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game room disappoints me.
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Let's go weekly gameroom disappointment!
Yeah, it was pretty much what you expect out of gameroom nowadays.

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The sigh Jeff makes during that hockey game was priceless.

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Sometimes the mundane, flavorless way these games were named (Dolphin?) reminds me of the Bill Hicks joke about Orange Drink.

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I remember Dolphin being more like a Swordquest style of game with adventure elements.  You could turn into the bird and fly around and then be the dolphin while collecting pieces of a trident or something.  Either I was on some bad Capri Sun or I'm remembering a totally different game.  It wasn't Ecco either since I never owned Ecco until the Genesis collection on PSP, and never played it.  I need to do some research now.
Edit:  Someone reminded me it was Fathom I was thinking of.  An honest mistake, since it blows my mind to think there were two dolphin games on the 2600.  Fathom is a much better game though, which reminds me.  Why aren't there any Imagic games on Game Room?  Imagic is owned Activision, so that means they should be allowed into this group.

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i dont know about you, but that hockey game looks AWESOME!

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Dolphin is actually a pretty cool game. The tone of the sound indicates where the gap in the wall will appear. A higher tone indicates the gap will be near the top and low tone will indicate the gap is near the bottom. Pretty unique game play actually.

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Jeff I think you might single handedly be generating over half the income going into this project.

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While I'm a supporter of what game room could be, I'm in total agreement with Jeff & others on there needing other consoles/arcade titles. Also if game room is more meh titles like these, Jeff might start saving some money & just demo the intellivison titles for these QL.

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The noises Dolphin makes are genuinely haunting.

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I grew up playig those old games and sure it was great but looling back I have no desire to play them again.

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broad jp.

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every week this is becoming more and more sad

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Only 12 minutes? 
That sucks.

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Watch those Game Room Quick Looks in chronological order back to back to see how Jeff's motivation demoing those games gets destroyed :D
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@SinGulaR said:
" Watch those Game Room Quick Looks in chronological order back to back to see how Jeff's motivation demoing those games gets destroyed :D "
You are horrible.
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I wonder if there will be a game called "xbox 360" in 20 years time.

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At this point, I'm pretty sure that Jeff makes up 75% of Game Room's profit margin.
Dolphin feels like the great granddaddy of Ecco the same way that Mr. Goemon is the great granddaddy of Ganbare Goemon. I love the sense of history, but not so much the games.

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So Jeff was in 11th place with 0 points on Decathlon? How early was this shot when only 11 people had bought the game? How sad for Game Room, but not unexpected.

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You're in the top 10! Hallelujah!

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Ug. Gameroom and me have a serious love/hate relationship. Stop with the 2600 games and bring in the ARCADES!

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The pinging noise you hear is the dolphin's sonar, and it allows you to gauge where the gap in the seahorses is.  A higher pitch means the gap will be higher up and vice-versa.
Also I think Game Room is in a habit of lying about the leaderboards while you're playing a ranked game, either due to a bug or something else.  Sometimes it just shows your current best and your current score; sometimes I'm playing Major Havok and somehow I end up 1st in the world with 100,000 points, when the real highest score is 999,000 or something.  It's weird.

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@Canberra said:
"The noises Dolphin makes are genuinely haunting. "

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I bought Dolphin hoping to get that free mascot you get for buying the game on Day One and it doesn't come with one. The only good game this week has no mascot. Typical MS. 
Yes, I've spent 1200 MS Points on the Arcade. I spend the 25% Jeff doesn't account for.

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Game Room will die before they release anything decent. 

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This is somehow becoming a Endurance Run

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You know, I think Jeff just beat Brad's time for quickest death in a Quick Look. Can somebody confirm this?

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I started out extremely excited about Game Room, but... I honestly wish it would just discontinue if all that's going to come out is more of this type of crap.  I mean, they have to know that it should be considered a sin to even suggest paying $3 for any of the games featured this week with the exception of maybe Dolphin if I'm being generous.
Does anyone know if Jeff or anybody has checked back with Microsoft or Krome to see what ever came of the alleged Dreamcast support?

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I'm sure the GameRoom controls kill it once again, but I remember really liking Dodge 'Em back in the day.

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Yay! oh... gameroom. ugh.

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Game Room is just sad.

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oh god I love game room. every week they make possible these awesome quicklooks.

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Yeah, I just fired up the Intellivision Lives! emulator, and while there's still a bit of delay in movements to simulate skating on ice, it ran noticeably faster than the Game Room version.
Not to say Hockey's a good game, because it isn't, but Game Room's doing a great job of making some Intellivision games look even worse through emulation shortcomings.

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 For anyone a fan of Dolphin or dolphins read a little about dolphins, it will blow your mind.
Spoiler alert: Dolphins are messed up!    

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Wow. I remember the old days when Jeff was all like "GET HYPE!! GAMEROOM!!! WAAAH!!"
Now he's just "siiiiiiigh..." @ 09:14

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heheh I kind of like how gameroom is awful now.

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Thank you Giantbomb I have seen the light about Gameroom

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Even if the game room sucks, i love watching these videos every week.
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Disappointed... so Brad where's that Space Marine coverage you promised.

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That Dolphin game at least had a good concept - easy to grasp. Playable. I don't remember it though.

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@Zamir said:
" every week this is becoming more and more sad "
No kidding, they are scraping the bottom of the latrine right now. They need to move on to bigger and better things.
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Jeff @ 9:15    a priceless sigh.

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Is Decathlon the first game to feature a black person as the main character?

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It's pretty sad when Game Room has TWO decathlon games. Then again, a lot of things about Game Room are pretty sad.