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WTF, checked it earlier & didn't see anything new. Will have to go back to grab some of the newness, since they are doing a day one bonus of getting the mascots they should have announced it or put it separate from the last pack for this game. 
Edit- love Jeff's way of catching crooks in Keystone Kapers.

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@MisuseOfLasers:  in the words of Dutch 'You son of a bitch'
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Neato, now get the ER episodes up and my day will be complete!

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Should probably check out Game Room sometime, might give me an excuse to turn on my 360 again.

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@Jonny7892: Hilariously enough there was a comment before mine that has disappeared now so I still didn't get it. =\
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Yay for weekly Game Room Quick Looks! 
"Me hitting that car is another Father who won't get home to see his kids tonight!"
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It's Ezio not Altiar Ryan. Wait did I just do that? Sorry I'm dissappointed in myself now.

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I like these QLs

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Whooo Whooosh
Whooo Whooosh

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These quicklooks must be pretty expensive.

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Yay, a working video! And man, I want Keystone Kapers and Oink. Keystone because I won the blue label 2600 cartridge and Oink because it looks terrible but fun in a terrible way. Maybe the shooter too.

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first 20!

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Next week's TNT confirmed! OINK!

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Does Microsoft have a list anywhere of upcoming Game Room titles?

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So when a game has multiple releases and 2600 is not the best, will they do multiple releases or only one.  Who will decide what version should be in the arcade.

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@CrimsonJester: TOP MEN.
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They're going to need to start adding worthy titles to the library for any of it to be worth it. The framework in place is great, but nothing they've put out is worth the money. Especially when some better known (and better all around) titles have already seen stand-alone revamped releases.

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"now that wolf is gonna fuck that pig" haahahahahahaha i love you guys.

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so gonna get soccer, game room sold me.

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Is it just me, or is Ryan starting to sound more and more sleep-deprived in each new video?

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Boycott Gameroom, it's got Activion games!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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@Guyzea said:
" Next week's TNT confirmed! OINK! "
Oink endurance run?
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I think I may have to grab Keystone Capers this week. That game is pretty cool.
Also, Jungalos, represent.

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Oh my god of all the years I've played Keystone Kapers and I never thought to jump up the stairs to go faster.

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God i love GB for promoting 360 non stop, keep on doing great job guys!

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Is it me or are these games just really depressing? Even the faintest tinge of nostalgia doesn't mean I want to play them again. Until we get the real Capcom, Midway, Taito, Konami and Namco classics (unlikely given that these are already on XBLA or other collections), I can't see these appealling to more than the bearded and balding.  
The Wii does the classics so much better IMO.  
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@Pibo47 said:
" "now that wolf is gonna fuck that pig" haahahahahahaha i love you guys. "
Not as much as they love wolf fucking.
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Wow that Night Driver is kinda trippy to watch.

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Shit yeah, Oink! day one baby! now i got that sweet assed pig with a brick runnin around my arcade.
Actually when you drop the bricks from the top, that's only in novice mode which sucks because it's a far more amusing game in that mode...the mode you play ranked in just feels clunky by comparison.

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just give me genesis/ snes era arcade games.  maybe dreamcast.........

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Canyon Bomber and Night Driver?  Those games were the ones where the box art was worth more than the game.  Where are Atlantis and Cosmic Ark?

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I kind of wish you guys would do the same thing for Virtual Console releases on the Wii. Although since they're very few and far in between these days, and way more expensive, I can understand that they'd be way harder to pull off.

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There is a makeshift way to figure out which games have a ranked mode before buying them. Check the leaderboards section in the main menu. If the game is listed there...it has a ranked mode.

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Love Jeff's emphasis when jumping on the criminals head :p

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Thanks for doing these videos guys. As Jeff mentions in the video, it shows off the games in a more complete way than the demos do.

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Raptor totally ripped Megazone off! Major! Wow! Damn! Anyone else notice that? Insanity!

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Now I know where to go for hot oink tips!
the more of these game room quick looks go up, and I just get more and more happier for old games.

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Oink looks pretty sweet, i'll definitely get that.

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"That's what you get for driving a Tie Fighter at night" Awesome.
I used to play a fair amount of Battlezone, game was pretty cool.

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I was really enjoying watching Oink! for some reason.
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OINK! looks like the stuff that they make nightmares out of

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GiantBomb is the only site that would do a feature on Game Room. 

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love the way jeff kicked the robber in the head lol

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Never drive your Tie Fighter on the road at night time... lesson learned.

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I hate all this arcade shit who the fuck will wanna play shit fuckign looking crap ass little games  ???
i just dont get it,  ok maybe if it was 20 years ago then you might wanna play it but please WTF who ever wastes their money on these shitty arcade games are retards.

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This was fucking funny! I'm still not used to how much more enjoyable game coverage got due to the glorious invention of QLs...

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Oh man, Three Little Pigs is so much better with laserwolves. Also with hilarious commentary. luls