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EDIT: Totally got the quest without trying to.

Posted by nick69

i doubt this service will continue. 

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Let's see what awfulness there is.

Posted by Six

i was hoping to see a QL.

Posted by Demonstride

Finally! a damn quicklook!

Posted by fillmoejoe

Damn that arcade is filled the f up.

Posted by SpaceDandie

I thought they were going to say there was a patch for more room...

Edited by Brackynews

And Intellivision gets shoved in a drawer again. There's just no life past 30. Tragic.
So I have 125G in Gameroom, with 13/56 achievements.  And out of 12,600 people on GB that gets me a B rank. Duders.

Posted by Landmine


Posted by Timmy_Wackford

Why must you systematically torture us each week like this Jeff!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?

Posted by Crushed

Ryan is gonna murder Brad for insulting that Atari 2600 sound.

Posted by osuzoo08

wow like 4000 people bought gravitar ? Also does that game kinda remind anyone of the galactic map from mass effect 2? 

Posted by drag

Shadowgate! Loved that game - one of my first gaming experiences in fact. Came home from the park one day to find my dad had bought a NES for no reason I could think of (not complaining!) and then that lunchtime was spent with everyone casting worried looks into the living room as he got increasingly angry at the game because he couldn't get past the first screen. Then he beat us! 

Posted by RobJ

"Shadowgate" for the Amiga was amazing and the best version by far.

Posted by Erkenbrand

I would love to see more videos of Jeff just going for it in various fighting games; this was a treat.

Posted by Pop

I played a lot of ye kung fu on the NES when I was little, I've seen the arcade version a couple of times but I still thought the gameplay from the NES version was better but the arcade version had a more enemies. Also that RPG on the intellivision sounded really really crazy and the way you fought enemies is how final fantasy does it and that's pretty cool. I miss airplane avatars.

Posted by marrec

I won't be buying any Gameroom stuff unless they get into a later era, but damn if I don't LOVE me some Quicklook on Gameroom. Look forward to it every week.

Posted by Ashby

I do adore these. Best/worst videos on the site. I'm just a bit too young to have nostalgia for these - I was more a nes/mostly snes kinda youngster.

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@Landmine said:


What does it mean!?
Posted by SavageM2

Ha ha, those Gravitar enemies looked like flying picnic tables.

Posted by Ronald

Where is the broken avatar? There was even one at California Extreme, how is there not one here?

Posted by scarace360

they got rid of 1vs100 for this >_> thanks

Posted by Gearhead
@scarace360 said:
" they got rid of 1vs100 for this >_> thanks "
Exactly what I said last week.
Posted by RetroMetal
@MrMcgillicutty said:
" @Landmine said:


What does it mean!? "
It means they have the Arcade Rom and now the 2600 Rom.
Anyway, I used to own Enduro and loved it back in the day.
When are they going to release freaking Star Wars Arcade on this thing?
Posted by MrMcgillicutty
@RetroMetal: You sir, missed the Double Rainbow reference...
Posted by Metiphis

So my old Xbox broke and on the new one I lost all my game room purchases.  Screw them for making you pay extra to keep your games after Red RIng.

Posted by D34dM4n

u'd think jeff would be great at beating Pole when he was younger

Posted by Ramboknife

Edited by Sinkwater

Jeff you missed the two broken avatars at 0:39!  Bottom screen!

Posted by KarateLincoln

gravitar = phallic ship

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

That's what she said.

Posted by BulletStorm

So. Tower of Doom is the precursor to Persona? 

Posted by buzz_killington

Poor Krome! They had a good idea, but no one wants anything to do with it...

Posted by JEC03

Mame owns.

Posted by White_Lando


 You could feel the same intensity while Jeff played.

Edited by trophyhunter

jeff went up like 250 ranks in kung fu, that's nuts

Posted by djm323

Jeff I'm ok if you stop buying all these games. I really enjoy the quicklooks but don't think they deserve all the money you are giving them for these awful games.

Posted by HandsomeDead

This is the most excited Brad has ever sounded and he hates everything. Perfect commentary for Game Room.

Posted by Ghostbuster123

I liked that martial arts game

Edited by Levio

Thank goodness I was born after this bleak period in history.  Hitting 4,950 ninja stars in a row sounds like torment.  Or maybe WoW.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I played a ton of Enduro when I was a wee one.  I wasn't ever good at it, but I do think I spent a fair chunk of change on it.  Time has not been kind to it.

Moderator Online
Posted by JEC03

Microsoft's arcade room is lame this is a billion times better.

Posted by glanesb

they have reached the EVENT HORIZON.

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Posted by vhold

Dude, you can write off that $20 a week on yer taxes as a business expense.

Posted by monster9999

O Jeff i truly have pity for thee

Posted by whatisdelicious

This was the best Enduro Run yet! 
Also, Brad should reboot Gravitar just for that tagline he so casually dropped: "Gravity is still a threat."

Posted by MegaGoat

Original TMNT arcade did not have premium start AFAIK, Turtles in Time did

Posted by erinfizz

These are much more entertaining when I don't feel like we're witnessing the sights and sounds of Jeff hating himself. Yay for a halfway decent game this week.

Posted by ch3burashka

Every single Game Room QL devolves into, "So... that's that game."

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