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Posted by garion333

Time to say goodbye ...

Posted by ColonelT

Guns - Guns

Posted by squidracerX

Jeff: "K, bye game room"....
That might just be true, with Krome going down under! (Hahaha get it, Australian joke there....)
Also i liked how in the race game, the car with no one driving kept up in score with Jeff until the very end.

Posted by LordAndrew

How much has Jeff spent on Game Room now? I need this information for scientifical purposes.

Posted by megalowho

But I own After Burner on the Sega Master System!

Posted by PenguinDust

What I loved about some old Atari 2600 games is that you could play the two-player solo and still lose a match.  I played a lot  of games back then but I don't remember any of these.

Edited by Brackynews

Oh man I really want to unlock that iceberg theme. Those Macaroni Penguins be pimp!
@MagikGimp said:

" Brad doesn't know his 16 and 32 bit Atari computers, and he calls himself a games expert! =P "

Heheh, Brad was one of 2 people at the PAX panel in SC2 Diamond Tier, and he STILL didn't call himself an expert.
Posted by libidinous

Game Room is the perfect example to portray why the game crash happened.

Posted by LordAndrew

Visually, Radar Lock looks really good for an Atari 2600 game. Going from that game to Street Racer... not good.

Posted by reybomb

Ey yo Bombers...  
With Krome Studios closing shop (sadness), does this mean that the Game Room will be dropped or will MS keep it updated???  Anyone know, I'm concerned over here.

Posted by LordAndrew
@reybomb: I suspect Krome has little to no involvement with the operations of Game Room. Krome developed it, but it's up to Microsoft and others to decide how to make it worse.
Posted by fisk0

I think Pacman for the 2600 is quite amazing - the console was extremely limited, but they designed around that in pretty genious ways - like how they could only render one ghost at a time, so they displayed one ghost per line refresh, making all of them visible on the screen, though flickering in an insane manner. Didn't look too bad on the TV's of the time though.
Pales in comparison to what they got out of that aged system with Radar Lock though

Posted by Drace

Curse you BurgerTrench!

Posted by MadaRenrut

I want a quicklook done one why there wasn't any gameroom releases this week

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Jeff's reaction to his ship exploding was just awesome!

Posted by JackiJinx

Today I learned that Brad doesn't (or at least of the time of this QL, didn't) really know a lot of his gamer history. That seems crazy to me, but I understand why. I'm all up on that stuff since I have a few books on the history of gaming, plus I check up on this and other sites for that information. I really hope he has since alleviated this issue at least mildly.

Edited by MattClassic

Somebody was actually making 2600 games in 1989? Jesus Christ. I mean, Afterburner had already been out in arcades for 2 years by that point. Hell, the SNES was out in Japan in 1990!

Posted by Larsa

We've got a thing that's called Radar Lock