicklook is the Airwolf song. Actual game looks like poop.

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Played the demo, thought it was awful. Controls killed it.

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That was frustrating just to watch.

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Did the game flash up "LOL" when Ryan killed a group of enemies?
Oh man.

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I suppose I should get this. Since I do have like 4 guitar controllers in my house.

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tilt jump has got to be a bummer...i have a hard enough time getting mine to work in Rock Band let alone a platformer, which by genre has you jump a bunch.

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This game just seems like a hassle to control with imprecise tilting and buttons with multiple actions assigned (like not being able to steer your jump and "attack" enemies at the same time). Good idea, but the reality of it just doesn't seem to add up - judging only from watching this QL of course, maybe it's awesome.

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As somebody who considers the Gamecube version of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (with bongos) to be one of his favorite games of all time, Fret Nice doesn't look very fun.

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Played this along time ago

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Looks better than I expected but still not good.

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theres nothing i like about this game

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What an ugly game