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Posted by insanity_pepper

I actually did it 
Posted by Groovetron

so many ql's!

Posted by Ninja

I love these game room ones. Just because of the mood of despair and sadness in them.

Posted by drag

Two in one week? Death wish. 

Posted by is343

I love game room!

Posted by Spence_5060

Another Game Room Quick Look...Can not wait.

Posted by needforswede

Kabobber was actually kinda fun, but I was playing it on Gametap with a free trial, so yea.  That may have influenced my opinion a little.  Didn't know it was never released originally though, they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, or maybe looking underneath the barrel at this point.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Is the dash still hella slow?

Posted by DrJota

That alien was quick looking too hard...

Posted by wwfundertaker

Sprint master made me laugh so much.

Posted by 1p
@Ninja: I like Requiem for a Dream for the same reason.
Posted by SSully

Hahaha i love game room quick looks, they are so depressing that its funny. 
My favorite part, "This is boring as shit!" - Ryan.

Posted by Seraphim84

Does this mean that Kabobber, Donkey Kong Country, and Mortal Kombat all take place in the same universe?

Posted by CookieMonster

I usually enjoy Game Room quick looks, but this week was pretty depressing.

Posted by Zamir

i think their needs to an intervention for Jeff soon and his game room addiction

Posted by EvilMonkey9669

best game ever

Posted by fox01313

I do like Game Room or at least the possibilities of it (without the 2600/intellivision) but agree with Ryan this week, we saw the best of this pack last week & now it's just goign to be junk until next pack.

Posted by Edmundus

Sprint Master almost made me fall out of my seat with laughter.

Edited by spiceninja

Does Jeff really have to buy every single game? Can't he just drop in a coin or just play the demo of the game to show it off?

Posted by JayCee

Wow, these look... um great?

Posted by Phoenix654

After the build up of, "One of the best racing games for the Atari 2600," watching them endlessly bump into walls made me almost perform a spit take.  Fucking game room, man...  So hilarious.

Posted by Levio

I hope they release more video poker, video chess etc.

Posted by tourgen

so many QLs.  and a live broadcast, AND TNT.  Luckily I can do a lot of my work on the sofa while I watch GB on the big screen.

Posted by Undeadpool

I feel like Jeff keeps laying out some kind of trap for Ryan, then just starts the recording before Ryan can escape.

Posted by Pkshields

Game Room lives on, despite Jeff's cries.

Posted by ez123

Holy shit at the content today. Thanks guys.

Posted by Skooky

The driving in the Sprint preview was perfect, then they started playing it for reals.

Posted by gbrading

Space War is nothing like the original Spacewar!, one of the very first computer games. Ryan's active hatred of Game Room only makes these videos better.
Posted by jorbear

That's right. Screw you Space Cadet.

Posted by Rox360

Oh god, I laughed so hard! After watching the race car AI flawlessly and impossibly zip around the course in some kind of superman demo mode, seeing Jeff and Ryan bumble about the track like a pair of extremely drunken, giant bees... It was so funny I can't even finish that sentence! Hooo boy...

Posted by DukeTogo

I had Space War, it was okay.

Posted by FritzDude

Shame room.

Posted by Scribbly

I can't believe stuff like Space War costs $3 ! They would've sold more if they charged like 10 bucks and you just get all the games with it ...

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

I friggin' love these miserable ass quick looks

Posted by Crono

Sprint Master sucks so hard, wow.

Posted by cravins90

Even Jeff sounds beaten. I will never be beaten.

Posted by S0ndor

I love how right off the bat everyone agrees that Game Room is fucking terrible.

Edited by ApolloBob

All I know is Game Room does wonders for my TrueAchievements score.
Buvskies - look at it.  You kids don't have Buvskies in your games today..

Edited by danimal_furry

I like hearing the life being sucked from Ryan as he is forced to participte. I wish Vinny would come back to the Game Room looks though. He always makes it sound like the games are more awesome than they actually are.

Posted by smitty86

do the red cholos lean?

Posted by m2cks

I'm getting Kabobber just for that gripping fiction.

Posted by Bummey
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" Does Jeff really have to buy every singe game? Can't he just drop in a coin or just play the demo of the game to show it off? "
Yes, he can just play the demo. Why doesn't he do this? Why does he buy every game with money out of his own pocket, not expensed by Whiskey Media?  
We don't know. I don't think he even knows.
Posted by ddensel

"This is boring as shit" -Ryan Davis
If Space Cadet had a box, this quote would be on the back.

Posted by vhold

I wonder if Microsoft is afraid of releasing good games for gameroom because then the obsessed collectors might actually _play_ a game instead of just buying them all.

Posted by Romination

Super Sprint seems ok. Like a crappier version of RC Pro Am.

Posted by veXedbulldog

"This car looks f*cked up.  I want to leave."  - Ryan Davis

Posted by Brendan
@S0ndor said:
" I love how right off the bat everyone agrees that Game Room is fucking terrible. "
That is because it is.
Posted by Portis

This is solely directed at Sprint Master, and Sprint Master only: 
What the fuck? Who would've seriously found that game fun back in 1988? God damn.

Posted by HerbieBug

Cornucopia of quicklooks!  0__0

Posted by LiK

Gets worse and worse lol

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