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More game moom!

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Man I love the mortal kombat talk I can't get enough of it :D. 

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@eloj said:
" Haha.. This is hilarious! boom-boom-boom. boom-boom-boom. boom-boom-boom. "
I think you mean Boom Boom Pow. :)
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Love the endurance run... i mean the QL :p

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I suppose the great stuff from last week had to be offset by the garbage, although Black Widow was a pretty good game back then, sort of a mix of Tempest and Robotron.

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Lazer Blast ER!!!!!
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There is no pattern for extra lives in that game, one could cost 10,000 and the next could be 1,000... that's pretty much all I got out of this quick look.

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Game Room is funded by Jeff Gerstmann and Laser Blast.

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Now i want to play some Mortal kombat.

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"Laser Blast killscreen coming up"

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I was not expecting this to turn into a endurance run...

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While the lasers were pretty hypnotic, watching Jeff crash non stop in biplanes was hilarious.

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i love how they just talk as jeff continues to play, great talking in this!

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Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll - Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll - Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll - Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll - Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll - Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll -  Pew - Pew - Pew - Scroll - 

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Oh my god, someone got 500k on that? Dude, that's hardcore. I took a hint from Brad and just relaxed in my chair during that part. The biplane thing was hilarious, I love these Quick Looks.

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I support this video.

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"If you like Casino, you might like Chopper Command." Oh yeah right, because they are like almost identical games. Blasting those lazers! Talk about a one trick game. Shoot three times in a row, repeat. Tonight, I shall fall asleep counting lazer shooting UFOs.
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Oh man, first Motocross making me die of laughter, and then triple action...

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Honestly, what kind of game gives a 1up every 1000 points?

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It's like a mini bombcast but with moving pictures. :3

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Wow, Jeff pulls an amazing Brad.

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I can't believe I just spent 20 minutes watching two guys play Laser Blast while talking about a game I don't care about. I also can't believe that I was entertained by it.

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cant believe i sat through all that laser blasting

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@wwfundertaker said:
" Now i want to play some Mortal kombat. "
Yeah.. Me too.
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Wow thank god for the MK discussion during Lazer blast or else I would've fallen asleep. 

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I had a girlfriend who was really into triple action... I say girlfriend she was really more just some girl a knew.  Who liked triple action.  Three ways of action, that was her thing.

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@beatlebrainiac said:
" Black Widow looks an awful lot like Geometry Wars. Or should I say, Geometry Wars looks an awful lot like Black Widow. "
I was more thinking it looked like Tempest and played like Geometry Wars.
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I can see Laser Blast served as one of the main inspirations for Work Time Fun.

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Man, I played so much C64 HERO as a kid. Such a clever game, where everything from concept to art to gameplay all just came together perfectly.
They need to release Beamrider, though. Best Activision game ever. Well, it was on the C64 - I'm not too sure how any other version holds up.
P.S. I think that brown water is supposed to be lava, Brad. The game's set in a mine that's been effed up by volcanic activity. Pffft. You'd know this if you'd read my HERO fan fiction.

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Lazer Blast - Downloadable Game of the Year.

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Laser Blast Endurance Run!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

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This, or I can get 80 Atari games for $5.09 on Steam right now.
I choose neither. :p
/plays more Borderlands

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Casino might be the dumbest Game Room release yet.

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20 minutes of laser blast and my brain has lost all function

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I wish Game Room would come out with more of a variety of games that I played in the arcade. Q*Bert, Gorf, Crazy Climber, Popeye etc. I don't know what the rights are that they would have to deal with to do something like that though.

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Was that enemy in HERO a candlestick attempting to masturbate itself?

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I remember the first time I played Black Jack was on that casino game for Atari 2600. My mom used to play it all the time. Never understood why it was a paddle game though, all you need it is a button and a way to change what you wanna do. 
Oh, and... ya I remember Laser Blast being harder when I played it as a child. My memory could be wrong though. I dont know, I dont remember it being that easy. I remember really liking how you could kamikaze the turrets if you got shot down. 
So ya still way to many Atari games comin out. I guess at this point we can assume they wont be releasing actual Classic Arcade games (these are console games). Thats a shame. I would've liked to see some classic capcom or Neo Geo on there. Or maybe Dragons Lair.
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Vector graphics are the future.

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No matter happens, we can always go back to MK.
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That was great just listening in. Although I now want to get Laser Blast

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MK is back and thats all I can think of right now, guess thats the same with Jeff and Brad. Also Brad has a great point. I'd play gameroom if it had fuckin newer arcade game like early to mid 90's games.

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That was a fantastic quick look/endurance run/podcast/Mortal Kombat discussion!

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H.E.R.O. looks like the only worthwhile offering this week.

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I love this show, keep doing what your doing Jeff!

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haha, i hate stryker. 

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Hey Jeff, I still have Ultimate MK3 on XBLA, so if you want to throwdown send me a PM and I'll give you my gamertag. Props for the Laserblast skillz (you know you're good when you have skillz with a "z" instead of an "s").

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The incessant swirling around the game room at the beginning of these is kind of sickening.

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Awesome quick look!  Great MK info!

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MK discussion was awesome. Every gameroom quicklook should just be Brad and Jeff talking about MK for 20 minutes.