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Posted by Hameyadea

So is it Asteroids, but with reversed roles?

Posted by Hass


You mean like, in soviet russia, where the asteroids are shooting you?

Posted by shrinerr

Dave loves games with economies :)

Posted by Nentisys

Nice, Dave!

Posted by bybeach

Oh Dave you such a PC player..'skip the fun stuff, just give me the space economy!'

Posted by Downloaded

@bybeach: He is a proud member of the PC Gaming Master Race!

Posted by JayCee

I'm diggin the look of this game. Not really sure what the game actually is, but it does look nice.

Posted by two_socks

love dave quick looks. game looks pretty awesome too for a downloadable title.

Posted by GentryJ20_delete

This was made by Ex-Rare people btw.

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

This gives me an idea: Hey Dave, can we get a Throwback QL of Escape Velocity? (would recommend Nova)

Posted by Abendlaender

Just when I thought my day was ruined because Zelda didn't arrive, here is a Dave quicklook to save it.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

This, and reading the comments on the Gamespot review more than made up for it

Posted by Ventilaator

Could you get even more generic with your videogame title, jebus.

Posted by KillyDarko

@snide If you haven't yet, you could give Space Pirates and Zombies a try, it's a pretty neat Space Sim/RPG/Strategy game and it's available on Steam ;)

Posted by Canteu

this is only 800 points! thats crazy awesome

Posted by Argo15

looks good :)

Posted by Yadilie

Subspace reference in a Quick Look? I can dig it.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Huh, honestly never expected a game like this to pop up for XBLA, and a MS published one at that. Very ambitious.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

The music choices are both odd and awesome at the same time, at least for this type of SciFi game. I like it.

Posted by dvorak

This is pretty great. It's like a top down Freelancer.

Edited by bcjohnnie

Kinda reminds me of Space Rangers 2 except in real time. If I thought Skyrim would give me any time to play other things, I would give it a try.

Posted by doomocrat

That ship looks like a Warbird from Subspace and I can't get over it.

Posted by Sphinx

@KillyDarko: Yeah SPAZ was amazing. I spent 60+ hours on it, probably one of the best uses of $15 yet.

Posted by MediumDave

This seems really rad. Queued up the demo 5 minutes in.

Posted by deerokus

@Froed: That would be amazing, those games were great. About the only good game I ever played on my old-school mac (when macs were bad).

Posted by Stubee

@bcjohnnie said:

. If I thought Skyrim would give me any time to play other things, I would give it a try.


Though i might just by it anyway to support a small dev team and this genre of games.

Posted by Krenor

pretty crazy game

Posted by LordLOC

This reminds me of a game called Armada Online (which has been in development hell it seems for years now) for PC. Which it self is a remake of I believe a Dreamcast or Saturn game called Armada. It's done by a small studio with very few resources, which probably explains why in the past 3 or 4 years they've hardly done anything with it sadly. Still, it's a MMO-like game with multiplayer and skills and all that jazz. Top down 2d view and all that. Combat is not a twin stick shooter though. Armada Online is free to download and play at this point (if they ever finish it who knows) but man, Fusion Genesis here looks terrific. Really seems to be worth the asking price.

Is this the only game of it's kind on XBLA? I think so?

Posted by ervonymous

Too bad they didn't give Space Pirates and Zombies a look.

Posted by Zamir
Posted by Blacer

@dvorak: I used to love playing Freelancher so much, but I just stopped playing it one day and I have never played it again. Good times.

Posted by Village_Guy

Oooh, Dave Look.

Title is sooo generic, but game seems... interesting.

Posted by coonce
Posted by cheddardust

Why is this not on the PC.

Posted by BlaineBlaine

Well that's a pleasant surprise. Sort of a modernized Elite?

Posted by Death_Burnout

It's actually a bummer they dont know of SPAZ (hate the name) because if they look at it now, it will seem totally lame compared to this. But i would still rather play SPAZ over this, there is something about this that looks a little bland in comparison.

SPAZ (yup not getting any better) consumed my life for quite a little while there, then i got bored of it fast. I believe that game was made by 2 dudes not 4 also.

Posted by aceofspudz


Edited by beard_of_zeus

This seems like a very cool and ambitious game that I'm surprised to see on XBLA (not that I'm complaining), feels like more of a PC thing. Man, if there weren't so many damn games coming out right now, I'd go check this out for a bit, especially for only $10. Can someone remind me that this game exists around January or February next year, when we get into a lull?

Posted by Draxyle

Looks really cool but I lack an Xbox unfortunatly. This seems like something I'd buy during a Steam sale. Hopefully someday.

Posted by SpaceRunaway

I was in as soon as I saw you could buy C-Beams.

Edited by Addfwyn

...looks more appealing to me than EVE, would hope to see this make PS3 someday in the far future. Published by MS so unlikely.

Oh well, I have my Escape Velocity.

Posted by Nes

A top-down space shooter with warring factions, unique ships and abilities, a dedicated afterburner button, and mining? Is this the spiritual sequel to Operation: Inner Space? Rad.

Edited by Insectecutor

Looks like that dropable weapon they got was for the tower defence style raids. I can't see what's so confusing about this game after playing 15 hours of Skyrim.

It's pretty cool how they've taken the idea of space tunnels as popularised by everything from Scramble to PixelJunk Shooter and used it to make this kind of top-down space game more interesting. If I were going to build a space colony I'd probably put it inside a huge asteroid too. I'm not a fan of the boundary around the zones though, I would prefer to be able to just fly for as long as I liked even if there was nothing out there.

Posted by EricNStuff

I love me some non-Klepek QL's.

Posted by Mercanis

@Addfwyn said:

...looks more appealing to me than EVE, would hope to see this make PS3 someday in the far future. Published by MS so unlikely.

Oh well, I have my Escape Velocity.

Escape Velocity is good times. Might I suggest Space Pirates and Zombies? It too is a very good top-down space sim.

Edited by 234r2we232

All I could think about during this was how much the menu and parts of the UI looked like it was ripped right out of the first Mass Effect game.

@EricNStuff said:

I love me some non-Klepek QL's.

Amen to that.

Edited by RetroVirus

I hope this comes to PS3.

EDIT: The music is really great. Blaring horns+space= good

Posted by CitizenJP

Not enough Dave these days on Giantbomb. Need more Dave. ;P

Posted by yoshimitz707

So many quick looks lately! Hard to watch them all while Skyrim is out.

Posted by Aristides

@yoshimitz707 said:

So many quick looks lately! Hard to watch them all while Skyrim is out.

That is exactly my problem too.

Posted by maathyas

Really looking forward to this game. Thanks for the awesome quick look!

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