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Posted by ArchScabby


Posted by LordCrom

SCORE!  Thanks for going back and shooting the previous week!  Don't want to miss one. :)
Posted by artofwar420

I like these Game Room quick looks, even though I'll probably never buy any of these. Well, who knows.

Posted by Ariketh
Posted by Milkman

These Game Room quick looks are, if nothing else, pretty good history lessons.

Posted by JakeTaylor

Oh God, Shark Shark!

Posted by Majkiboy
@Ronald:  I remember it like yesterday
Posted by GoldenExplosion

You're right, they did screw up the Asteroids sound. Having played on the Console and the "Xbox Arcade Anthology" Disc (Which came with a selection of classic games all for Original Xbox Gameplay), I can say that the sound is wrong in this case...dammit Game Room.

Posted by Winternet

I remember being a grand master in Time Pilot. Now, looking at it, seems way  more difficult.

Posted by soralapio

Man, GOOD EAR, Jeff! I went back to check and the Asteroids sound is indeed all messed up. 
Respect, dawg.

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Oink oink is still the best GR game name!

Posted by Gamer_152

Oh wow, the audio in Asteroids is way off, why would they do that?

Posted by McQuinn

it's sounds really is off 

Posted by Deusoma

Since the old link is dead now, here's what Asteroids is supposed to sound like:

Posted by samcwic

Sometimes I like to come back and watch the earlier Game Room videos from the time before the dream died.

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Why am I here?

To find a year's-old Sifl and Olly reference, that's why.

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