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Posted by buzz_clik

Oh, I just realised why Jeff didn't really notice the red blip while playing Hover Force... hellloooo, colourblindness!

Posted by Garfield518
@SkullcrusherMountain said:
" I love how every quick look, someone misses some totally obvious piece of visual information like the GIANT RED DOT FLASHING ON THE MAP. "
Jeff is colorblind.
Posted by Kiro

Nothing can fix Broken Guy

Edited by CaptainFish

Real arcades really showed the importance of a solid infinity frames per second.

Also, hell yea the deeper you go the more points you get! BOOM!

Posted by BlkMjk

some of these games actually seem pretty fun
Posted by DoctorWelch


Posted by iSylence
@RapaRipa said:
" Argh, the sound effects on Quadrun... "
It was the worst aye! I was cringing the whole time hoping they would stop :s
Posted by LordCrom

Yep, bought them all again.
Posted by Baggykins

That noise left my brain all smushed :(

Posted by drew327

Thanks for these videos

Posted by ajamafalous

Mr. Gatti's is a chain.

Posted by CharlesSurge

Man, that red dot on a green background makes me feel sympathetic for the colorblind.

Posted by MrCrushin
@Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
Posted by Radarscope1

Still torn about GR. Really want to like it, but it's just like Brad said - you really have to wonder what's going to happen to it in the long run. It looked shaky coming out of the gate, but I want to support anything that gives players proper re-releases of old games. So I bought three games but said I wouldn't buy anything more until GR showed some more signs of life. The update this week prompted me to buy Gyruss (which is pretty decent, really). But now I'm kind of at a point where if I spend any more $$ I would be kinda pissed if it doesn't end up going anywhere. If they would just get more publishers on board it would prompt me to support it a little more -- even go back and buy some already released stuff.
Anyway, thanks for the QLs on these games.

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

hey now... hoverforce looks pretty cool to me

Posted by TheHT

oh god that humming sound in quadrun is fucking INVADING MY SKULL.
that's some pro fishing there. "GET ON!!!!" lmao.

Posted by danimal_furry

Brad, you can eat brim.But crappie is where you score. It has a funny name and it's good food. I get annoyed at people fishing for carp. Those are the worst fish ever. You can't eat them and the idiots that fish for them just take up good fishing space.
Posted by Shaolin_Munkeh

Gyruss is the shit! 
Intellivision is a load of shit!

Posted by Braqoon
@Rehehelly said:
" Game room still disappoints me. "
I couldn't agree more. I can care less for most of the games. I know they are classics and i played them as well but this is a bit like with old car. It's nice to see it on the road from time to time but not to drive it.
Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Quadrun made my ears bleed.

Posted by beef_melody

Hover Force kicks ass

Posted by TheKidNixon

Mr. Gatti is still a threat down here in Austin, TX

Posted by gbrading

Game Room is only justified because of this series of Quick Looks.
Posted by ZombiePie
@SkullcrusherMountain said:
Colorblindness is a bitch son.
I wish Kevin Van Ord would visit my game room...
Moderator Online
Posted by squidracerX
@ZombiePie said:
" @SkullcrusherMountain said:
Colorblindness is a bitch son.  
hahaha yeah. Also gyruss had a copy version in GTA san andreas in the arcade machines you found around.
Posted by Yummylee

lol I love the over enthusiastic clapping from the avatars.

Posted by MeatSim

Will Jeff run out of Game Room space? tune in next week to find out!

Posted by CaptainBluey

GR has a lot potential. I hope they realise some of it. Would love it if they can port some C64 and Amiga games. What do you think the chances of that might be?

Posted by Joey2683

2 Warps to Uranus.
Posted by glanesb

ahhhh.......had the cocktail Gyruss in my old showroom in NYC....should of donated that to you guys!!!

Posted by SBYM

Mr. Gatti's had pretty mediocre pizza, but I do remember the gigantic TVs and modest collection of arcade games. I think there might still be one fairly close to me, though I haven't been over that way in a couple of years now, so perhaps not.

Posted by vizionblind

arcade is so fail

Posted by mrcraggle
@MrCrushin said:
" @Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
Truth. "
I wonder if it'll be cancelled for the UK? We had 2 betas but no proper release and no commentator like Chris Cashman. At least not for the games I played. It seems MS keep making these things, not doing anything with them and letting them die. Game Room has a ton of potential but they don't show any interest for it and what ever happened to the Prime Time Channel? Yea we got 1 Vs 100 but I thought there were meant to be a ton of different things like it.
Posted by Gizmo

Holy shit, it's the Venetian Blinds sunset.

Posted by MooseyMcMan
@Gizmo said:
" Holy shit, it's the Venetian Blinds sunset. "
That sunset is all over the place in the Activision games. 
Posted by adoggz

@ZombiePie said:

@SkullcrusherMountain said:
Colorblindness is a bitch son. I wish Kevin Van Ord would visit my game room...

with the acquisition he just might!

Posted by bkbroiler

Pretty badass historical reference to Hatfields and McCoys by Brad, well before they even considered making that TV show!

Posted by peritus

You can really tell they are becoming more and more skeptical of the gameroom each consecutive video. ;-)