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had to reply fast... am i the only person to whom the game room games are boring. i may be too young to understand any of it....though

Posted by Chrjz

Damn you

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Posted by MjHealy

Thought this wouldn't be on. Good stuff.

Posted by gosukiller
These games basicly bank on either
1) Your nostalgia.
2) Your curiosity about gaming history that you havent been a part of.
Seeing as I'm of 1987, my reason I like these is the 2nd reason.
If you have neither of these two things, it's not for you.
Posted by v2xJFresh
@gosukiller: cool thats what i thought, was just wondering if it was me just not understanding 'REAL' games
Posted by zombie2011

I love these QL's.

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Posted by seanvail99

I would be very curious to see the sales numbers on these game room releases. A lot of this old Atari stuff looks and plays like complete garbage. Besides a little bit of nostalgia or the odd game that might hold a special place in your heart from your childhood or whatever, I'm having a very hard time seeing the appeal to anybody. 

Posted by stinky

the Atari 2600 made a small come back in the late 80s. 
it  had a new form factor, much smaller, so you got to marvel at tech progress. 
it was kind of a cool nostalgia trip, cant remember much about it, i think it quickly went back into obscurity as the Master System and the NES were on the scene as well. 
guessing thats the time of River Raid 2.

Posted by Shaolin_Munkeh

This is by far the worst week so far, next week isn't looking much better either.

Posted by Sil3n7

Video Hustlin Son!

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Posted by Whizbang

Video Hustler and Associate Video Hustler, hahaha.  Vinny always has the best side comments.

Posted by RampageAssassin

I'm following those avatars who are leaving the room

Posted by Rhaknar

good question Jeff...who IS buying this. Nostalgia is fine, but damn :/

Posted by Ronald

There are way too many bad 2600 games.

Posted by thepotatoman

 I really do think old games have more to them then just nostalgia.  Graphics don't really mean that much too me and the simplicity of it all just makes them even better.  I started with the N64 and Game Room is amazing to me, but i honestly don't know how anyone can buy any games from this week in game room for any reason other then nostalgia.  None of them are good at all and weren't that great even when they were first released.  I'm so glad that next week looks to have a couple of interesting games in them again finally.

Posted by TheKidNixon

I am amused how these Game Room quick looks can be used as an easy historical archive for Jeff's excitement about Game Room. At first, he's an early advocate, even a believer. Now, it feels like a joyless duty.

Posted by Pop

When I was very young kinda like 5 I had an atari 2600 only until like 3 years ago I realized that I had a 2600 cause when I was young I didn't know difference between consoles I also forgot I played games on it all I could remember was a controller with a big red button, 3 years ago when I realized that I had owned a 2600 I struggled to remember this game where you are this guy chasing a thief and I watched this video and saw the keystone capers mascot and said OMG I think that's the game, I went to youtube searched keystone capers found a vid watched a little of it heard the sounds and... NOSTALGIA FILLED MY SOUL.

Posted by Swoxx

oh man

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Well, I said last week that I thought Game Room was going the way of the dodo. However, I've been looking at Major Nelson's XBLA weekly figures, and Game Room comes in at no. 4 on the top 20 list of full versions purchased. That seems pretty high for what I described as a "colossal failure". Maybe it is doing okay after all. 

Posted by Chris2KLee

Game Room seems some what mishandled. I have yet to DL the client, 5 achievement points be damned!

Posted by rjayb89

Vinny sounds so disinterested.  Not that that is unwarranted.

Posted by Gaff

This is depressing. 
It seems that the biggest problem of Game Room is the library and their respective license holders: most of the major arcade companies (Taito, Namco, Capcom, etc) already have their own retro collections. And the current publishers? Not that many good titles if you think about it. 
Also, I could recommend some mahjong games to Vinny, some very "interesting" ones... I'd buy Game Room for that.

Posted by Blair

Whatever Vinny, I'm a video hustler.

Posted by flasaltine

What is this Broken Guy they are talking about?

Posted by Soap

... would a 360 arcade stick work with game room?

Edited by gakon

Last week I was speculating that this move from 7 to 5 games a week parallels the Virtual Console's progression from 3 to 2 to 1 game(s) a week.  I was thinking it might have been a fluke for that week, but maybe we're seeing the first step in a downward spiral.
[edit] Also, let's note that the blocks you're hitting in Circus Atari are supposed to be balloons.

Posted by gakon
@Flacracker said:
" What is this Broken Guy they are talking about? "
Occasionally an Avatar in the Game Room will sit motionless and not animate, and be sticking the classic video game Vitruvian Man pose with its arms straight out.
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Game Pack 6 was accidently released for PC users the other day and the following games were reported to be inside by Doh Ray Egon on the Game Room Xbox forums:  
btw the games have since been locked back up and people are unable to get them now.
It looks like there are 15...and for some reason...they are all available at once. I also now have a list:

Arcade games:

  • Black Widow
  • Juno First
  • Major Havoc
  • Scooter Shooter
  • Warlords

Atari 2600/Activision games:

  • Casino
  • Crackpots
  • H.E.R.O.
  • Kaboom!
  • Laser Blast
  • Sky Diver
  • StarMaster


  • Star Strike
  • Triple Action
  • Utopia
Posted by Yzzerdd

I guess the broken avatar was tied to how Jeff's arcade was set up, he is greatly missed!

Posted by Metal_Mills

These quicklooks are the best thing about game room. I love looking at these old games.

Posted by cravins90

I still love that you guys do this, but I wouldn't blame you if you stopped.

Posted by Box3ru13

I'm really glad Jeff buys these all because it would suck to own these games. 

Posted by dantebk

I hope this train never ends.

Posted by fox01313

Hopefully after e3 neogeo, colecovision & other consoles will pop up as the intellivision is rather meh & needs a replacement.

Posted by DrJota

Still waiting on NARC and Super C!

Posted by LordCrom

SWEET!  Another week of Game Room.  Thanks guys.
Posted by Diamond

Completely irrelevant games with absurd prices and low quality emulation!

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Just end it now..stop making gameroom games. Your only pumping out crap now. 

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Atari 2600 was the Wii of its day. I remember there being more awful games youd play once and never play again then games that were worth playing. I played defender, pacman, warlords, haunted house, breakout, circus atari (which is a good game, it just was programmed to play with a paddle so... ya not great for game room at all), missle command and space invaders ALOT.  
I had over 100 2600 games. They're releasing mainly all the ones you wouldnt play. I still say they should be releasing more arcade games then awful old console games. They still have some atari 2600 games, though, if released I would totally buy (Defender, come on) 
edit: sorry, my internet grammar typos is awful so I had to edit
Posted by buzz_clik

Awww, a shout out to Blue Max. You're ace, Vinny.

Posted by ch3burashka

The most expertly done conclusion to a Quick Look if I do say so myself.

Posted by NickNorman

The only reason I still care about Game Room is these videos you guys do. I'd buy some more games if they came out with some that weren't crap, but so far, not much interests me.

Posted by Sergotron

Yup I am still not missing that game room. 

Posted by Milkman
@Flacracker said:
" What is this Broken Guy they are talking about? "
There's usually a broken avatar standing in the arcade with its arms spread out.
Posted by Lelcar

I dont know why, but I love these Game Room quick looks. Even though i'll never actually play any of the Game Room games myself, I'm always excited to watch these quick looks from beginning to end every week.
Posted by kollay

Shit games makes for fun quick looks. Not all the time, though.

Posted by Klaimore

Sky Jinks had shadows!!!

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