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man... so close.

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My night is complete!

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Woooo~ Game Room

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I've missed these.

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I love seeing people get annoyed at this quest XD

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Uh oh. :)

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YAY! game room!

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It returns!

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HD gives me a "Stream not found" error, does it mean the upload isnt finished yet?

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Its back!
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@Twinblade34: HD is working for me.
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Turned my xbox on for the first time in a week or two yesterday to download some things.  Bad idea.

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Yeah, it was fixed.

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I wonder if there will be a bombcast today considering the building is evacuated. :)

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So much loading...Xbox Live was terrible yesterday. Haven't checked in today yet.

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@jagenheim said:
" I wonder if there will be a bombcast today considering the building is evacuated. :) "
They recorded them on mondays.
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Game Room, Game Room never changes.

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@Lemoncookie01 said:
" @jagenheim said:
" I wonder if there will be a bombcast today considering the building is evacuated. :) "
They recorded them on mondays. "
Monday was when it was evacuated.
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Blow me away Gameroom!

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Yes! Time to look at 2600 games that I once bought for 50 cents each from the local pawn shop. Three dollars is highway robbery.

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1st on the leaderboards!

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This is probably the saddest edition of Gameroom.... yet.

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Love how over half of this video is them installing the pack.

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The struggle to actually purchase games was far more exciting and compelling than any game room game.  Yet, I continue to watch.  

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Game Room: The source of hope in a zombie-infested world.

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jesus , xbox live is messed up.
was acting like this when i was redownloading forza 3 dlc , i just went onto my computer and qeued up all the downloads instead , crap service. atleast for the moment.
hope you get that smell out of the office.

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Oh how I love trainwrecks.

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The constant game sounds in the back were outstanding. 
I can't believe they waited so long for the privilege of spending $9 on decades old games.

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It's finally happened. Game Room has finally turned Jeff insane. But it doesn't matter because NOTHING STOPS THE GAME ROOM QUICK LOOK!

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Definitely worth the health risk

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This is like watching an old sick family dog die.  Oh Game Room...

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People complain about paying $60 for 5hrs of gameplay.  Jeff just paid $3 for a game he played for 15 seconds and will probably never play again!

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That's dedication folks. Nothing stops the Game Room QL!

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Best game room quick look ever - Drama, Danger and Downloading. Utterly compelling viewing

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That's it.
This is the last Game Room Quick Look.
Ten more Atari games? Not even Jeff can take that much punishment.

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Haha, Jeff's insanity slowly growing made this video awesome

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Just... Wow. 

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I love Jeff's slow descent into madness. 

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I want the double dunk music as a ring tone...

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" I thought this was AMERICA."

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Poor Jeff.

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This was a riveting video. Will Jeff dowload the Game Room games before dying from tozic gases? Wow, Live was all sorts of funky yesterday. I think the reason Game Room was having problems loading is because it loads in high scores from the leader boards when you load in, and when you own as many games as Jeff, there is a lot of information to load. 
Jackal does look like a good bit of old arcade fun.