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Posted by ihaveasteak


Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

Posted by PhatSeeJay
@Fallen189 said:
" Maybe if another 500 people say that the video isn't working, it'll magically fix. "
You broke the magic fix duder combo! Damn you!
Posted by Bolthor

Stream not found...

Posted by SinGulaR

Duh, video no work... must bang head aganst wall....
Posted by DukeTogo

At least I can finally expect some Seaquest action this time.

Posted by IBurningStar

I keep refreshing the page but the video wont work OMG WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO

Posted by TehBuLL

Might I recommend the Harry Potter quicklook during this time of famine.  Feast upon the greatness of a ryan/vinny quicklook full of awesome.

Posted by TheYear20XX
@SuperfluousMoniker:  I love you. Still my favorite robot master.
Posted by White_Silhouette

Good news. The ad before the stream worked.

Edited by Prolix

Where's Vinny the intern! 

Posted by lightsoda
@strangeling said:
" I just saw an ad for the "live live live" show. Not the Jeff one already mentioned, but Ana and Joey(?) on guitars. "
I've seen two different ones' so far, september 9 live show, huh?
Posted by ZmillA

man eff this im gonna watch the darkest of days QL again...

Posted by fedorajay
@TehBuLL said:
" Might I recommend the Harry Potter quicklook during this time of famine.  Feast upon the greatness of a ryan/vinny quicklook full of awesome. "
And if it's not fixed by the time you're done watching that I would highly recommend the Wipeout QL. Again, with the awesome combo of Ryan & Vinny included.
Posted by BankyEdwards015


Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

Screw it, Imma go WAAAGH wit' sum hummies in DoW 1 until this is fixed.

Posted by sleepy
@fedorajay said:

And if it's not fixed by the time you're done watching that I would highly recommend the Wipeout QL. Again, with the awesome combo of Ryan & Vinny included. "
i had to actually pause that quick look a couple of times 'cause my stomach hurt from laughing too much. easily one of the best quick looks. 
but uh, yeah. duder'd huh. 
so we still have no idea what the live show next month will be?
Posted by MayorFeedback

It's actually not broken. Your computer is just having a tough time loading SO MUCH AWESOME.

Posted by ItsAJackal

I feel like I've actually saved myself time by this video throwing me an error...because how many crappy intellivision games do I have to watch on here?  I've seen every game room quicklook...sigh...

Posted by drewbert


Posted by A_Dog

Thanks Drew! 
Two broken avatars.

Posted by Crono

Snafu was hilarious - Jeff's head on collision and then the 2 retarded AI characters doing the exact same thing at the exact same time - both dying after dragging it out to the tune of dumb music... that easily made this game room video worth the watch. Got a lol out of me.

Posted by AllThatBacon

It works?! Way to go intern Vinny!

Posted by ZmillA

back from the depths

Posted by shanchett99

You dun golf'd

Posted by A_Dog


Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Lol MS is faking leaderboreds 

Posted by CaptainMax

Anyone else notice the swastika in maze craze?

Posted by Aelric

Holy Christ, that parade of sadness continues.

Posted by Somadude

Yay, it works!
Posted by trophyhunter

10,000 people bought seaquest??????

Posted by RE_Player1


Posted by MildMolasses

Snafu has some of the best music of all time!!!!
Posted by TheHT

i just saw drew try to lick his elbow. D:
1PM EST, be there!!

Posted by Nadril

I laughed hard at the AI continually trapping its self in Snafu. 
"yo snafu your AI is dumb bro!"

Posted by DrSwank

Freeway is an amazing game. They should have played two-players on it!

Posted by PlasmaMachine

...to the white man, it is known as Corn Craze.

Posted by cordialsnail

lol 10,000 people on Seaquest.  Nope.

Posted by Deathpooky

I think after watching last week's Game Room video and seeing Jeff get in the top 50 of the leaderboards without even scoring, they decided to patch the game so it at least looks like people are playing. 
Which is almost as good as releasing good games that people would actually want to buy.


They should rename this ongoing videos as :- Endurance Run - Game Room
Or Jeff you can let it die - save your money and take a wee break :D

Posted by NuDimon

Best game ever tbh!

Posted by Sarumarine

Wait... they named a golf course Trail of Tears!? Really?
Also, I can't wait until someone uses the Snafu music for a rap or remix or something.

Posted by CookieMonster

Snafu GOTY, I'm calling it.

Posted by NMC2008

Game Room is trash, they need to either kill it or jazz it up significantly imo.

Posted by lightsoda

The big live live show, live!

Edited by DukeTogo

Jeff, I thought your classic game knowledge was deep.  Crazy as it seems, there were 2600 and intellivision games when the NES was already dominating.  It was a crazy time when the crash happened, then the NES and Master System came out, and Atari and Mattel were trying to cash in on the revitalization of the game market.  I remember picking up Double Dragon for the Master System (the superior version), and seeing the crazy 2600 version next to it.  There's your next Game Room release, Rampage and Double Dragon for the 2600, insane.
Freeway is awesome, but it isn't Frogger.
Seaquest is awesome, don't dismiss the power of Seaquest and its popularity.  I got a patch for Seaquest son.

You dropped some Surround on me dude.  I had forgotten about that great game.  Snafu is among the top tier of Intellivision games - admittedly a short list - with sick beats.  This should be the new Bombcast theme for emails.
Posted by doublezeroduck

Snafu Seaquest and the golf one look alright. 

Posted by Cowman
@CaptainMax said:
" Anyone else notice the swastika in maze craze? "
It's multiplayer someone has to be the bad guy.
Posted by Tikicobra

Seaquest and Freeway look amazing, but I may be biased because I like chickens.

Posted by Trace

It's a shame Game Room can't play the SNAFU music at full pace without bogging down at some point. I guess that's to be expected by now.
But yeah. SNAFU? It rocks.

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