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Sweet, just what I need this morning. Also, first.

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Love Game room quick looks!

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Room games.

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Quad-shot of sadness.
"But it could have been something, right?"

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Jungler fun!

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The GB guys made a mistake. They should of not gone to PAX if it meant a slight delayed Game room quicklook!

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Also boxing is like UH UH UH UH UH

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why up so early drew?

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Boxing looks like two ovaries

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The end of Game Room QLs? :O

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Jeff perpetrating some white on black crime.

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Does boxing have fatalities? Becuase that might be a deal breaker.

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Did anyone else notice that Jeff's ranking in Super Basketball said "113rd" at one point? How do you pronounce that exactly?

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At least the Australians can beat a Jr. High school basketball team.

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Never stop the Game Room Quick Looks as long as Game Room keeps putting out new games.

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"Put a bullet in Game Room?" Be quiet Brad!  How else can we see Quick Looks of Concentration? :)

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@Jonnyflash80 said:
" Did anyone else notice that Jeff's ranking in Super Basketball said "113rd" at one point? How do you pronounce that exactly? "
113th is what it should have been
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here. hey. hut. out of bounds. here. shot. hey. good shot. bravo.

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I really hope that Gameroom signs another publisher soon but I don't think it'll happen.

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Needs more Arkanoid.
@Jeff: So the original 2600 games were developed by like one dude.  How many people do you think work on the emulation for these?

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With the money Jeff has spent on Game Room he could have gotten at least one actual arcade cabinet of either Ultimate MK3 or Smash TV.. or possibly both.  Just let that sink in.

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Boxing is actually a game about pent-up racial tension. :O

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Let the fun begin.

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@Scrumdidlyumptious said:
" Boxing looks like two ovaries "
Fuck. Can't unsee it now...
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@Scrumdidlyumptious said:
" Boxing looks like two ovaries "
Oh god you're right.
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Just stop the Game Room Quick Looks. It's just a waste of your money. One of Microsofts many useless ideas. 1000 games in 3 years. hahahaha

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A game of broken concentration. Even if it's a complete waste, the  Game Room Quick Looks are comedy gold and much appreciated feature!

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Don't stop the Game Room. Your suffering fuels us.

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Seeing these Game Room quick looks makes me never want to play these again.  I am completely satisfied with just my memories for many of these titles.  Plus, the no paddle controller on some of these games just makes them even less fun that they might have been 2 decades ago.  
Keep bringing us more Game Room videos.  I'm loving the level of disappointment Jeff is mired in.  It's like Ryan towards the end of the first season of TANG. 

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Who Jungles the Jungler?

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Games for 9-8 will be Bridge(Activision), Hard Hat(INTV), Reversi(INTV), Thunder Castle(INTV) and Video Chess(Atari 2600).  Games for 9-15 are two Konami arcade games, Kitten Kaboodle and Flak Attack(aka MX 5000).
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Game room is dying a very public death. Stick at it to the end Jeff! Ride this shitty train all the way home, you'll feel a sense of stupidity and pride for it. :D

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yo yo
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These QLs are the best part of the Game Room.

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Another week, another steaming pile of shit coming out for Game Room.

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The Jungler room should not be changed nor disturbed in any way.

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Jeff playing that Concentration game is hilarious!

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I can't believe he actually played concentration, I couldn't of handle it and yelled I can't believe I payed 3$ for this... xD.

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when the replay of Super Breakout started I lost it

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So at this point, for those of you who use Game Room (if any), what games ARE worth getting on the service?  Are there any?  If there are some good games not available on Virtual Console, I might take a look at the PC game room versions.  

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These QLs can never end, sorry Jeff.

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How many people would have forgotten this even exists if Giant Bomb hadn't kept up with these videos? I  sure would have.

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I play game room now and then. It's a pure nostalgia thing, if you have no fond memories of the titles they put out then you are in for nothing but disappointment. If you do have fond memories, brace yourself and repeat this in your head "This game was fun when I played it 15+ years ago when I was 8, it's not going to be as good as I remember it" atleast thats what I do. 
The only games I've had anything close to fun playing in game room would be Pitfall, Centipede/Millipede, Missile Command and Asteroids.
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@Jonnyflash80 said:
" Did anyone else notice that Jeff's ranking in Super Basketball said "113rd" at one point? How do you pronounce that exactly? "
I believe that's pronounced "one-hundred and thir-turd" 
The more you know...
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Man. Game Room and these Quick Looks started as a nifty way for me to look at a piece of game history that I'm largely unfamiliar with. Now however the games all seem horrible and the only redeeming value is watching you suffer through it. And that is quickly becoming more and more uncomfortable to watch.
What a shame.