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Posted by baka_shinji17

I've never played this game. Is it good?

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Posted by metalsnakezero

I've never played this game. Is it good?

Highly recommend it. What makes it cool is how snappy the game play is and the possibility of each run being a good one or bad.

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@baka_shinji17: Watch the video and decide if you like it, that's what they're for! I love this game, personally.

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Fucking Time Lizards.
Future Transsexual Liberty!

Finite Temporal Lusciousness?

Faster Than Light!

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Oh Brad.

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alex gonna be mad

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This game is great !

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@baka_shinji17: If you like failure and retrying. Its very unforgiving for the first few runs until you learn the mechanics but once you do its very fun. You never know how a run will end up. I have had some last 5 minutes and others last 45. Some have seemed lost from the start only to turn around while others have seemed great only to fail.

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I think I would have preferred alex do this he seems to play it more.

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Did Brad usurp Alex from this?

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@baka_shinji17: It's a great game, but dear gods it's frustrating at times. Which is what roguelikes are supposed to do, of course.

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Welp, guess Alex isn't doing one.

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I'd still be happy to see Alex do a video on this. It'd be like that Rambo set of videos... but on a good game instead.

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Still would like to see Alex's video on this (if he's making it). There's a ton in the advanced edition that they didn't cover or only barely touched.

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Let's be honest here, guys. Alex says he's going to do stuff on the morning show all the time and then rarely gets around to it. So I wasn't expecting Alex to do this one anyway.

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Watching Brad play was incredibly stressful.

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48 hours on the PC version, another 10 on the iPad version. I love FTL.

You really have to make more use of the pause button to micromanage stuff better, and make sure to travel to as many beacons in a system as possible to get the most amount if scrap.

The new hacking module is a real pain, it was very difficult on the basic mantis cruiser...

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The Mask is great!

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Well I can kinda get an idea of why Brad has had such a hard time even in easy.

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I honestly wish I could play this on a non apple tablet. Oh well, I'll buy it on steam.

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Dear Brad,

Watching you play is like setting my soul on fire.



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"Not getting hit by stuff is really useful."

Brad Shoemaker

I utilise this philsophy in any game with an accuracy stat. Also, Drew is hilarious all of the time.

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Oh man. I love a Brad and drew video, but holy crap Brad use the pause button! Haha it's so hard to watch Brad play games. Also I'd love to see Alex do his video for this. More content is always welcome.

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Brad, you ran out of rockets

Also, is there any word on if this will come to android? Probably wouldn't work as well on a 7 inch nexus 7 as it would an ipad, but it would (probably) be alright. Touch controls seem like they would be perfect for this game

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Why is Brad so cold?

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I like the part where Brad questions why he went to the shop after spending his scraps. Then goes and proceeds to the next shop where he still can't afford anything. Also, pause while you talk. The spacebar is right under your thumb.

Been playing on the iPad and I've just been letting my weapons auto-fire. After seeing this I can see why that might not be the best idea.

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Not reading text? Playing poorly? Must be a Brad Quicklook. (Sorry Brad)

You'll find the game MUCH easier and be able to beat it on normal if you:
- Read the flavour text before a battle
- Pause the game lots
- Fire as soon as weapons are ready, use autofire
- Farm the early areas like you would a DOTA jungle

Good luck! :D

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I have never seen such a waste of incredible luck before, though I suppose it might be difficult to go from the Ipad to PC. Anyway, FTL is still a great game and getting your weapons hacked is the worst.

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Goddamn, @drewbert with the CANADARM shout-out when talking about the scrap recovery arm, I love it.

Canadians are easily pleased.

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No offence to Vinny and Jeff, but with them out of the office this means more Drew on Quick Looks! Then again, this is going to be a very weird Unprofessional Friday.

And I suspect Brad is too much of a Southern gentleman to keep his eyes on the screen and ignore his QL partner.

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Brad is good at games when he isn't talking. When he begins talking all bets are off.

I found this game more stressful than fun but to each his own.

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Open the interior doors when there's no oxygen, don't make your crewmen work in a vacuum!

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Got the iPad version and it's amazing. Such a good platform to play FTL. I lost so much time just trying to get to the end of the game.

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I could not beat this game even when I cheated.

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Ugh. Why did they make a more addictive version of crack, a.k.a. FTL? I have lost too many hours in the last week to this game.

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Give me fuel, give me fire, gimme that which I desire

Oooh, Yeah-heah

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The additions to the game pulled me right back in.

I ignored this game for a while when it came out, but it is totally addicting. You just want to see what the next sector is like before you put it down. It's a little too combat focused for my tastes, but I like to just play on easy and enjoy the adventure.

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Everyone says Season 1 of Heroes was the peak but i recall Season 2 being pretty alright, after that was when it started to go down hill. I also watched all of Prison Break too even though it wasn't as good after the first season.

On the topic of BSG ending, look at ME3. A lot of people don't like that ending but it's the journey that you'll look back and remember.

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I'm of the opinion that Battlestar Galactica is an excellent show if you just stop watching after they leave New Caprica. Absolutely worth it.

And maybe watch up to the boxing episode, too. That one's pretty good.

But man, that last season turns into a real shitshow.

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I thought the new ship was unlocked right at the start? If not I unlocked it somehow, though I don't know how.


Brad is bad at games.

Though obviously this game isn't a great game to talk about and play at the same time, so I certainly won't be upset at him for playing poorly. But I hope he pauses a whole hell of a lot more on his own time!

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LethalFrag on Twitch is the premiere FTL player if you're looking for hot tips.

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Drew's dropping some killer references and they're all flying way over Brad's head.

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C'mon brad! The open all doors button is right there beside the door icon! You couldn't power up your second level engine because that event had the enemy ship hack it. You have your medbay powered for most of your run when you don't have it in use. Turn it off for the free power! Don't use missiles on a ship where you've already crippled their weapon system, it's just a waste of resources. Only the few things I've noticed in the first 12 minutes.

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I'm just going to make the wild assumption as someone who has played 50ish hours of FTL that our dear Bradley might have missed a few things on this quick look.

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I played FTL obsessively when it came out, entirely because of Ryan's recommendation. After we lost him, I had a hard time even hearing the music, let alone playing FTL w/o thinking about Ryan & getting really sad.

The new additions are definitely making me want to go back and play again. Man, I wish there was an Android version.