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This can only end well

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Oh god that picture is awesome!

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Kinect can't handle this party.

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This has to be good.

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I am eagerly anticipating Game Game and Party Party.

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Ryan is ballin'. 

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Oh man.

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That "game" looks pretty terrible.

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Epic face.

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Giant Bomb - do you even sleep? You're pumping out content like it's nobody's buisness. Two Saturday QL's and one for Sunday too. I know you recorded it Friday but still - it's just heck of ill. Dogg.

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Must. Resist. Photoshop. 
Thinking about it I haven't done one of Alex yet. ;-)

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Let's Party!

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TThe menus here are terrible. They make me want to throw up.

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loving the still screen.

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Ugh, so glad I dont have to play this crap, but glad they are.  =)

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Shit,early ending.Could somebody fix this?Thanks.
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I love watching Ryan and Alex dance

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Sunday mornin' (not comin' down, but hey), fried egg sandwich, cuppo coffee and a Quick Look. Good way to start the day.

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Is it me,or does Ryan look like a rapist on that still screen?Either way I can't stop laughing and I haven't seen the video yet.

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It's like a compilation of all those horrible Avatar games on the Indie Games section.

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More motion control stuff. Awesome.

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This does not look like a game that people should play. With middling motion controls comes middling-to-crappy mini-game collections.

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Fuck yes, Cornhole!

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omg the GBTNT avatar is perfect

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Is anybody else getting a mid-90s ska band album cover vibe from the picture?

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all I do is party

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It took me too long in this QL  to wonder when Ryan and Alex suddenly became lefties.

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Alex has 


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I demand more Ryan and Alex Kinect-looks.

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I feel inclined to add that I think the past few QLs with Alex have been great too. Keep up the good work gents, and pace yourselves! :D

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Kinect really makes some good QL's.

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Corn hole? I prefer brass eye.

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"Hey, it takes forever to activate a button in Kinect menus."

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Everything about this looks like absolute dreck (except for Ryan and Alex).

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Ryan Davis has a nachoboss inside him.

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That's the cover art for Alex and the Navarros (feat. The Nachoboss) for their first single "Corn Hole Forever".
But that screen is probably the best thing to come out of that game. As Alex would probably say "Mini Game collections, that's a thing".

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the picture taking after every single game is so ridiculous, well actually the whole thing is ridiculous.

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@FritzDude: Agreed.
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It's games like this that remind me how much I hate avatars.

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My favourite kind of parties!

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@FritzDude said:

Kinect really makes some good QL's.

really?  i find them all awkward and uncomfortable
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So I guess motion control stuff is nearly completely lost on me at this point because the last thing I was thinking at the end of this quick look was "not bad".  Ryan, you crazy.

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My video froze at 6:26.

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I'd like to see more kinect quicklooks with alex navarro and not-ryan, how about Vinny, or maybe jeff for a change
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Every Kinect game they play gets worse and worse.

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great quick look
you guys continue to impress with great content

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@csl316 said:
"@FritzDude said:

Kinect really makes some good QL's.

really?  i find them all awkward and uncomfortable

Then you shouldn't see the Kinect marathon in early November, if you haven't already? I find all the motion control games that shows Ryan, or whom is playing, on the screen enjoyable.
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