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hell yeah game room

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Woo! I'm glad to see Dave in more Quick Looks again.

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Sweet video games. Also NOT FIRST HECK YEAH SUCK IT. 
I go bowling every week with a big group, does that make me a bad person?

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Why did you drag Dave into this? Poor bastard

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Always fun to watch the walking corpse of Game Room week after week.  And he had to snag Dave to come do the QL, since I'm sure everyone else said no :)

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I <3 gameroom.
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@Laketown said:

" hell yeah game room  WAIT, NO  DAVE ROOM "

YES. Pun approved. +1 to you sir. 
Also, I now it's been said before, but game room quick looks are the new endurance run (and I love it in a depraved, twisted sort of way). 
Also, oh man, that robot fighting game was kinda awesome. Trail Blazing right there folks.
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Game rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

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Been waiting for this all day. 
Hard Hat doesn't look bad, if I had someone to play with (and an extra controller) I would probably buy it.
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Arms to side. 
It's time for Gameroom.

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Battle on the Mars!

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Game! Room!

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giger is totally an homage (rip off?) to alien since HR Giger did the creature design

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Time for some quality time on Game room!

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You've convinced me to buy Galactic Warriors.  Just like I bought Oink!

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On the Mars?

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What, were they unable to license the names of the planets?  Does Activision hold them, too?

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"Shooting with your boobs", haha.

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I could make out, what game room suggested you may enjoy at bowling something with zone.

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oh god its a zaku vs a transformer

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Who got Reach?! Dave's yellow robot got reach!

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Game Room, the only Endurance Run with NO ENDING*.

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Galactic warriors needs to be an onstage game at Evo 2011.

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This is the best episode.

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Boob attack go!

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What the hell have you done Game Room? This is just ridiculous!

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I'm super excited for another excited week of Game Room!

Game Rooooooom!

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bowling ftw

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These Game Room quick looks are some of my favorite quick looks.

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Finally! Some high level hardcore Hard Hat action!

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Dude, if I had seen Galactic Warriors in an arcade in 85 i would've shit myself with excitement!

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91 people bought Galactic Warriors. That's 273 buck. Lotta buck.

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That Galactic game looks awesome.

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It's so refreshing to see someone having fun with something on game room

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my video keeps dying @ bowling D:

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My grandma was in a bowling league and she went to tournaments in Las Vegas.

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Boob firing robot is clearly top tier.

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My God.

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Game Room has successfully done one thing so far, shown the depth of Konami's obscure arcade game library.  I spent most of my youth in arcades through the 70s and 80s, and I've seen some pretty obscure games in that time, but damn it I've not seen several of those Konami games in my life.

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People actually pay for that stuff? :S

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When I go to a Chinese restaurant, I ALWAYS get the Check Sum Rom.

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The robot battle on "Satern" between Jeff and Dave was the best Game Room related thing to watch in quiete a while. Dave was really cracking up too. 
Oh, and great that the did finally actually play Hard Hat. Another just amazing game.
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There should be more multiplayer madness in Game Room Quick Looks.

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lmao "nobody fucks with the jesus"

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Poor Dave :{  
I think Jeff is running out of people who will sit next to him during these things.

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Game Room quick looks are the best quick looks.

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In Soviet Russia, boobs shoot all over you!